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De- programming Event


Dearest Readers

This blog has mentioned de-programming as a possible avenue to help jumpstart your spiritual path.  I am running a 2 day workshop on July 5 & 6. Location TBA in Brooklyn, NYC.  

We will learn from the Ascended Masters and Archangels.  We will spend 2 days in a vortex aided by our individual teams for clearings and activations.  We will learn to use the Violet Flame for ourselves and others.  And so much more…

To find out more go to: angelwisdomnyc.com look under deprogramming workshops.  To sign up go to sign up tab and find the BASIC Workshop.  email me of your intentions to participate immediately.  I will be running another in the Fall.

Your feelings are a way of finding clarity


Your feelings are a way of finding clarity as you have experiences in your lifetime.  As you honor and trust your feelings, more and more, you will discover the voice of your heart.  Your heart reacts before any other system in your body to any interaction even before it occurs.  It will protect you when you are entering into a situation that demands shielding. Many times this just comes as a knowing or intuition.  Listening to your feelings does not meant that you need to be on a roller coaster ride.  Use the information that the emotions are telling you to gauge your response and how to proceed.  Ignoring your response can act like a dam, building up and eventually exploding with damaging force.  Ask me, Archangel Michael to help you express your feelings with love.

The energies available on Mother Earth afford everyone with a fresh start.  All karmic debt may be released as we speak.  Declare that you be released from these debts now.  Ask for my Legion of Light to assist in this clearing and it will be.  You have the opportunity to release and heal your past, not only from this life but from all time.  This is always true of karmic release anyway.  Time is the illusion.  If you give permission today, it will be reflected throughout all time.  Your only thing stopping this from occurring is your belief that it can be so.  You are standing in your own way.

The answers you seek, you hold within.  You are everything you have ever needed.  There is noting that any other person has that you do not hold in your being.  When you look upon another with jealousy, know that this is triggering a deep knowing that what you witness in another is within you and you have not allowed that particular expression in your life.  Ask to be de-programmed from these bonds that do not allow you to experience your truth.  The Violet Flame will help shield you during this process.  Imagine the purple light surrounding you, your loved, ones, your house or anything else that you wish.

Your Work is Important

There are those around you who need you to find your innate powers as a healer.  It is a talent that you can become more aware of by asking your angels for guidance.  We will help you receive the healing energy to improve your own health a vitality.  Besides the health and vitality of others whom you request it for.  You are all capable of healing each other.

The quality of the energy you maintain for yourself affects all you do.  Find quiet time to meditate or just call on Us to bring the violet flame to you.  All you need do is use your imagination and use your senses to feel the violet energy wrap around your physical body.  Give away all that does not serve you to this LIght.  This Light is a great purifier.  Ask that We stay with you and your Loved Ones day and night.  Or ask Us to intervene in a particular situation.  Once you call onto the Violet Flame, leave it in place as a shield.

Your daily practice brings you new spiritual experiences that change the way you see the world and yourself.  Allow your practice to expand with study, meditation and prayer.  We are already helping you find intimate relationships in the work that you do to expand this new vision of Love in the world.  When many unite under the same intention, that intention becomes reality sooner than if you were to work alone.

Honor Your Emotions


The Archangels remind us to honor our emotions…. Your emotions are healing you.   Emotional response to a situation will only help you open to more Love for yourself and others in your life.  You will learn to love each situation as a gift, an opportunity to embrace life and all its lessons.  The emotional response is an opportunity to release anger and unforgiveness from your heart and mind.

All it takes is the ability to share the emotion through Love, either to the other person involved or to your angels.  Soften the grip you have on it.  You identify yourself with this hurt or injury whether it was seemingly self inflicted or not.  All experience is governed by your energy and the amount of Love you have for You.  There is Always more Love.

Jesus reminds us of the power of forgiveness.  Being resentful, jealous, holding a grudge will only keep you prisoner.  You can escape form this emotional cage.  Your capacity for Love goes beyond what you have allowed for yourself.  Allow the violet flame to alchemize the hatred you have attached yourself to.  Imagine, see, feel the violet flame all around and through your physical body.  The emotions are buried in your cells.  The violet ray is the highest available on the planet.  The transformation of this dark places hidden in your body will set you free.  Imagine my hand on your heart, releasing all patterns of guilt, blame and jealousy.  Breathe deeply and let the release come.  The energy from Source fills the space left from the clearing.  Feel, see, imagine the wholeness of your heart.  The vibration of pure Love from Source removes all the residue of past hurt.  It is gone and you are free.  It is simple if you allow it to be.  All karma is absolved in this moment. You are a glorious representation of Love and Light.

Take time today to Love yourself.  You spend so much time caring for others.  Shine the Light on yourself.  Find time to sit in nature, write, meditate, and move your body.  You will find the joy of your physical existence by attending to your needs.  Do not rely on others.  You have all you need to provide the Love that will fill your heart, so you may continue to give to others without feeling empty or drained.  There is guilt as you give yourself Love.  You must release this to your angels as well.  You deserve at least the Love you give to others.  There is so much more Love.  Bathe in the Light and witness the burdens melt away.  Today is all that counts.  Today is the only moment that you have influence over.  Do it with LOVE.

This situation is already solved



Keeping the discipline of positive thoughts is key to creating the outcome you want.  Find the creative solution to the imaginary stress you feel.  YOu create and perpetuate the thoughts that reverberate around and around in your head.  why not choose the ones that make you most happy.  Imagine the best possible outcome in the easiest possible way.   Find joy in creating in your mind the perfect solution.  it is only then that We may help bring those people into your life.  They are waiting for you as well.  Remain clear in purpose and intention.  It is time to leave the past behind and start fresh with the guidance of the angels.  It is unhealthy to resonate on a daily basis with fear and worry.  Allow the consciousness of our presence permeate your field and bring peace.  You will feel vitality and boundless energy for the tasks at hand.  Less energy wasted on tasks that were created through fear.  When you worry, you tend to manage the situation by trying desperately to create the reality you want but you do not have the perspective we have.  Call on Archangel Chamuel.  He sees through all time and space to the relationships that are within your grasp.  Ask him to guide your quest towards making these connections, so there will be less energy and effort put out for the same goal.

Can you imagine that is situation is already solved?  If you are concentrating on you current life and it’s demands, it is difficult to spend time creating and managing a new life.  We urge you to give it to Us.  We will manage it for you with the best possible outcome so that you may give yourself unencumbered to the commitments you are currently obligated to.  Give as much detail as you like, but give it to Us.  My Legion of Light is ready to assist you in every matter.  


Most of the prayers are for financial comfort, physical health or a romantic partner.  Imagine the most satisfying position and the salary you would be most happy with.  Leave the application to us.  Feel it coming with joyous anticipation.  The same is true of a romantic partner, enjoy the waiting and creating period so much so that when you meet you will miss the waiting.  Oh HO!  That is the grandest feeling.  For perfect health, it is best not to focus on the imbalance to release it.  Whenever the dis-ease becomes demanding, ask for the Violet Flame to purge you of it.  Use your imagination to the fullest.


Keep your peace in your heart and only the best will come to you.  Limit the exposure to fear based media.  You must surround yourself with the most Love possible.  Surround yourself with people who will uplift and support you with encouragement.  During this time you must maintain your vibrational integrity.  Do not invite the fear in.  When you are stronger you may reemerge and be able to withstand the onslaught of negativity without being affected energetically.  First you must insulate your daily experience and create more chances for Love and Light.  We are so excited that you have found these words and we hope it brings you more peace.


Follow Your Happiness



Too many of us walk into the world unguarded and we pick up the surrounding prevailing thought patterns that are not our own.  There is always a choice in perpetuating a thought or giving it away.  Maybe you started the day feeling upbeat but by the time you are done with your morning commute, a cloud has settled in.  You may ask for a shield from me of violet light that only allows pure love to penetrate.  You may place this protection around your property and your loved ones.  You may ask that this protection be in place 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  It is through your intention and faith that it is true that this has the most power. You can ask for it but then doubt that it is truly there.  This will weaken its strength.  Reestablish the commitment to the violet light and it will not fail you.  Nor will I.  If the thought does not make you happy, discard it immediately.

Dreamtime is a valuable asset, as you are easier to communicate with when your conscious mind is turned off, so to speak.  Before you fall into a deep sleep ask for me, Archangel Michael, to give you guidance, teaching and healing.  You may even ask for clarity on a specific situation.  Even if you do not remember upon waking everything during the night, there will be a subconscious knowing.  You may be inspired the next day.  It should make you happy to imagine your inspiration manifested.  There will be a spark lit.  Follow the spark.  Know that jealousy is also a sign of inspiration.  Use the jealousy to motivate you to move into a greater version of yourself.  Your ego will try to sabotage you.  Do not doubt the urging.  Investigate all possibilities and allow the creative thoughts to flow.  In that exciting creative space manifest gets the energy it needs to bring it to you.  Ask for my guidance every night to keep you focused on the goal or ask to make the message clearer.

Every experience brings you a new opportunity to find the Divine lesson and reaffirmation of your truth.  There are no coincidences.  Are you always revealing an truthful aspect of yourself?  Are the different aspects of yourself clear? A version of the truth in your heart throughout all your relationships and other challenges? Are you very different to different people or situations?

The people you interact with will benefit greatly from your willingness to stand up for yourself. All people need to discover, how to live in truth. Through your dedication to your faith and courageous heart, all will be inspired.

Many times it will not make sense.  Your truth lies in your happiness.

Follow your happiness.