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There is so much joy in a life filled with trust.  Trust and love hold hands.  The greatest trust you can have is that you are holding hands with the Divine.  You share your creative dance with your Divine partner, synchronized together, without looking forward or back.  The moment is perfect as you surrender with the matching vibration.  Melt into the choices with all that you are.  You transform the world and yourself with the power of the truth in your heart.

Freedom is inherent in the power of these words.  Peels of laughter bubble to the surface creating the experiences for your lessons with love.  Your perception and interpretation of your experience either adds Light or diminishes it.  

Discipline is necessary to care for your vehicle.  Everyday there is an opportunity to clear addictive, habitual behavior with conscious, heartfelt decisions.  Love yourself  in every way, WE DO.

Trust your Instincts

Trust your instincts.  They are formed from your body-mind connection.  Allow this connection to dissolve the illusion of boundary between your form and the flow of life.  

You must become intuitive and listen to the response of your body in times of challenge.  The challenge can be disguised as love.  If you are not resonating with the love being delivered, your body will tell you before your mind can catch up.  A tense stomach or low energy can give you a clue that the current situation is not in your definition of your truth.  You always have a choice as to how you wish to participate, either within the drama or without.

Self-care is of utmost importance as you become aware of the body’s response.  Remove yourself from the situation if possible.  Bring the tension away from your body with a massage or other gentle body movement.  Ask me, Archangel Raphael and my helper angels to bring a deep, rejuvenating sleep.  The answer to how to deal with the struggle currently in your path will become very clear.

We are here, Dear Ones.  Call on Us to come into your home and fill it with the divine love of the angels.  Where there is love, there can be no darkness.  Bring in the Light, the Light, the Light.  Bring in the Love, the Love, the Love.

Ride the Wave

You have asked for Divine guidance, now you must learn to listen.  If you do all the talking, we cannot get a word in!  Take time to quiet your mind.  If you have difficulty doing this, it is only because you are out of practice.  You have been relying on your conscious mind most of your life, so it is understandable that getting that to be submissive will take some discipline.  You are hard wired to connect to the Divine guidance surrounding you now.  There is no one person more qualified to get your guidance than you.  You are in the habit of negating the messages through too much thought.  Follow and trust your heart without fear of outcome.  You are on the right path.

Messages of eternal Love await you, my Friends.   The embrace of unconditional Love is here, just breathe. Tin this breath there is freedom from worry or fear.  Let the Love fill your heart to replace the tension created by your mind.  Your awareness that it is there is all that is needed.  Allow a smile to  bless you face and share the Love with all you meet.  You are a blessing.

You heart trusts that this Love is real, now you must convenience your mind.  The more you practice, your mind will be convinced as the experience of your life unfolds and changes to match your faith.  You are a cosmic being.  This incarnation is one of many.  You have the opportunity to attain enlightenment as the energy shifts.   Use the collective boost from all those involved to help you along.

Ride the wave.


Guidance from your Heart

Any worries or concerns can be exchanged for peace, upon your asking.  Give me the details of the situation and ask that it be resolved in the most Divinely perfect way.  Imagine those around you as gifts from the universe to help you on your path.  Keep your heart open so that you cannot miss these opportunities.  They surround you everyday.  Allow the flow from your heart to remain open and you will receive.



When your heart remains open, you will afford new opportunities to express your feelings through love.  The person you are involved with is trustworthy.  When you are clearly operating from your heart, only the most Divine interactions will come to you.  You find freedom from caution because you trust that the work you have done to remain connected is your source of inspiration.

Your feelings are a way of finding clarity


Your feelings are a way of finding clarity as you have experiences in your lifetime.  As you honor and trust your feelings, more and more, you will discover the voice of your heart.  Your heart reacts before any other system in your body to any interaction even before it occurs.  It will protect you when you are entering into a situation that demands shielding. Many times this just comes as a knowing or intuition.  Listening to your feelings does not meant that you need to be on a roller coaster ride.  Use the information that the emotions are telling you to gauge your response and how to proceed.  Ignoring your response can act like a dam, building up and eventually exploding with damaging force.  Ask me, Archangel Michael to help you express your feelings with love.

The energies available on Mother Earth afford everyone with a fresh start.  All karmic debt may be released as we speak.  Declare that you be released from these debts now.  Ask for my Legion of Light to assist in this clearing and it will be.  You have the opportunity to release and heal your past, not only from this life but from all time.  This is always true of karmic release anyway.  Time is the illusion.  If you give permission today, it will be reflected throughout all time.  Your only thing stopping this from occurring is your belief that it can be so.  You are standing in your own way.

The answers you seek, you hold within.  You are everything you have ever needed.  There is noting that any other person has that you do not hold in your being.  When you look upon another with jealousy, know that this is triggering a deep knowing that what you witness in another is within you and you have not allowed that particular expression in your life.  Ask to be de-programmed from these bonds that do not allow you to experience your truth.  The Violet Flame will help shield you during this process.  Imagine the purple light surrounding you, your loved, ones, your house or anything else that you wish.

Like an archer, take aim at your target

Like an archer, take aim at your target for your intention to change the current situation.  At this moment you are the archer in the direction of your life.  The more focus and clarity you maintain, the closer you will hit your target.  Become clear about your desires, visualize your new life and then write it down with all the vivid, descriptive words you can muster.

Many times we put aside our own dreams because of our obligation to our family.  We think that the manifestation of the dream life will be too hard of a transition.  The contrary is true.  When you follow your heart’s desires, your children learn to do the same.  It is a powerful and inspired life that sustains clarity to create the change necessary for the dream to realize. This discipline is a strong characteristic that our family will learn great faith and trust.  They will learn that they are not alone as you are not.  Ask for the angels to care for your children and family during the transition and follow your heart.

Expressing the truth is usually the first step to realizing that the change must occur.  Asking the angels to assist you in expressing your truth in Love and it will be received.  Lovingly assert yourself, you deserve it.

Follow Your Happiness



Too many of us walk into the world unguarded and we pick up the surrounding prevailing thought patterns that are not our own.  There is always a choice in perpetuating a thought or giving it away.  Maybe you started the day feeling upbeat but by the time you are done with your morning commute, a cloud has settled in.  You may ask for a shield from me of violet light that only allows pure love to penetrate.  You may place this protection around your property and your loved ones.  You may ask that this protection be in place 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  It is through your intention and faith that it is true that this has the most power. You can ask for it but then doubt that it is truly there.  This will weaken its strength.  Reestablish the commitment to the violet light and it will not fail you.  Nor will I.  If the thought does not make you happy, discard it immediately.

Dreamtime is a valuable asset, as you are easier to communicate with when your conscious mind is turned off, so to speak.  Before you fall into a deep sleep ask for me, Archangel Michael, to give you guidance, teaching and healing.  You may even ask for clarity on a specific situation.  Even if you do not remember upon waking everything during the night, there will be a subconscious knowing.  You may be inspired the next day.  It should make you happy to imagine your inspiration manifested.  There will be a spark lit.  Follow the spark.  Know that jealousy is also a sign of inspiration.  Use the jealousy to motivate you to move into a greater version of yourself.  Your ego will try to sabotage you.  Do not doubt the urging.  Investigate all possibilities and allow the creative thoughts to flow.  In that exciting creative space manifest gets the energy it needs to bring it to you.  Ask for my guidance every night to keep you focused on the goal or ask to make the message clearer.

Every experience brings you a new opportunity to find the Divine lesson and reaffirmation of your truth.  There are no coincidences.  Are you always revealing an truthful aspect of yourself?  Are the different aspects of yourself clear? A version of the truth in your heart throughout all your relationships and other challenges? Are you very different to different people or situations?

The people you interact with will benefit greatly from your willingness to stand up for yourself. All people need to discover, how to live in truth. Through your dedication to your faith and courageous heart, all will be inspired.

Many times it will not make sense.  Your truth lies in your happiness.

Follow your happiness.