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Lion Heart

Addictions to substances are only one way we refuse to live in our power.  Addictions to sex, gaming, shopping are just distractions to keep you from aligning with your brothers and sisters and empower each other.  Keeping you separate from each other is one of the most effective ways to keep you powerless.  Do not believe it for a moment.  Become aware of your addictions and embrace them for what they are.  They make it impossible to focus on your real goal, the adventure of YOU.

You may even be addicted to fear: fear of failure, the need for approval or fear of desertion.  Be courageous and look at your addictions.  You can be free of them easily when you look at them from this perspective.  The control you give them melts away and you have the ability to choose if you wish to indulge, but it is on your terms not by compulsion.

You are free, right now.  We are here for you, but mostly you are here for yourself.  Let the Lion in your heart Roar.  You are done with the cowardice. Face yourself with the Love and compassion of the universe and the fear will burn up in flames.