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Wonder Full

When the allowance of expansion occurs, it touches all aspects of self: emotional, physical, mental and spiritual.  The transition for the larger part of Being takes no time at all.  It is the rest of the existence that follows in a pace equal to the amount of resistance present. Harmony is created and maintained as attention is given to each aspect of Being.  It is required that not one aspect of your Being consume you more than another.  Balance actions in your daily life to facilitate clarity.

Peace of mind comes from honoring your feelings but not being overwhelmed by them.  Emotional aspect of change is a small portion of the transition.  Do not become consumed by it.  Sometimes the only escape from enduring emotional response is distraction.  Emotions are perpetuated by reoccurring thoughts, if you stop thinking these thoughts the emotion will have a chance to slip away and become attuned to the current situation rather than the one looping repeatedly in your head.

All the attention you have given yourself in these years has given you the greatest gift: yourself.  Your true self has bared witness without judgement, waiting for the vibration within your physical form to be maintained at a certain frequency long enough so that more and more of the truth of who you really are could emerge.  Revel in pure joy at the gift of life as the universe continues to give you a match to your vibration every time.  Every interaction is a result of the energy of your Beingness, so BE wonder-full.

Sacred Strength

Your sacred strength may be your weakness.  Go deep into the place where you feel most lost.  Where you feel abandoned by Source and bring love to it.  You will understand more fully why you have this lesson.  There are no mistakes.  You are not a victim.  Humility will follow you.  The pieces of your life will come together and you will begin to see the beauty in all of it.  Do not become attached to being a victim but constantly find your center and devise a way to remain there.   

Miracle healings occur once you summon the bravery you are made of.  Always look deeper into yourself to discover your love.  Your love of life will surface and you can reveal in the connection you have fostered with the fullest understanding of your being.  The world will bring you many opportunities to test your resolve.  Each time you must reconnect to that quiet space within you.  There will not be any experience that will not bring you closer to Source.  It is all a way to experience the love and light that brought you here.

A Happy Life

A happy life is based on a simple principle, find your focus and live it.  Sometimes just finding the focus takes many years of experience and experimentation.  All is in order.  There is nothing wasted and you are never lost.  You may discover after years of being in particular profession or relationship that it is no longer satisfying.  You may even wonder what was satisfying about it in the first place.  Do not ponder this too long.  You are continually awakening to the truth of who you are as you become yourself with every experience.

The secret of your happiness relies on your diligent quest to discover what you are passionate about.  We are here to help you stay inwardly focused.  Many of you are holding fear at allowing the communication between your conscious mind and spiritual guidance.  The guidance is always being fed to you.  You are choosing to pretend that you are not aware of where these brilliant ideas are coming from.  Ha, you delight me in  your persistence.  Once you are willing to face the fact that your existence on Earth is only a small percentage of your reality.  You will be instantly healed of this duality in you.  Peace will be yours, knowing the fullness of your experience does not rely on your life in this body.

Mary Speaks

The human being is deeply rooted as are the other beings that share the planet with you.  There is much power that resides in the depth of who you truly are.  Most of you are functioning in a paradigm that does not give you opportunity to express this fierce creativity.   It is time to connect, once again, to your roots.

There is a generous flow of abundance that Mother Earth has available for you, right now.  You have learned to operate in a lack mentality.  It has taken most of your life to learn to live believing in the struggle you now participate in.  Understand that you are a willing participant.  You have asked to know how it is to live in fear so that you may find your way back to Source.  Relearning this lesson will take discipline and patience.

Like a nurturing mother, I am here to lift you up when you fall.  You are young but resilient and courageous.  Only the bravest beings have asked to be born into this physical reality.  Know that it is time to reach deep into yourself for that wild, untamed passion and unleash it.  Your passion can be identified by your emotional response.  Emotions are a gift.  As long as you use them to inform you rather than lead you.  It is easy to get caught in drama of emotions, but this is not their purpose.

Herein lies the secret to happiness… choose

Generate Passion


The force you generate from your passion is strengthened by your connection to spirit through your body.  If your body has given you signs of deterioration, it is imperative that you begin to listen to the messages your body is trying to give you.  an illness or dis-ease is your body screaming for attention because you have spent many years ignoring the messages.

You need not struggle anymore.  If it is guidance you wish to receive to maintain your weight, ask Me, Archangel Raphael to lead you to the best foods for you for your optimal health.  You are unique.  The foods you eat that are best for you are not the same as another.  Ask for assistance and listen to your heart. We are constantly giving you messages but you turn away, usually because you have over thought the suggestion.  Free Will is your right.  We cannot intervene beyond that.  Surrender for a day and witness for yourself the simplicity of caring for yourself.  If it is more money you need to maintain a healthier diet than we will provide that for you too.  Have faith, Dear One.  Do not let the guidance for what is best for be dictated by outside influence.  Always check with your internal monitor, your heart.

You will find more joy and vitality by accepting this help.  Your conscious mind is in your way.  Find the path inward and all will be revealed.  You are all important as an expression of Source. Your vitality will raise your vibration and clear your confusion.  Live in gratitude for what is and more will come.

Emotions Will Always Come


You do not own the negative emotions you carry.  You perpetuate them.  You hold on to them like an identity.  It is not you.  the truth of who you are is pure Freedom in Love.  

The emotions will come, always come.  You will never be free from them but you do have the capacity to allow them through you like a vessel.  Let them pass.

When you are stuck in an emotional state, there are a few ways for you to help release them by using your body.  Exercise and fresh air are easy to accomplish.  Take a 20 minute walk in nature to revitalize your system.  Feel the nurturing quality of the nature  beings.  They happily remove all negativity and stress from your system just by their presence.  Breathe deep and release.

Using your body in this way facilitates a more intimate relationship with it.  You will become more aware of the way you feed it.  Not only with quality foods and beverages but with spirit.

choose faith

When you cultivate faith above all else, you give an opportunity for your truth to emerge, bright and shiny like a new penny.  Faith is equivalent to surrender.  It is not the surrender of self, mind you.  It is the surrender of the worries and anxiety.  When you perpetuate the anxiety by repeating the situation over and over in your mind,  you perpetuate and accentuate the stress in your body.  There is no way for you to be free to express your joy when you drown and saturate every cell in your body with panic.

Life is like a cyclone, you can choose to be the eye.  Be aware of the movement around you, but do not be a victim of its thrashing.  The opportunity to engage is always there, but you get to choose how and what.  When you live with faith in the Divine you are the eye of the storm.  

You may ask that I and my helpers assist you in finding your faith when the situation seems most dark.  We will effortlessly lift it away.  Ask often and for every moment that you are not at ease.  This is how faith is built.  You will become aware of our presence.  It takes practice.   You have spent your lifetime learning to be without support.  It is time to retrain your brain!

The children in your life have all asked to be here.  They have asked for their family relationships and situations.  It is of no use to them to have pity on them.  It is best to bring your love and your heart to every interaction.  As before, you must bring the situation to the Light.  Ask for our presence to create a pillow of protection around each child.  If it is within the Divine Will of the individual, than we can intervene.  If the lessons needed to be learned do not allow our intervention, our presence will be a step in the right direction, rather than bringing the vibration of the the life of the child lower by pitying them.  


You choose how to proceed with every moment.  Choose faith….