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Dream Big

Follow your passion and focus on it.  Become the expert.  Fine tune your connection with this focus and let the magic begin.  When you let all the “other” aspects of your life dim in comparison, your joy will be undeniable.  The universe has prepared all you need to move forward, all that is required of you is to live in your joy.  Find happiness in the mundane care taking, create new and different perspectives to keep you from falling into despair.  Your life is blessed, Dear One.  You have always gotten what you needed in the most magical ways, maybe not what you expected but magical none the less.  Reflect and wonder at the care that surrounds you.  You are not alone nor abandoned.

It is time to detoxify your mind of the thoughts of lack and doubt.  If you care to have help to do this, all you  need do is ask.  Ask before bed and upon waking.  We will gladly remind you in the most glorious ways that it is only your perspective that needs adjusting to finally have the life that you hold in your heart.  Align with your feelings.  Trust your emotional response to lead you to the most rewarding version of your life.  It is already here, you have to allow the blessings in.  Your feelings will lead you to more happiness, if that is your intention.  If your intention is to despair than that will be brought to you.  It is always your choice.  Oh the freedom!

Can you imagine that every single moment has been created by your vibrational alignment, even the geese that fly overhead. You have aligned with it all.  By opening your eyes to the potential of your life as this Divine Being, allow the physical reality before your eyes to morph into the fantasy in your heart.  Daydream big!

Dedication to More Love

For this present lifetime and past, you have been gathering experiences to fill you with knowledge.  Many of these experiences have been painful because your connection with Source was deliberately kept from you.  Do not misinterpret this.  All is part of Divine Order, as chaotic as it may seem.  The opportunity to have this adventure on Earth, to live in Free Will has allowed many varied expressions of Source.  Know that, at your soul vibration you are always grateful for the incarnation here.  There are few places where the lessons are learned so quickly.  You are an adventurous being that has asked to be a part of this reality.

The courageous spirit that resides in your heart is still there.  The truth in your heart must be voiced.  To find that bravery, you search for ways that you can align with Source in your daily life.  You are all unique versions of Divine Inspiration!  Your way is your own.  There is not one other person who can bring the love and compassion as you can.  Each person is vitally important to the whole vibration of love in the planet.

Your dedication to this work will free you of all that holds you back, but most importantly it will free the world from fear.  There has been generations before you who were unable to connect as easily to the vibration of love that is here for you now.  There was a complete surrender to suffering.  Love will reverse all.  Have faith, Dear Ones, your work is not in vain.  

The Angelic Realm needs to extend its army into the physical aspect.  Are you ready to enlist!


You Are Perfection


You are perfection.  All that you have endured has taught you and made you who you are.  If there is pain residing in your body or your mind from lack, it is time to resolve these issues.  Find the gift in the pain.  It has made you strong and wise.  You must see these instances as lessons and refuse the dramatic response to reside in an emotional place with them.

The Angelic Realm is here and very close indeed!  You need not travel far to find our helping hands lifting your spirit so you may be free of this pain.  You are never truly damaged by your experiences here.  You return to the Light and Love of Source after each lifetime.  You take the lessons with you.  Mother Earth has given a great and unique opportunity to clear out any issues of abandonment from Source.  You are destined to create a path back to Love and Light.  You may do it in this body or wait until you depart.  The choice is yours.  You will have less and less suffering when you can embrace your connection to Source while awake and aware of your physical existence.

When your body reacts to a substance either in your environment or something you have ingested by swelling or causing other discomfort, you must clear this reaction.  My Helpers are here to help you identify these substances and help you figure out a way to avoid  and clear them from your system.  It is to clear the path to a better connection to Source that you care to do this work.  When your body suffers abuse, it cannot easily converse with the etheric realm.  There is much assistance for you, surrounding you everyday.

Call on me, Archangel Raphael, to help rid your body of this toxic response so you may live with more Light.

Command Us to Serve you


Although this may seem repetitive, as some have heard this message before, it is worthy of further declaration, as you move through the challenges of your life as an individual, you care for many others.  Sometimes this commitment can over shadow your ability to secure time for yourself and your personal dreams.  These people, family or friends, have contracted to be here as you have.  It is in the best interest of all to send loving energy instead of worry and fear.  One of the most efficient ways to do this is to send me to their side.  I have an army of angels available to bring to all who call.  Ask for as many as you’d like, 100, 1000, 10,000?  We can fill any home, business or vehicle with our presence.  Command Us so we may come to you and help care for your loved ones.


Your “home” space is sacred.  Where ever you go you can declare it a sacred space, you bring it with your heart.  Tranquility and peace in the home supports you in creating your dreams and making them reality.  Some basic needs must be met in order for development of the service commitment you have come to fill.  Ask for our assistance to get things in order for you so that your service commitment can flourish.  You are here with a team of others who also have this commitment.  We are facilitating these unions as your ability to commitment on a new level arises.  Enjoy the synchronicity and marvel at its unfolding.


Display your joy created by the freedom in your heart out for all to witness.  We are here as an extension of Source.  All you need to foster is your faith in the force of love in your life and bask in it.


Angel Whisper

Imagine that the angel family are now your new friends.  Your social circle just increased considerably!  You are surrounded by Light and Love from the angelic realm continuously.  Your home is also under this protection.  The protection is a blinding Light that no darkness can enter.  There is no burglar system that does a better job.

Once you truly align yourself with Us you will find resolution with all conflict.  Your true self will emerge.  When you are not burdened by the stress of daily life by giving your concerns over to us, you are free to express the joy in your heart. You are free to create the reality that you so dearly crave.  You were here with Source before you descended into this reality.  You are used to co-creating with ease.  The denseness of you bodies made a separation from Source that you may not have believed was so difficult while still residing in the Light.  All you need do is follow the truth in your heart.  Give Us your burdens and be free.

You know this to be true or you would not be reading these words.  There is some attraction to this message that you have sought out.  Trust your guidance.  Do not allow your ego to blemish the creative, joyful force that is in your heart.  You may need to cleanse your mind of reoccurring toxic thoughts to listen to your heart and its wishes.  Remind yourself to speak words full of love and encouragement to yourself everyday.  It is one of the many tools at your disposal, Loved Ones.

We are whispering in your ear.  Can you hear Us?

Brave Warrior Spirit

It is your courage and your bravery that is a gift to all who know you.  New experiences bring amazing opportunity for growth.  These changes will bring issues to the surface so that you may examine them more closely and allow them to go.  This is not an opportunity for criticism or judgment. Bring your love and compassion to help clear out any traits that need your assessment.  

Your creativity is an expression of your Divinity. It is a very brave step to share your art with the world because it is such and intimate expression of your heart.  With this bravery you will afford the opportunity for others to find you.  There are so many more souls born at this time who long to enjoy your creative spirit.  Share freely.

You never know the consequences of your warrior spirit.  When you merge this with the love and compassion from Source you will become more confident sharing more often.  You will learn that the Love that inspires and fuels your inspiration also wants to be out in the world.  It is not only your creative force but one that originated from the One.  This will unite us further.  Bring your voice out anyway you are most happy.  Share your joy.



When you ask for help from the angels, we are nonexclusive.  We work along side all other religions and beliefs.  We can only bring more Love to the prayer.  We are not asking that you forego your communication with Source, far from it.  We hope that with our help, you may be able to clear the way to a constant connection.

This constant connection is here to rely on when you are in the grip of fear.  Remember all the ways to clear the fear from your system.  Your body needs to let the denseness go.  Move your body anyway you feel best.  Yoga is an ancient wisdom to maintain the energy centers of the body.  It is best to do some form of it every 24 hours.

Detoxify your body by drinking lots of pure water.  Hydration keeps the balance of electrolytes  healthy so that you will have an easier time with bodily function.  The herb nettles, if taken as a tonic on a daily basis will maintain the fluid balance optimally.

Take salt baths to release fear and anger.  Feel the tension dissipate into the water.  The ions in the water will hold the negativity away from you like a magnet.  Love the opportunity you have given yourself to remove the negativity in such a conscious way  not allowing it to fester.  

Bring joy to every moment of awareness on your path.  It is only without judgment that you may release the emotional response to the situation.  Forgive others but mostly have the same compassion for yourself.

Cultivate Peace


Just as there is enough sustenace is the world to support the lives of the plants and animals, there is enough for each and every one of you.  You limit yourselves as to how much you can receive, Dear Ones.  Let it be easier.  Be done with the idea of suffering.  It has been ingrained into your very being, but it can be undone.  Your original programming is a life of Freedom and Love.  Give away all your worries for peace of mind because Source energy is really steering the ship!

Surrender to your Higher Self and its guidance.  Your angels have only the purest intent on your behalf as does Source.  You were not created to be abandoned and left to suffer and endure this life then die.  There is great joy and freedom if you let go of the control you think you need.

Ask for my help!  I can be in many places at once.  There is not request that is too small.  My Legion of Light wishes to establish peace one person at a time.  Make it the most important goal and the rest is taken care of.  Do not let the fear continue to rule your thoughts but allow it to inspire a better outcomes.  You might say, “The next time it will look like this_______.”  Create your preferred outcome.  Wrap it like a gift to yourself.  You must cultivate the faith for the energy to work.  Find peace in your heart everyday.  We Love You.

Create the Abundance You Crave

The energy and faith you hold in your heart generate your thoughts.  You can clear any doubt that you have the support you need to create the abundance in your life your crave.  Give over your heart wish to be in a career that speaks to your life purpose to the angels. With that peace and acceptance that you are being heard you must have patience and faith that is here now.  

Like any parent, Source looks upon each of you with the belief that you deserve the best possible outcome in your life.  If you did not have parents that supported you emotionally, know that in the core of their existence they have only Love and encouragement for you.  Look beyond all the obstacles that have come in this lifetime.  Put them behind you.  Give them to your angels.  

Close your eyes and become aware of your breath.  Imagine two angels with a big basket in front of you and place these obstacles and worries in the basket.  Take your time. Once your have placed all in the basket.  The angels will purify the contents of the basket through Love.  Watch them fly away with it and disperse ALL in the Light.  Feel the peace you have created for yourself.

Through the eyes of your inner child, you can conjure new ideas for the rebirth of your life.  Through the innocence and faith of a Young One that has not been tainted by disappointment you can find the creativity for new ideas.  Take the ride in your imagination and form a grand vision to aspire to.

Ask that I, Archangel Michael, lend you courage and fortitude.  There is no separation between you, your thoughts, dreams and aspirations and the Divine.  Once your realize this with confidence, take that energy and charge forward.  Do Not take No for an answer.  Expect miracles to appear.

BE Happy Now

Innocence is is key to opening your heart to see the miracles that are surrounding you everyday.  Remember the miracle of a bubble.  When you were a young child, a bubble was fantastic.  It was clear and shiny.  It could fly and float, free in the wind.  It reflected rainbows.  A miracle.  There are still miracles everyday but it takes your inner child to be awake to the possibility of seeing them.  Your inner child does not doubt magic but your adult mind has been trained to refuse and analyze the magic of this place.

The beauty, intricacy and perfection of a tree can inspire this kind of wonder and awe that We speak of.  In examining the simplicity of the existence of a tree, you may know that you too need only exist to be cared for.  From this standpoint, We would like you to examine your life.  There are places in your life that you are not satisfied.  While you are in the presence of the perfection of nature, find the inspiration to leave the situation.  Ask for our guidance and help.  Allow Us to take your situation to the Light to clear it.  We can then bring you the messages you seek.  It is only in the release of this situation that We may enter into your life to help.  You must let it go and free yourself of this burden.

Once you can kind release from a toxic situation, you can decide to be happy now.  Stagnation occurs when the release happens and FEAR comes in its place because you have known nothing other than the current situation.  You cease to believe that you deserve happiness and simplicity in your life.  Let that go too.  Give it to me.  I will bring my Sword of Light to remove all darkness from your field so that the miracles have a chance to be realized.