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Sacred Witness


You are timeless.  Observe you life as the sacred witness.  There is not another person on the planet that can answer the questions during your life path as well as you can.  Become your own expert.

If you feel you would like to have the input of another professional to assess you current situation, than you can ask Us to guide you.  Remember this gathering of information is just that.  You are the only one who knows what resonates with the truth in your heart.

Find time to quiet your mind to discover the musings of your sacred witness.  Spending time in nature will always bring you into a more receptive state.  The messages, at first, may need tuning.  If they are unclear, you can ask Us to intervene and repeat the messages as often as possible until you are clear as to the next move.

YOu create stress in your body when you are unclear as to how to proceed.  We can give you messages through books and other printed media.  If there has been many people in your life that have suggested a certain topic to look into then do so.  It can only increase your knowledge base so you become the expert.  Ask for a second and third opinion but always spend time to reflect on the suggestions from a quiet space.  Create a time of solitude where you can do this.  We are here for you always.  You are never alone.