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You are Loved That Much


You have at your disposal all the knowledge in the Universe.  There is an energetic band that will supply you with all that you need to move forward to the next inspiration.  As you move through this lifetime, your experiences help you gather information.  This information is processed by your conscious mind but more importantly you are preparing for the next beginning on an energetic level.  This is not a conscious undertaking.  To reach the deeper part of your knowing, you must be still.  

We have talked to you of your body and how important it is to help you process the experiences you have attracted.  It is the way towards your ascension.  You become more aware how the energy of your interactions affects your form.  Become aware of how it affects the creation process.

Move through with Faith that you are never alone.  Call on Us, the Angelic Realm, to stand by you.  We have only Love for you and compassion for your struggles.  Find your way to peaceful transitions, using your body to help you process transitions faster and with more grace.

Nurturing physical contact with others is crucial to your happiness and equilibrium.  We will be able to help you find this closeness if you allow us to guide you.  We will never demand or order.  You will know it is Divine when it fills you with joy.  In the first moments of the message you will be pleased.  Many of you tend to negate the possibility of such a gift within seconds of the original thought.  Allow the joy to linger and open to the possibility that you are Loved that much!

Hearing Clear Messages

Answers to your questions come in many forms.  The messages are repeated often throughout your life so may be able to act upon the guidance you are being given.  You must learn to quiet your mind to receive the messages more consciously but you will receive them even if you are unaware.  Intimate relationships are one of the most intense ways to receive messages.  The mirror that an intimate relationship holds up for you is intended for you to self-reflect. The saying that your children are your greatest teachers, is true.  You must be open to receive the lessons.  It is difficult to look into the mirror and see who you are with Love.  The more Love you can muster for yourself in all your expressions the more you can share this Love with others.  The Archangel Realm would like nothing more than to increase the Love quotient on the planet by assisting each and everyone of you.

There is an awakening that will happen when you allow the intimacy to reveal You to the essence of You.  Make a commitment to yourself that you will not turn away in judgment.  If you find that it is difficult for you to do this, ask Us to help.  We love you beyond any definition of earthly love.  This love is within you but you have forgotten how to tap into it.  We can help.  Before you disregard the opportunity as too hard or negate, it ask Us to step in to clarify.  We are here in service to humanity.  Find the Love that is yours from inside your own heart.  It will set you free to find a life filled with magic and wonder.





Let us talk of Intimacy.  As human beings, you are all hard wired to connect with each other as a unit.  The intimacy between two people is reflected, exponentially in energetic form, throughout all life forms on the planet.  Your attention to this matter not only serves you but serves all of humanity.

The self-respect you cultivate creates a vibrational energy that attracts the same.  Ask the Legion of Light to help you find the courage to speak your truth and stand up for yourself.   You are held in the highest regard.  Needing guidance is not weakness, it is a strength to know when to reach out.  You may reach out to Us no matter how small the help.

The ability to communicate the truth that dwells in your heart is the most important aspect of intimate relationships.  The willingness to receive the communication without judgment for the other or yourself is crucial.  Becoming defensive or feeling your own lack, is where you do not truly receive the communication.  Keep away from emotional response,  ask Us to intervene.  We will help you receive in Love so that the healing can occur.  Be a witness for the one to share their heart and just Love them.  You will feel miraculous things unfold at this juncture.

Being a loving witness is how We support you and you can do the same for your relationships.  Opportunities occur to facilitate an opportunity to learn about yourself and your capacity to Love, to open to more and more Love.  It will make you fearless.

Love is the greatest power.  It will make you feel safe during these times of incredible change.  Allow more Love in each day, for yourself and for the intimate relationships you cultivate.