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Illuminate Your Day

Set an intention today.  Begin with trust and innocence like a child.  In the early hours, imagine yourself as a quiet pond, still and waiting.  At noon, dream.  close your eyes and dream.  Trust and believe that today the a day of transformation.  The words you speak are powerful tools in setting your intention.  Be mindful.  At night, give thanks for the clarity you have allowed to manifest today, through your heart.

Ask for a thoroughly restful night’s sleep, no matter the number of hours.  Once you request Our Presence, you will insure a peaceful and rejuvenating rest.  Ask to receive a message from your body while you travel this evening.  We are here for you all ways and always.  



Peace Throughout Your Day

My Legion of Light is at your command.  With the Light and Love from Source we are under your direction to open a pathway for peace everywhere you go.  There is not one situation that is not worthy of our presence.  We are here to assist in spreading peace throughout the planet.  We hold the highest regard for all human life.  There is no judgment for any person or their decision to stand in the Light or to refuse it.  This gift of peace is in your hands.  You may change the world today by expecting peace to prevail.

We know you have the greatest expectations in your heart for all who are touched by this Light.  You may not see the benefit immediately, but know that the highest good is being offered.  You may also call on this Light on your own behalf.  Speak up for yourself.  We will give you the courage you need to move through the challenges of your day with grace and ease.  The Light you offer to others is for you to basque in as well.

Peace is everywhere you are.  Demand that you are able to hold on to this no matter what your challenge is.  Ask for the Sword of Light to cut away the drama and any attachment that might be clouding your connection to Source.  You can remain grounded through it all.

Even in the city, where the challenges are great you may have peace throughout your day.  Be reminded of the magical power of nature and the presence of the angels by appreciating the clouds.  The clouds are a gift from the natural world to offer you peace in times of struggle and they can be seen from many vantage points.  When the natural world is physically far you may bring it close by remembering with your heart and feeling their presence.


Pursue Peace

When you give away your troubles to us, we respond immediately.  You are then supposed to rest and rely on the solution to “come” to you.  There will be a knowing that will come from this kind of request.  The problem is that you continue to manipulate the situation in your conscious mind, searching for an answer.  You cannot hear the guidance if you are too busy filling your head with solutions.  This kind of problem solving is exhausting and very limited.  As angels, we see all aspects of the situation and will facilitate the solution in everyone’s best interest.  Take a break and allow us to step in.  You will be amazed by the absolute clarity by which you can move through situations if you let us in.

You will become more and more self-reliant.  In truth, you are never alone.  With this practice, you will develop and relationship with yourself and increase your confidence.  Life is meant to push you so you may learn how resilient you are.  As you conquer difficult situations with less effort by listening and allowing our guidance, your self respect will blossom.

When you revisit these issues that you have overcome through guidance, soon you will realize how you created the situation in the first place.  You are all powerful in your life.  You alone have the power to change it.  It is a work well worth pursuing as it will give you peace.

Cultivate Peace


Just as there is enough sustenace is the world to support the lives of the plants and animals, there is enough for each and every one of you.  You limit yourselves as to how much you can receive, Dear Ones.  Let it be easier.  Be done with the idea of suffering.  It has been ingrained into your very being, but it can be undone.  Your original programming is a life of Freedom and Love.  Give away all your worries for peace of mind because Source energy is really steering the ship!

Surrender to your Higher Self and its guidance.  Your angels have only the purest intent on your behalf as does Source.  You were not created to be abandoned and left to suffer and endure this life then die.  There is great joy and freedom if you let go of the control you think you need.

Ask for my help!  I can be in many places at once.  There is not request that is too small.  My Legion of Light wishes to establish peace one person at a time.  Make it the most important goal and the rest is taken care of.  Do not let the fear continue to rule your thoughts but allow it to inspire a better outcomes.  You might say, “The next time it will look like this_______.”  Create your preferred outcome.  Wrap it like a gift to yourself.  You must cultivate the faith for the energy to work.  Find peace in your heart everyday.  We Love You.

Create Peace


Create peace for yourself today.  Ask for me, Archangel Michael and my Legion of  Light to support you in this endeavor.  You have within you all the courage, strength, wisdom, health and vitality to be your authentic self.  There are many of you, Dear Ones, that doubt your abilities.  You have lost your courage to be here and do what you came here to do.  Most importantly it is to be Free to express you own Light.  You are Source incarnated into this physical being.  The sacrifice to come into this form is great.  The angels are here for you to help you find your way back to alignment with Source.

When you aligned you are in a peaceful state.  You are peaceful when the day is busy or when the day is methodical.  You find trust in  all your experiences.  A fullness comes into your being for all the little things.  As you walk along your path, you find there is nothing in it that you are not prepared for.  Alignment with Source gives you the most truthful answer to the demands in your life.  Once you have felt this alignment it is difficult to go back to how you responded before your eyes were truly open.

When you are confronted with a response to a situation that may be difficult, you given the opportunity to express your truth through Love.  You may ask your angels to help you express your feelings with the only intention that will even resolve any issue completely.  Your honor for your feelings is the utmost respect you can bestow upon yourself.  When you learn to express yourself through the power of Love resolution is guaranteed.  You will find that if it is an old hurt that you trying to resolve, a remarkable thing will take place.  The response of the other person(s) will be very different.  It will be like they can hear you for the first time.   When you ask for the guidance of the angels we will help the communication’s clarity both in expression and in receptivity.

Once the communication has been cleared, the realization that it is time to leave this unhealthy situation becomes apparent.  Ask us for guidance as to how to do this.  The courage to make these changes resides in your ability to love yourself more than you do right now.  The angels are shining their love on you right now.  Make yourself aware of that Love.  With your breath, relax into the embrace of your angels.  They never leave your side.  They are always cheering you on and supporting you through changes.