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Peace is yours.  It is everywhere.  You are

Peace is yours.  It is everywhere.  You are the one who can call it into being or resonate with fear.  You may call on my Sword of Light to help you cut through the drama to the truth so that you may save yourself some trouble.  The troubling situation is always available.  You can manage it differently now that you know how close I am to you.  There is no call that will not be answered.


Even for your children, you need not worry.  Only call to my Legion of Light to protect and guide them in their lives.  For in reality, All the Children of God are taken care of.  Many of you block the help because you doubt it is real or that you deserve it.  It is your birthright.  Just like the eagle in the sky, the raccoon in the forest, or the bear in his den, these creatures have no doubt  that God is listening, they just know.  Take a moment to listen to the wisdom of your brethren the animals.  They do not complicate things in their minds.  They trust and believe without fear, as should you.

Take some time to be quiet in nature or with your animal friends.  Ask for them to share their wisdom with you today.  You will be surprised how simply wise they are.  This is an opportunity to widen your circle of friends.  Imagine how many more animal guides you can include in your day today.  Trust and Believe and it will be so.

BE Happy Now

Innocence is is key to opening your heart to see the miracles that are surrounding you everyday.  Remember the miracle of a bubble.  When you were a young child, a bubble was fantastic.  It was clear and shiny.  It could fly and float, free in the wind.  It reflected rainbows.  A miracle.  There are still miracles everyday but it takes your inner child to be awake to the possibility of seeing them.  Your inner child does not doubt magic but your adult mind has been trained to refuse and analyze the magic of this place.

The beauty, intricacy and perfection of a tree can inspire this kind of wonder and awe that We speak of.  In examining the simplicity of the existence of a tree, you may know that you too need only exist to be cared for.  From this standpoint, We would like you to examine your life.  There are places in your life that you are not satisfied.  While you are in the presence of the perfection of nature, find the inspiration to leave the situation.  Ask for our guidance and help.  Allow Us to take your situation to the Light to clear it.  We can then bring you the messages you seek.  It is only in the release of this situation that We may enter into your life to help.  You must let it go and free yourself of this burden.

Once you can kind release from a toxic situation, you can decide to be happy now.  Stagnation occurs when the release happens and FEAR comes in its place because you have known nothing other than the current situation.  You cease to believe that you deserve happiness and simplicity in your life.  Let that go too.  Give it to me.  I will bring my Sword of Light to remove all darkness from your field so that the miracles have a chance to be realized.


You are Safe, Protected by an Army of Angels and Elementals




Everyone wants to remember the protection and security they felt when they were a small child.  Even if the circumstances were not ideal (what is ideal anyway), we were too young to judge it and accepted it with an open heart.  With me, Archangel Michael and my Legion of Light, you can again surrender your fear.  I assure you you are safe and free to live in joy and peace.  The stressful thoughts you continue to generate with your words are not real.  If you take a moment to breathe and look around you, you would realize you are safe.  Make it a practice to notice that your needs are being met everyday and the thought will grow into the predominant one and more security will come to you.  Ask me to help if you are a victim of your own sabotage.  I will surround you with a Pillar of Light, as you request it, and you will remember you are safe.  You are Divine.  You have an army of angels ready to fight back the slavery of fear.


On the same mission of relieving fear, as that is my main mission, to increase your faith and trust you can request that I visit you during your dreamtime.  Ask that I replace fear with trust.  Ask to be filled with strength, courage, and confidence.  There is no way that the presence of Love can be in the heart of a fearful person.  One who worries incessantly has no room for Love.  Worry and fear only add to the decrease in vibrational energy available to have Divine interference.  I cannot change your dedication to living in fear.  I can only offer my hand.  Please take it, Dear Ones.  We will create peace on this beautiful planet one person at a time.


There is no difference in the chemical and elemental aspects of your physical body and that of the beings in nature.  As the life in the cities has been robbed of this connection, you must make an effort to search it out.  There is a gift of experiencing the beings of the elemental world.  They, like the angels, want to see each human return to their full power and peace in their hearts.  Become open to their healing presence as you enter into their world you will immediately breath deeper.  Your breath is key to a relaxed state of mind.  A constricted breathing pattern activates the transition from your aqueous womb before you were born and emerging, to bring air into your lungs for the first time.  Depending on the consciousness of those around you during that transition, you may have had endured trauma that your body remembers.  Breathe deep and full to relax your body and mind, reminding through the breath that you have what you need.  You are being taken care of.  Allow the help.