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Dream Big

Follow your passion and focus on it.  Become the expert.  Fine tune your connection with this focus and let the magic begin.  When you let all the “other” aspects of your life dim in comparison, your joy will be undeniable.  The universe has prepared all you need to move forward, all that is required of you is to live in your joy.  Find happiness in the mundane care taking, create new and different perspectives to keep you from falling into despair.  Your life is blessed, Dear One.  You have always gotten what you needed in the most magical ways, maybe not what you expected but magical none the less.  Reflect and wonder at the care that surrounds you.  You are not alone nor abandoned.

It is time to detoxify your mind of the thoughts of lack and doubt.  If you care to have help to do this, all you  need do is ask.  Ask before bed and upon waking.  We will gladly remind you in the most glorious ways that it is only your perspective that needs adjusting to finally have the life that you hold in your heart.  Align with your feelings.  Trust your emotional response to lead you to the most rewarding version of your life.  It is already here, you have to allow the blessings in.  Your feelings will lead you to more happiness, if that is your intention.  If your intention is to despair than that will be brought to you.  It is always your choice.  Oh the freedom!

Can you imagine that every single moment has been created by your vibrational alignment, even the geese that fly overhead. You have aligned with it all.  By opening your eyes to the potential of your life as this Divine Being, allow the physical reality before your eyes to morph into the fantasy in your heart.  Daydream big!

Shift Happens

It is through gratitude, Dear Ones, that you move forward.  The progression towards ascension can be physically uncomfortable at times.  Embrace the shift.  Take a salt bath.  Do yoga or dance.  Celebrate the transformation that Mother has given you.  The ability to take the lessons learned on this physical plane of existence and absorb them into your Light Body is a huge gift.  You only receive as you are ready.

Take the new opportunities that surround you in this elevated vibration and ground them by walking in nature.  Ask your brothers and sisters, the Elemental Kingdom, to help you during this time.  They will “see” you as you truly are, a son or daughter of the Divine.  Allow yourself to be seen in your true state.  It is time to be still.  Quiet your mind and dive into the feelings, the emotions will teach you much.  Do not get trapped in your head.  Your thoughts are distractions to the truth in your heart.  Your intuition is linked to your emotions.

Mary and the Divine Feminine

I, Mary, implore you to find time today and today and today to become quiet.  There is a strong, quiet voice inside you.  Listening to this voice takes dedication to finding the time in your busy life to be still.  The water flows deep within you.  This voice is the Divine Feminine.   It is the creative force of the universe.  Once you connect your personal heart to the flow of the universal energy of the Divine Feminine you will find a never ending source of motivation for all your projects and passions.

This voice will give you resolution for the common everyday problems your are confronted with.  Whether or not to be active or to hold still and let the situation unfold, is also found here.  With complete faith in the messages you receive, as an innocent child, you will move through the obstacles with grace and be empowered while you do!  You are free to choose love over all else.   Love the challenge.   Smile at your adversary.  It will change the outcome.  When you stand in the power of the Divine Feminine you need not push, just be.

The Divine Feminine is the nurturer.  It is the fertile ground that holds all the potential for yourself and your family.  Plant your seed deep within her and nurture it with love.  You are protective over your children and those you care for.  Your supply for more of this love can be filled here.  You will never run dry.  Refill your cup daily.  Find the sweetness of  mother’s love within your own heart.  It is time to redefine mother energy on the planet.  She is powerful like a tidal wave or a herd of horses.  Mother’s love is rich.  The time is now.  Bring the energy of the Divine Feminine into all your tasks.  Your food will taste better and be more healthful.  The care of your daily life will become effortless with more love. 

Mary, Just Mary

I, Mary, just Mary, wish to remind you All of your power.  You have spent lifetimes unlearning your connection to the Divine and your ability to manifest.  There is much to do.  With a clear intent, the universe will provide for you all that you need to clear the programming and find your heart space.  Your heart holds all the power.  Your mind was only created to function in the physical form.  Know that your brain’s function is overrated.  It is time for you to connect with the love that generates the life force all around you. 

The more time you give during your day to your heart space the less fear you will have.  You will move forward fearlessly.  This is the only way to get the challenges behind you.  The challenges will never cease.  It is this adventure that you have come for.  You are an adventurous soul.  Courageous to the core of your being.  You volunteer to reincarnate over and over again  to inspire others with the love that you have come from.

Your mission is to discover your passion and stand your ground.  You are a great and wondrous being, capable of miracles.  The mountains before you are part of the task you have come to conquer.  It is not too much, too big or too complex.  Find your place with clarity and pureness of the heart.  The energy you create for your endeavor will urge you on.  You will feel the universe support your wishes.  Be painfully aware of what you are saying to yourself.

Mary Speaks

I am Mary, just Mary.  I am the spirit that has lived the life of Mary from the time of Jesus.  I am asking that all the traditional stories of me be set aside to have the experience of my message for you today.  


The creation of a sacred heart space for yourself is a gift to you.  It a place for reflection when the lessons are many.  Retreat within to your heart to remove hurt so you may be at peace with the outside world.  This space can be cultivated by each and everyone of you.  My Children, I wish for you, always Love.  You must allow this.  I cannot push or will it into your life.  


I am the element of the Great Mother, who has suffered injury, as it is in Divine Order.  It has come to be that the vibration of feminine strength, love and beauty has returned, as have I.  I was never very far, but the vibration was shielded and not available to All.  This is not so anymore.


With the creation of a palace in your heart, you can withstand the lessons of your life with grace.  Your heart holds all the wisdom of the universe, not your mind.  Your mind is a tool to function in this physical body, nothing more.  The more time you dedicate to building your palace, the easier it will be to reach.  Your joy and laughter reside in your heart.  You have come to make changes in the world, how it works.  Your mission is important to All.  Be courageous and find my strength, filled with fluidity behind you.  Be courageous for the children and the babies that have come to your care, your own and others.


I will return through the voice of this one, as she too is a warrior with the strength of me behind her.  We are grateful to All the souls in a body who are dedicated to this work.

You Are the Magic Mother Gaia Needs

You may push your physical body, Dear Ones, beyond what you can imagine.  It is built to grow with your experiences.  This goes for physical activity but also energetically.  You have only just begun to bring in the Light for yourselves but also for Mother Gaia.  She needs your devotion and dedication with this practice.   She relies on each and everyone of you to channel Divine Energy full of Love from Source to help align all beings in this 3D reality to resonate fully with the newer ascension energies.  There are no new energies only new ones available for this reality.  You create the possibility of heaven on Earth by this work.   Play with the boundaries you have made for your physical body and expand them.


We are here for you to help you with this endeavor.  You are a very creative being.  The creative force in you is an expression of the divine life force that defines you.  There are infinitely wondrous ways that you can devise to help your Mother.  There are colors that have not been defined yet in your reality that are for you to discover.  Everything about your perceived reality can be altered if you are ready to receive.


The Masters are waiting to help you with redefine your existence.  When you immerse yourself in Love, you can trust that the beings that come to you for assistance are trustworthy.  Once you doubt, it let’s in the fear.  This fear is your egoic mind grasping for a hold on a fear mentality and limiting you.  This fear is only in the mind.  Let it go.  Be honest with yourself during this inquiry.  When you are free to experience the Divine Love that is in your heart, you have no room for fear.  You are as free as you wish to be.


These energetic awakenings can be tiring for your physical body.  Be aware of the rest that you need to prepare your body for more Light.  Ask me, Archangel Michael and my Legion of Light for a Pillar of Divine Love to encircle you during these transitions.   You are more self-reliant than you realize.  You do not need another human guide to help you to create this reality, just your faith in yourself.



No more Excuses


WE urge you, Dear Ones, not to walk away from this message.  No matter how hard it might be to find the courage to live without this current misery, you must act.  The time is now.  The Ascension process has begun.  You must honor your convictions and stop making excuses for the short comings in your life.  These are excuses.  They do  not serve your highest good.

Your movement forward will help and heal all those involved.  It will break the pattern so the new paradigm can be created.  Think of yourself as a child.  You are the parent of this child.  you see your child is in pain.  Your response is to help remove the source of this pain from the child’s life.  Do this for you!  Call on the Legion of Light for courage and support.  We are here waiting instruction on your behalf, we will remove obstacles.

Your inner power is only limited by your imagination.  All the power of your great Mother has been woven into your body, into your energy matrix.  All the influence of the stars and the moon is within you.  Go to nature, maybe at night to enjoy the moonlight and bathe in her light.  Absorb the power from her, know that you can flow with the tides of change as easily as she does.  You must cultivate faith in  who you want to become.   We believe in you!

your universe

Each a every one of you is a completely contained universe with all the tools you need to create any experience in your life.  Every cell in your body is under your command.  You are strong and resilient beyond the boundaries you have in place.  Expand this belief in yourself.  Be a capable leader in your universe.  Put all your personal integrity into every thought so that the cells in your body do not get confused messages.  Tell yourself the truth in your heart, the truth in your daydreams because you are your thoughts.

You love and care for so many others.  Your love is bursting for more creative expression.  Give more opportunities for you to express your love for others and life.  Appreciate the beauty of Mother Gaia and her incredible abundance.  Ask that an opportunity be available to you today that will allow a deeper expression of your love.

Know that this present moment has been your creation through your diligent leadership in your universe.  Know that it is through the same leadership that you can alter it.  You are reading these words right now because you have been guided to awaken.  Continue to converse with your inner life so that it can reflect on the outside too!Image