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Be You


Your individual experience makes you the expert in your life.  Seeking approval from others, including institutions, reveals self doubt. You may decide the best way towards a certain goal is through training or education but do not loose the individual you are.  These institutions are designed to make cookie cutter people.  Understand the limitation inherent in the social design and use the experience to help you create a unique expression.

There is no other like you.  You are a unique version of Source in a physical reality.  To live in your power, you need not defend yourself and your actions to anyone.

Most importantly, Dear Ones, you must forgive yourself.  We have given you this knowledge before and will continue to share it.    There are those who need it repeated.  There is no such thing as getting lost in your life.  If you feel lost, ask for our guidance.  Expect to receive in the most powerful and best way.  Your imagination is holding you back.  Do not doubt anymore.  Miracles happen everyday.  

All the choices you make are giving you experiences that only you can have in the very unique essence of who you are.  Source has created this opportunity to experience this physical reality in all the forms that you are.  Be You.

The Angels Hear You

We hear you, Dear Ones.  You are asking Us to step in and offer our guidance.  You must allow the messages to become clearer transmissions.  You ask and then your ego sabotages your clear intent.  The ego tries to give you all the reasons why your goal is not attainable.  It is only limiting you.  We cannot stress this too much.  You have opened communication for the benefit of yourselves and all those lives you touch.  Your work on this is not just for you.  Your ability to shoot the arrow of your intention with unfailing faith is a gift to all who witness it.  Your inner guidance will not fail you.  Your ego will do everything in its power to keep you from realizing your connection to Source, because while you remain in fear and disempowered the ego is in charge.  Make a choice.  Who are you going to listen to your Higher Self, I AM Presence or the ego?  This choice is offered to you many times a day.  Begin by acknowledging these opportunities.

Your ego will use what is dearest to you as leverage.  Maybe you make decisions in your life because you are afraid your family will not approve, or they might suffer in some way.  Know that when you have opened your heart to realizing your personal truth, it is difficult to turn back to a time to when you did not know.   It will be a place of suffering when you turn away from your own truth.  We are always there to guard and protect your loved ones.  Ask for our intervention so the transition to a new life that is full of miracles, will endure.

You must learn to step out of the way when you hand the situation over to us for the Divine miracles to shine.  Wait with open arms with the innocence of a child that does not yet know the meaning of the word, “no.”


Create the Abundance You Crave

The energy and faith you hold in your heart generate your thoughts.  You can clear any doubt that you have the support you need to create the abundance in your life your crave.  Give over your heart wish to be in a career that speaks to your life purpose to the angels. With that peace and acceptance that you are being heard you must have patience and faith that is here now.  

Like any parent, Source looks upon each of you with the belief that you deserve the best possible outcome in your life.  If you did not have parents that supported you emotionally, know that in the core of their existence they have only Love and encouragement for you.  Look beyond all the obstacles that have come in this lifetime.  Put them behind you.  Give them to your angels.  

Close your eyes and become aware of your breath.  Imagine two angels with a big basket in front of you and place these obstacles and worries in the basket.  Take your time. Once your have placed all in the basket.  The angels will purify the contents of the basket through Love.  Watch them fly away with it and disperse ALL in the Light.  Feel the peace you have created for yourself.

Through the eyes of your inner child, you can conjure new ideas for the rebirth of your life.  Through the innocence and faith of a Young One that has not been tainted by disappointment you can find the creativity for new ideas.  Take the ride in your imagination and form a grand vision to aspire to.

Ask that I, Archangel Michael, lend you courage and fortitude.  There is no separation between you, your thoughts, dreams and aspirations and the Divine.  Once your realize this with confidence, take that energy and charge forward.  Do Not take No for an answer.  Expect miracles to appear.