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Peace Throughout Your Day

My Legion of Light is at your command.  With the Light and Love from Source we are under your direction to open a pathway for peace everywhere you go.  There is not one situation that is not worthy of our presence.  We are here to assist in spreading peace throughout the planet.  We hold the highest regard for all human life.  There is no judgment for any person or their decision to stand in the Light or to refuse it.  This gift of peace is in your hands.  You may change the world today by expecting peace to prevail.

We know you have the greatest expectations in your heart for all who are touched by this Light.  You may not see the benefit immediately, but know that the highest good is being offered.  You may also call on this Light on your own behalf.  Speak up for yourself.  We will give you the courage you need to move through the challenges of your day with grace and ease.  The Light you offer to others is for you to basque in as well.

Peace is everywhere you are.  Demand that you are able to hold on to this no matter what your challenge is.  Ask for the Sword of Light to cut away the drama and any attachment that might be clouding your connection to Source.  You can remain grounded through it all.

Even in the city, where the challenges are great you may have peace throughout your day.  Be reminded of the magical power of nature and the presence of the angels by appreciating the clouds.  The clouds are a gift from the natural world to offer you peace in times of struggle and they can be seen from many vantage points.  When the natural world is physically far you may bring it close by remembering with your heart and feeling their presence.


No more Excuses


WE urge you, Dear Ones, not to walk away from this message.  No matter how hard it might be to find the courage to live without this current misery, you must act.  The time is now.  The Ascension process has begun.  You must honor your convictions and stop making excuses for the short comings in your life.  These are excuses.  They do  not serve your highest good.

Your movement forward will help and heal all those involved.  It will break the pattern so the new paradigm can be created.  Think of yourself as a child.  You are the parent of this child.  you see your child is in pain.  Your response is to help remove the source of this pain from the child’s life.  Do this for you!  Call on the Legion of Light for courage and support.  We are here waiting instruction on your behalf, we will remove obstacles.

Your inner power is only limited by your imagination.  All the power of your great Mother has been woven into your body, into your energy matrix.  All the influence of the stars and the moon is within you.  Go to nature, maybe at night to enjoy the moonlight and bathe in her light.  Absorb the power from her, know that you can flow with the tides of change as easily as she does.  You must cultivate faith in  who you want to become.   We believe in you!

Find the Love

For all your health needs there are many options to explore.  Mother Earth has provided for you everything you might need to create perfect health.  With keen intuition, you will know intuitively what remedies you need to regain balance in your system.  This physical body reflects all the attention you give it.  If you feed it the Love it needs, all will remain in balance. Food, exercise, time outdoors in nature all contribute to your health.

It can be overwhelming to care for this physical life.  We honor you for volunteering to have this experience and to bring the Light and the Love onto Mother Gaia.  We understand the challenges.  The maintenance of your health can overrun all your activity.  Find joy in the management, even laugh a little at the little things.  Find Love in all your expressions and you will find less to be overwhelmed by.  You will get to doing all the tasks, maybe not today but bit by bit.

Part of doing meditation and energy work for yourself and Mother Gaia is create more beauty within and about you.  Your perception will change as you concentrate on the Love.  Laugh when you miss the bus and anticipate some other wondrous reason that you stayed behind.  There is a gift in every transaction.  When you wait to understand why your plans did not orchestrate on schedule, feel the light-hearted anticipation of an adventure for you.

You are as joyful as you want to be…want it!



When you ask for help from the angels, we are nonexclusive.  We work along side all other religions and beliefs.  We can only bring more Love to the prayer.  We are not asking that you forego your communication with Source, far from it.  We hope that with our help, you may be able to clear the way to a constant connection.

This constant connection is here to rely on when you are in the grip of fear.  Remember all the ways to clear the fear from your system.  Your body needs to let the denseness go.  Move your body anyway you feel best.  Yoga is an ancient wisdom to maintain the energy centers of the body.  It is best to do some form of it every 24 hours.

Detoxify your body by drinking lots of pure water.  Hydration keeps the balance of electrolytes  healthy so that you will have an easier time with bodily function.  The herb nettles, if taken as a tonic on a daily basis will maintain the fluid balance optimally.

Take salt baths to release fear and anger.  Feel the tension dissipate into the water.  The ions in the water will hold the negativity away from you like a magnet.  Love the opportunity you have given yourself to remove the negativity in such a conscious way  not allowing it to fester.  

Bring joy to every moment of awareness on your path.  It is only without judgment that you may release the emotional response to the situation.  Forgive others but mostly have the same compassion for yourself.

Health and Vitality


Your health begins in your light body.  Your light body extends far beyond the physical boundaries of who you see in the mirror.  As you wonder through this Earth Walk, you are apt to pick up energies from your surroundings that will hinder your vitality.  Bring in more Light, we say!  There are a few of you who are holding enough Light that the dark forces are continually repelled but the majority of you need to consciously ask for more to repel these emotionally draining forces.  The dip in energy creates opportunity for other, more intense negativity to enter your energy field.  Do not accept even a small dip into despair.  Ask for our  angelic forces to intervene and banish the clouds from inside and all around you.

Respecting yourself, your body, and your experiences is a reflection of  the commitment  to this work.  Honor yourself as we do.  You are worthy of so much more effort to maintain your peace and happiness than you have yet to imagine.   Heaven on Earth is only as far away as you imagine it.  Be diligent in bringing in more Light for yourself as it can only help everyone who enters into your field.

The best way to reveal to others in your life that you are on this path is to be in your joy.  You need not explain or teach or lecture.  You are proof in the example of your faith and trust in the Divine that you are always being taken care of.  Celebrate your freedom and you will demonstrate with your Love of Life the possibility of a life without fear.

We Love You

Energetic Anntena

You are an energetic antenna to the intimate relationship that comes to you.  It is a match.  If you look honestly at your current situation, you may see that you have created something that you are not really comfortable with.  The lesson is available to find the truth in the present, no matter how difficult it might be to look at the relationships you now have.  Your thoughts and your words that you repeated most diligently have been presented to you.  You have the power to recreate it as you wish, just change your mantra!  Repeat what you truly want even if it seems very far from obvious.  You will learn that you have immense power that you were unaware of.

The relationships we speak of are also the intimate relationships you have created with your children.  Through all that you are, these children came to learn from you and in turn, mirror you so that the truth become even more apparent to you.  As a parent, your wishes for your children are full of love.  The creator has the same love for you.  You believe in your children, just as the creator believes in you.  Nurture yourself as you do your children.

Promise yourself that you will not forget your inner child.  Be committed to encouraging your dreams as you encourage your children’s dreams.  Remember the limitless possibilities around you so that you may be free in your heart to play in this playground we call Earth.  Daydream often and with vibrant detail.

All Your Needs Are Heard


Your words are thoughts and your thoughts hod power in your life to change your current situation.  Use joyful expressions even if they do not seem apparently true at this moment.  For change to occur, all you need is positive words.  Fill your statement with love and confidence that it is the deeper truth of your soul that you have all your needs met.

The truth that resides in your heart cannot be denied.  If you do not attend to it in this lifetime, you will be offered another to try again.  There is never any judgment from our point of view.  The experiences presented to you here are perfectly aligned with your energetic reality and the lessons you are able to receive or deny are completely up to you.  Be honest with yourself.  Find the joy in all of it.  In reality, you are never damaged by our experiences here.

Have confidence in your higher consciousness.  The universe is supporting your every utterance.  Choose your words carefully and with Love.  Declare your freedom from hardship by using positive language and heartfelt wishes.  We hear you!


There is a haze of confusion when you begin to realize the support you have in the Angel Realm.  There seems to be so much to work out as you manifest the change that your heart is awakening to.  This is not for you to unravel. Your soul is like to a traveller in a boat which is your body.  The stronger the connection you maintain to the traveller inside your boat, the more the boat will steer itself.  The water your boat sits on is the energy of life itself. We are here protecting you, keeping the flow steady and even.  The course will change and the ease at which you move to the next thing will evidently prove to you that the course is the right one.

There are many in the physical plane who would present themselves as guides.  The only true guide for your path is your I Am Presence.  You must stand your ground, never giving your life over to another.  The choices that another person makes that worked for them is because they did due diligence from within.  They were disciplined in their internal quest.  Your path is your own and you are the only person who can access the energy to change its course.  Even messages from Ascended Masters are not to be followed blindly.  Free Will is the predominant rule on Mother Gaia.  Choose a greater connection with the Divine.  The facilitator that can help you towards this endeavor is true in their own heart because they do not profess to know all, only their own experience.  They have trust in the Divine and can facilitate your connection.

Heaven on Earth is already here.  Your vibration brings your experience.  There is no other way.  Trust that this work is the only work needed to find great peace and abundance.  Your family and loved ones will be protected during your period of inward reflectio

Find the Flow


When you open to every experience you open to the flow of Love that drives the universe.   There is nothing to manage or plan.  Every experience has been placed into your life at exactly the right time to get you to where you are right now.  This perception may not feel very comforting if you are not in a place you like.  Release the judgment and watch the experience unfold as it teaches you about you.  The emotional responses will give you clues to how to respond so you may stay within the embrace of Love.  Do not become overwhelmed with the emotion.  Be sure to respect the response but do not perpetuate it by replaying the instance in your mind.  This requires Trust and Faith that all will be revealed to you at the right time.  There is much freedom from stress by allowing the stream of Love to flow all around you.  This is a tremendous commitment to peace and harmony.

When you strive to rise above your problems and allow the stress they create to move passed like running water, we can help without resistance.When you attach yourself to the fear then we cannot break that attachment.  You must make that decision for yourself.

Hearing Clear Messages

Answers to your questions come in many forms.  The messages are repeated often throughout your life so may be able to act upon the guidance you are being given.  You must learn to quiet your mind to receive the messages more consciously but you will receive them even if you are unaware.  Intimate relationships are one of the most intense ways to receive messages.  The mirror that an intimate relationship holds up for you is intended for you to self-reflect. The saying that your children are your greatest teachers, is true.  You must be open to receive the lessons.  It is difficult to look into the mirror and see who you are with Love.  The more Love you can muster for yourself in all your expressions the more you can share this Love with others.  The Archangel Realm would like nothing more than to increase the Love quotient on the planet by assisting each and everyone of you.

There is an awakening that will happen when you allow the intimacy to reveal You to the essence of You.  Make a commitment to yourself that you will not turn away in judgment.  If you find that it is difficult for you to do this, ask Us to help.  We love you beyond any definition of earthly love.  This love is within you but you have forgotten how to tap into it.  We can help.  Before you disregard the opportunity as too hard or negate, it ask Us to step in to clarify.  We are here in service to humanity.  Find the Love that is yours from inside your own heart.  It will set you free to find a life filled with magic and wonder.