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Stand Your Ground


Detachment from the situation at hand will allow the guidance from Source to intervene.  You go over and over in your mind the possible ways to solve a situation but in reality, it is already solved.  It is difficult to maintain your faith and trust when everyone around you is pushing you to be proactive and you are learning to work with the energy of the Divine.  You must stand your ground.  This does not mean that you should not be active at all but the action is very different.  With a daily meditation practice , you will be able to hear the wisdom of your inner guidance.  The flow of the messages will come when the time is right.  Your will power to overcome the temptation to DO something when all you need to DO is keep your faith.  It is a most important work and one that takes discipline.

You may feel a sense of anxiety in proceeding in this way.  This is to be expected.  The fear programming has been intact for many thousands of years in your genetic code.  There are many energies available on the planet to help you clear this from your system.  You must follow your guidance.  We will help you find an honorable person that wants your freedom as much as your I Am Presence does.  You have been led here by your I Am to hear this message.  It is all in Divine Order.

Remember there is nothing to be done except find your peace everyday so you may learn to connect to your inner self.  The guidance will become clearer.  You must clean out your programs to turn up the volume on the guidance so it is the loudest voice in your mind, not the fear.  Drown out the drone of the disempowerment with the messages from Source.

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Realizing your dreams takes focus, but what do

Realizing your dreams takes focus, but what do you focus on?  The focus must make sense to your inner vision of who you really are.  This is not an egoic interpretation but one that is intertwined with your intuition.  The ego is guilty of blowing things out of proportion in your head either too good or destroying any possibility of success.   If the intention you are imagining does not really make you happy because it fulfills a deep joy then maybe you need to spend more quiet time finding out if you have chosen a goal that will really be happiest for you.  Just asking for more money is a request and it can be granted but it is short term. When you have an emotional response to witnessing someone else’s lifestyle, you are close to the truth.  Explore that option the next time you meditate or ask for clarity during your dreamtime.

Meditating is different for everybody, but one essential aspect is figuring out how to relax your body.  Your body is a finely tuned instrument for gathering energy and releasing it.  Many times the gathering happens, not by conscious choice, and you gather stressful thoughts.  These can get struck in the energy matrix of your body making it stiff and unresponsive.  Note your comfort and ease with your physical form.  The intimacy you create by spending time in movement of any sort will enhance your ability to reach the Divine.

It is difficult to be honest with yourself. You are the reason you are here.  You are the adventure you have come to experience.  You are worth the time and dedication. Your exploration of you IS ALL.  You are an extension of Divine Light and Love.


You are not alone, ever


There is a cycle coming to a close on planet Earth.  There have been a lot of planetary and astral influences urging us forward into bringing more Light into our lives and onto the planet for Mother Gaia.  In your heart, as a Seeker of Truth, you know this is true.  You have had to face incongruent energies and work towards purging them by finding your truth.  There is no other way through these issues.  Open your eyes and your heart to find the vibration that makes you happiest and keep that in your conscious mind, like a mantra.

This can seem difficult to resolve by yourself but you are not alone, never alone.  You each have 2 or more angels you were born with that oversee your entire life and never leave your side.  The Archangels are able to be in many places at the same time.  We do not have physical bodies, the physical plane does not limit our influence.  Call Us repeatedly for guidance and support.  Using your imagination is key.  You may imagine our wings around you, cradling you in Divine Love.  We are walking along side you, as you invoke our guidance.  Practice is essential.  The more you do this, the more you will become familiar with our presence, the less it will be hard to imagine that you are a Blessed Child of God.  When you begin to work this way, there will be others who are drawn to you because of your change in vibration.  Your peace will present an aura around you.  It will repel those who are unavailable to receive the Light you exude.  Having support from other beings on the path is essential to maintaining your courage as more of the institutions and governments attempt to control you through fear.

The longer you wait to make this commitment to yourself the more there is a possibility that the Dark influences will take hold again.  The commitment to yourself is a huge discipline.  Make time to meditate everyday.  Meditative state can be attained anytime you feel clarity and peace in your mind then the Love from Source can reach deeper into your energy systems.  Traditional breathing techniques do not work for everybody, especially in the beginning.  You may find it easier to attain the peace through physical exercise, repetitive movement or artistic expression.  Each of you has your own way.  The adventure is truly within, Dear Ones.  You get to create your own individual path to reach Source.

Create your own reality using your dreamtime.  During

Create your own reality using your dreamtime.  During your sleep your conscious mind is resting and the ability for you to set of “rockets” and receive messages is easier than when you are awake.  Many of you struggle with clearing your mind for meditation, but this relaxed state is where your conscious mind needs to be to create with more efficiency. 

Right before you sleep, ask me, Archangel Michael to help guide your intentions to source.  I have at my disposal a Legion of Light in service to humanity.  Like shooting an arrow, you must concentrate all of your beingness into the intention of hitting your target.  If you have ever done any sport or other physical activity that demands precision, you know you must bring all your awareness into that one task.  Some of you are exceedingly good at this but do not apply it to all aspects of your life.  We can help you develop this skill to aid you in your goals for this lifetime.  We want to help you unlock yourself so you may live in truth to your purpose.  You all have a purpose.


We wish to keep you focused and inspired to live in Freedom, Love and Light.

Image Angel Blessings

The Love Surrounds YOU


I, Archangel Michael and my Legion, ask for you to trust that we are here helping in every way to protect your heart as you open wider in your relationships.  This includes your relationship to your self.  Can you find the trust in your energetic vibration to allow the energy to work for you?  Can you just BE yourself without any excuses for your truth?  The daily work IS this alone.  As a Divine expression of Source, your unique version of Source energy is the only one of its kind.  Although you are of a larger Monadic family that has signed up for service in the same venue, your life experience and personal attachments make the energy you bring to any situation uniquely your own.  Imagine, for a moment, Dear One, if you were not here.  That would affect all the projects and relationships you are affiliated with.  You are very valuable.  Do Not underestimate your dedication to the personal truth you hold in your heart.


Feel, with all your heart, the Love that surrounds you right now.  Feel the presence of the Angels, Archangels, Ascended Masters, Mary and Jesus who bathe you in the Light and Love of the Divine every moment of everyday.  Find security in this memory of connection.  It will heal the fear of abandonment you experience during the birth process, placing your energy into physical form.  You are never alone.  Source has not created you to leave you to fend for yourself to battle the Darkness allowed on the planet.  It is all free will.  You may, at every moment, choose to participate with the Darkness or choose to find the connection to Love that surrounds you everyday.  It is a choice in perception.  You can choose to see the world as a place filled with misery and strife or choose to see the generosity and support available, manifesting this Love through your interactions with other humans, plants and animals.


You may ask to be granted the wisdom and creativity to see your miracles in new and unexpected ways.  No matter the task at hand, know that the guidance is here for you to move through each challenge with grace.  Meditating daily to find and keep your peace during this energetic transition on Earth is essential to be able to receive the guidance we have waiting for you.  When you work to hard in finding the answer through your own perspective, you are very limited to the scope of your imagination and experience.  We can see the bigger picture, allow us to open your heart to a life of faith in the flow of All That Is.