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The magic on your path is unknowable.  All crave the wondrous, mysterious presence of magic, but it will allude you if you do not let go of the reigns.  It will not be named.  You give thanks and gratitude for its presence.  It is borne of your connection to your passion.  Learn to forget how to do and just BE.

There is unfathomable creative power in the universe that will lend itself to you to clear any perceived problem.  All you need to do is give it over and focus on what you love.  The clarity within the focus will bring you inspiration to move through the resistance with grace.  There is no effort or thought just allowance.  You will become more self-reliant and secure knowing the universe has your back!  This goes for your children as well.  The worrying must stop.  It only decreases the energy available to create a resolution.  Send Love from your heart and from Source and the burden will not only lift from you but also form the hearts of those you love.

Believe in Magic


In the time that has just recently passed, you have been tested with a variety of circumstances that could have thrown you off balance.  Your center was difficult to maintain and if you spend time with the Divine you weathered the storm well.  It is time to retreat.

Be happy right now.  Feel gratitude for your ability to stand your ground as you were tested.  Do not over criticize your interactions, just witness the subtle changes you made because you have cultivated this relationship with the Divine in your life.

Spend time in quiet reflection, maybe write about your feelings.  You will always glean insight, blessing and healing from self-expression.  It does not need be writing but words are powerful and you can use them to delve into convoluted interactions to regain clarity and define your truth.  Your personal truth is what you came here to express, everyday, without judgment.

When you are concerned about the outcome of a particular situation because you are intimately involved with the person, you can give the situation over to me, Archangel Michael and my Legion of Light to lift the burden off your shoulders.  Without this burden you will attain more clarity so you can focus on your priorities.  It has become complicated to live in peace on the Mother because you have lost faith in your magic.  The Divine always hears your prayers.   You are not alone.  What you believe holds the most energy and will be the predominating force in your life.  Why not believe in magic?

BE Happy Now

Innocence is is key to opening your heart to see the miracles that are surrounding you everyday.  Remember the miracle of a bubble.  When you were a young child, a bubble was fantastic.  It was clear and shiny.  It could fly and float, free in the wind.  It reflected rainbows.  A miracle.  There are still miracles everyday but it takes your inner child to be awake to the possibility of seeing them.  Your inner child does not doubt magic but your adult mind has been trained to refuse and analyze the magic of this place.

The beauty, intricacy and perfection of a tree can inspire this kind of wonder and awe that We speak of.  In examining the simplicity of the existence of a tree, you may know that you too need only exist to be cared for.  From this standpoint, We would like you to examine your life.  There are places in your life that you are not satisfied.  While you are in the presence of the perfection of nature, find the inspiration to leave the situation.  Ask for our guidance and help.  Allow Us to take your situation to the Light to clear it.  We can then bring you the messages you seek.  It is only in the release of this situation that We may enter into your life to help.  You must let it go and free yourself of this burden.

Once you can kind release from a toxic situation, you can decide to be happy now.  Stagnation occurs when the release happens and FEAR comes in its place because you have known nothing other than the current situation.  You cease to believe that you deserve happiness and simplicity in your life.  Let that go too.  Give it to me.  I will bring my Sword of Light to remove all darkness from your field so that the miracles have a chance to be realized.