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Let Life Happen, You Can Handle It

As you allow the current situation in your life to unfold, you give Divine Will an opportunity to express itself.  When you practice this allowance, you develop a confidence in your own ability to deal with life’s situations.  There is nothing that is presented to you in this lifetime that is not within your ability to deal with it.  Life is not too much for you.  You are built to handle your particular life challenges with grace.  This goes for your children or others that are in your care.  It is never your job to protect others from their life, only support them with confidence so that they believe in themselves.


Your dreamtime is invaluable during times when you seek more guidance.  Ask before you sleep for messages and guidance to be received.  Keep a paper and pen next to your bed to record them upon waking.  Even if you do not remember them, the message has been received and you will be inspired by Our Presence with an inspirational approach in the next few days.  If you would want more clarity, ask for it.  We can deliver messages in the form of written language, media, conversations.


It may seem most impossible to find quiet time when your life is so demanding, but it would be the best way to find your sanity.  During this time, you may ask my Legion of Light to guide and protect your loved ones so that everyone’s needs are met.  When you are busy with a particular task, you might begin to worry about all the other things you are not attending to.  This worry increases your anxiety.  Give it away so you may focus with peace in your heart at the task at hand.



Health and Vitality


Your health begins in your light body.  Your light body extends far beyond the physical boundaries of who you see in the mirror.  As you wonder through this Earth Walk, you are apt to pick up energies from your surroundings that will hinder your vitality.  Bring in more Light, we say!  There are a few of you who are holding enough Light that the dark forces are continually repelled but the majority of you need to consciously ask for more to repel these emotionally draining forces.  The dip in energy creates opportunity for other, more intense negativity to enter your energy field.  Do not accept even a small dip into despair.  Ask for our  angelic forces to intervene and banish the clouds from inside and all around you.

Respecting yourself, your body, and your experiences is a reflection of  the commitment  to this work.  Honor yourself as we do.  You are worthy of so much more effort to maintain your peace and happiness than you have yet to imagine.   Heaven on Earth is only as far away as you imagine it.  Be diligent in bringing in more Light for yourself as it can only help everyone who enters into your field.

The best way to reveal to others in your life that you are on this path is to be in your joy.  You need not explain or teach or lecture.  You are proof in the example of your faith and trust in the Divine that you are always being taken care of.  Celebrate your freedom and you will demonstrate with your Love of Life the possibility of a life without fear.

We Love You

Just Love

You deserve a break.  You have worked so diligently towards clearing your mind of negativity and maintaining your peace.  Imagine an experience that will bring you even more peace.  This is not a vacation for entertainment but to give you more time in your daily experience to enjoy the peace you have cultivated.  It is a gift to yourself.  

Time enjoying nature is always an easy way you can expand the peace you feel in your heart.  The trees are here to elevate your self-love.  They will mirror you wherever you are and open you up to receive more.There is so much more to receive.  Imagine that you are never done opening to more Love.

This simple idea is your life purpose.  Each one on the planet is working towards the same goal, to feel more love for self and for others.  Once you tap into the ease of this you will be able to receive the care and abundance of the universe.  Just Love.  The Love will align you with your Divine Inspiration.  This will bring you closer to your joy which will bring more Love.