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You Are the Magic Mother Gaia Needs

You may push your physical body, Dear Ones, beyond what you can imagine.  It is built to grow with your experiences.  This goes for physical activity but also energetically.  You have only just begun to bring in the Light for yourselves but also for Mother Gaia.  She needs your devotion and dedication with this practice.   She relies on each and everyone of you to channel Divine Energy full of Love from Source to help align all beings in this 3D reality to resonate fully with the newer ascension energies.  There are no new energies only new ones available for this reality.  You create the possibility of heaven on Earth by this work.   Play with the boundaries you have made for your physical body and expand them.


We are here for you to help you with this endeavor.  You are a very creative being.  The creative force in you is an expression of the divine life force that defines you.  There are infinitely wondrous ways that you can devise to help your Mother.  There are colors that have not been defined yet in your reality that are for you to discover.  Everything about your perceived reality can be altered if you are ready to receive.


The Masters are waiting to help you with redefine your existence.  When you immerse yourself in Love, you can trust that the beings that come to you for assistance are trustworthy.  Once you doubt, it let’s in the fear.  This fear is your egoic mind grasping for a hold on a fear mentality and limiting you.  This fear is only in the mind.  Let it go.  Be honest with yourself during this inquiry.  When you are free to experience the Divine Love that is in your heart, you have no room for fear.  You are as free as you wish to be.


These energetic awakenings can be tiring for your physical body.  Be aware of the rest that you need to prepare your body for more Light.  Ask me, Archangel Michael and my Legion of Light for a Pillar of Divine Love to encircle you during these transitions.   You are more self-reliant than you realize.  You do not need another human guide to help you to create this reality, just your faith in yourself.



Let Life Happen, You Can Handle It

As you allow the current situation in your life to unfold, you give Divine Will an opportunity to express itself.  When you practice this allowance, you develop a confidence in your own ability to deal with life’s situations.  There is nothing that is presented to you in this lifetime that is not within your ability to deal with it.  Life is not too much for you.  You are built to handle your particular life challenges with grace.  This goes for your children or others that are in your care.  It is never your job to protect others from their life, only support them with confidence so that they believe in themselves.


Your dreamtime is invaluable during times when you seek more guidance.  Ask before you sleep for messages and guidance to be received.  Keep a paper and pen next to your bed to record them upon waking.  Even if you do not remember them, the message has been received and you will be inspired by Our Presence with an inspirational approach in the next few days.  If you would want more clarity, ask for it.  We can deliver messages in the form of written language, media, conversations.


It may seem most impossible to find quiet time when your life is so demanding, but it would be the best way to find your sanity.  During this time, you may ask my Legion of Light to guide and protect your loved ones so that everyone’s needs are met.  When you are busy with a particular task, you might begin to worry about all the other things you are not attending to.  This worry increases your anxiety.  Give it away so you may focus with peace in your heart at the task at hand.



Help is Here Always

Learning to be a witness and to detach from the drama of any situation is a huge strength in making clear decisions that serve your highest good.  When you are born into a family, there are issues inherent in the relationship that afford you great opportunity for spiritual growth.  Many of these relationships may have been abusive in various ways.  Ask for the Sword of Light to cut the attachment to the drama so that you amy be centered in the knowingness of the the growth possible in every situation.

Know that your angels have been present with you from before the moment of your birth until you pass over to the Light.  They stand by giving you love and encouragement as you begin to take more responsibilities. The situations of your childhood that your were not able to take responsibility for are just that.  Allow my Legion of Light to intervene and resolve these issues so that you may move forward into a life of freedom.

Be conscious of the Light and Love within the core of every person and situation.  Not one person has been abandoned on this plane.  You are always surrounded by Love but you must choose this.  If you choose victimization, we will always stand by you waiting your first call to us so we may intervene.  We are in service to humanity.  We honor your struggle and pledge our support but you must allow more Light and Love to enter.

There is much work in this reality, but know it is just that.  You will do what you can and we love you.  To move forward with more grace, call for assistance.  It will only improve the outcome.Image

Believe in Magic


In the time that has just recently passed, you have been tested with a variety of circumstances that could have thrown you off balance.  Your center was difficult to maintain and if you spend time with the Divine you weathered the storm well.  It is time to retreat.

Be happy right now.  Feel gratitude for your ability to stand your ground as you were tested.  Do not over criticize your interactions, just witness the subtle changes you made because you have cultivated this relationship with the Divine in your life.

Spend time in quiet reflection, maybe write about your feelings.  You will always glean insight, blessing and healing from self-expression.  It does not need be writing but words are powerful and you can use them to delve into convoluted interactions to regain clarity and define your truth.  Your personal truth is what you came here to express, everyday, without judgment.

When you are concerned about the outcome of a particular situation because you are intimately involved with the person, you can give the situation over to me, Archangel Michael and my Legion of Light to lift the burden off your shoulders.  Without this burden you will attain more clarity so you can focus on your priorities.  It has become complicated to live in peace on the Mother because you have lost faith in your magic.  The Divine always hears your prayers.   You are not alone.  What you believe holds the most energy and will be the predominating force in your life.  Why not believe in magic?

Realizing your dreams takes focus, but what do

Realizing your dreams takes focus, but what do you focus on?  The focus must make sense to your inner vision of who you really are.  This is not an egoic interpretation but one that is intertwined with your intuition.  The ego is guilty of blowing things out of proportion in your head either too good or destroying any possibility of success.   If the intention you are imagining does not really make you happy because it fulfills a deep joy then maybe you need to spend more quiet time finding out if you have chosen a goal that will really be happiest for you.  Just asking for more money is a request and it can be granted but it is short term. When you have an emotional response to witnessing someone else’s lifestyle, you are close to the truth.  Explore that option the next time you meditate or ask for clarity during your dreamtime.

Meditating is different for everybody, but one essential aspect is figuring out how to relax your body.  Your body is a finely tuned instrument for gathering energy and releasing it.  Many times the gathering happens, not by conscious choice, and you gather stressful thoughts.  These can get struck in the energy matrix of your body making it stiff and unresponsive.  Note your comfort and ease with your physical form.  The intimacy you create by spending time in movement of any sort will enhance your ability to reach the Divine.

It is difficult to be honest with yourself. You are the reason you are here.  You are the adventure you have come to experience.  You are worth the time and dedication. Your exploration of you IS ALL.  You are an extension of Divine Light and Love.


Cultivate Peace


Just as there is enough sustenace is the world to support the lives of the plants and animals, there is enough for each and every one of you.  You limit yourselves as to how much you can receive, Dear Ones.  Let it be easier.  Be done with the idea of suffering.  It has been ingrained into your very being, but it can be undone.  Your original programming is a life of Freedom and Love.  Give away all your worries for peace of mind because Source energy is really steering the ship!

Surrender to your Higher Self and its guidance.  Your angels have only the purest intent on your behalf as does Source.  You were not created to be abandoned and left to suffer and endure this life then die.  There is great joy and freedom if you let go of the control you think you need.

Ask for my help!  I can be in many places at once.  There is not request that is too small.  My Legion of Light wishes to establish peace one person at a time.  Make it the most important goal and the rest is taken care of.  Do not let the fear continue to rule your thoughts but allow it to inspire a better outcomes.  You might say, “The next time it will look like this_______.”  Create your preferred outcome.  Wrap it like a gift to yourself.  You must cultivate the faith for the energy to work.  Find peace in your heart everyday.  We Love You.

Dream Big, then dream bigger


Observe where you are right now.  Make a list of the things you are grateful for today.  It could be  the ease of your morning, the sunshine, your relationships.  Allow the Love of the universe to amplify this feeling.  Breathe into your heart and feel the Eternal Love and care the universe has supplied for you today.  You will affect your abundance by finding the peace in this moment.

You are only limited in this life by your imagination.  Daydream often and in the most fantastic way.  Record your fantasies, give them intense detail, and be sure to use a lot of descriptive language.  The more vivid you make your dream, the more the universe will be able to supply the exact match to your heart wish.  Do not have any feeling of lack or wanting in your dream.  Keep your feelings ecstatic, vibrant and full of hope.

Let go of the FEAR that holds you back from accepting that you deserve this dream.  The anxiety will negate the manifestation.  The angels cannot interfere with your thoughts.  Everything you think will manifest.  Feel the ease at which this new reality will become here and now.  Feel the realness of the dream, it will pour out of you if you allow it to flow.  It comes from deep inside you.  Let it rejuvenate you.

Let the Legion of Light and myself, Archangel Michael, have access to the fear and bring it to the Light for purification.  Anytime you feel the insecurity and doubt shadow your dream ask Us to intervene.  Ask your ego to take a break and we will have more access to keeping your emotions at peace.  Neither elation nor depression is necessary.  Allow peace and acceptance to fill your heart.  The gratitude of your heart will bring more of the same.

Create Peace


Create peace for yourself today.  Ask for me, Archangel Michael and my Legion of  Light to support you in this endeavor.  You have within you all the courage, strength, wisdom, health and vitality to be your authentic self.  There are many of you, Dear Ones, that doubt your abilities.  You have lost your courage to be here and do what you came here to do.  Most importantly it is to be Free to express you own Light.  You are Source incarnated into this physical being.  The sacrifice to come into this form is great.  The angels are here for you to help you find your way back to alignment with Source.

When you aligned you are in a peaceful state.  You are peaceful when the day is busy or when the day is methodical.  You find trust in  all your experiences.  A fullness comes into your being for all the little things.  As you walk along your path, you find there is nothing in it that you are not prepared for.  Alignment with Source gives you the most truthful answer to the demands in your life.  Once you have felt this alignment it is difficult to go back to how you responded before your eyes were truly open.

When you are confronted with a response to a situation that may be difficult, you given the opportunity to express your truth through Love.  You may ask your angels to help you express your feelings with the only intention that will even resolve any issue completely.  Your honor for your feelings is the utmost respect you can bestow upon yourself.  When you learn to express yourself through the power of Love resolution is guaranteed.  You will find that if it is an old hurt that you trying to resolve, a remarkable thing will take place.  The response of the other person(s) will be very different.  It will be like they can hear you for the first time.   When you ask for the guidance of the angels we will help the communication’s clarity both in expression and in receptivity.

Once the communication has been cleared, the realization that it is time to leave this unhealthy situation becomes apparent.  Ask us for guidance as to how to do this.  The courage to make these changes resides in your ability to love yourself more than you do right now.  The angels are shining their love on you right now.  Make yourself aware of that Love.  With your breath, relax into the embrace of your angels.  They never leave your side.  They are always cheering you on and supporting you through changes.

Create your own reality using your dreamtime.  During

Create your own reality using your dreamtime.  During your sleep your conscious mind is resting and the ability for you to set of “rockets” and receive messages is easier than when you are awake.  Many of you struggle with clearing your mind for meditation, but this relaxed state is where your conscious mind needs to be to create with more efficiency. 

Right before you sleep, ask me, Archangel Michael to help guide your intentions to source.  I have at my disposal a Legion of Light in service to humanity.  Like shooting an arrow, you must concentrate all of your beingness into the intention of hitting your target.  If you have ever done any sport or other physical activity that demands precision, you know you must bring all your awareness into that one task.  Some of you are exceedingly good at this but do not apply it to all aspects of your life.  We can help you develop this skill to aid you in your goals for this lifetime.  We want to help you unlock yourself so you may live in truth to your purpose.  You all have a purpose.


We wish to keep you focused and inspired to live in Freedom, Love and Light.

Image Angel Blessings

You are Safe, Protected by an Army of Angels and Elementals




Everyone wants to remember the protection and security they felt when they were a small child.  Even if the circumstances were not ideal (what is ideal anyway), we were too young to judge it and accepted it with an open heart.  With me, Archangel Michael and my Legion of Light, you can again surrender your fear.  I assure you you are safe and free to live in joy and peace.  The stressful thoughts you continue to generate with your words are not real.  If you take a moment to breathe and look around you, you would realize you are safe.  Make it a practice to notice that your needs are being met everyday and the thought will grow into the predominant one and more security will come to you.  Ask me to help if you are a victim of your own sabotage.  I will surround you with a Pillar of Light, as you request it, and you will remember you are safe.  You are Divine.  You have an army of angels ready to fight back the slavery of fear.


On the same mission of relieving fear, as that is my main mission, to increase your faith and trust you can request that I visit you during your dreamtime.  Ask that I replace fear with trust.  Ask to be filled with strength, courage, and confidence.  There is no way that the presence of Love can be in the heart of a fearful person.  One who worries incessantly has no room for Love.  Worry and fear only add to the decrease in vibrational energy available to have Divine interference.  I cannot change your dedication to living in fear.  I can only offer my hand.  Please take it, Dear Ones.  We will create peace on this beautiful planet one person at a time.


There is no difference in the chemical and elemental aspects of your physical body and that of the beings in nature.  As the life in the cities has been robbed of this connection, you must make an effort to search it out.  There is a gift of experiencing the beings of the elemental world.  They, like the angels, want to see each human return to their full power and peace in their hearts.  Become open to their healing presence as you enter into their world you will immediately breath deeper.  Your breath is key to a relaxed state of mind.  A constricted breathing pattern activates the transition from your aqueous womb before you were born and emerging, to bring air into your lungs for the first time.  Depending on the consciousness of those around you during that transition, you may have had endured trauma that your body remembers.  Breathe deep and full to relax your body and mind, reminding through the breath that you have what you need.  You are being taken care of.  Allow the help.