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Divine Vocation

Developing your inner truth will lead to a vocation filled with Divine purpose and meaning.  Once the discipline has been made to connect to your true vibration of Love by finding the way to your body-mind connection, you will realize your natural healing capabilities.  You are all capable of bringing in the healing vibration of Love to undue the damage of life with this illusion of abandonment from Source.

You will discover a flow of Love for your Fellows that will heal the world.  It is as if you finally give permission to express your Divine service contract.  All who are born on the planet at this time can find this with more ease than in other lifetimes.  These words are for your inspiration.  It is all very simple because it is all based on Love.

First Love yourself by connecting to Source everyday.  Your body awareness will become more defined.  You will find you are intuitively attracted to certain activity and foods that will bring you the most vitality.  Your downfall comes from your mind.  It will over think things.  If you need more support to follow these messages, ask me Archangel Raphael to help you get the knowledge; meet the right people; or acquire the funds to improve your life.

It will all come together, one person at a time.  You are precious to us.  Please call!

This situation is already solved



Keeping the discipline of positive thoughts is key to creating the outcome you want.  Find the creative solution to the imaginary stress you feel.  YOu create and perpetuate the thoughts that reverberate around and around in your head.  why not choose the ones that make you most happy.  Imagine the best possible outcome in the easiest possible way.   Find joy in creating in your mind the perfect solution.  it is only then that We may help bring those people into your life.  They are waiting for you as well.  Remain clear in purpose and intention.  It is time to leave the past behind and start fresh with the guidance of the angels.  It is unhealthy to resonate on a daily basis with fear and worry.  Allow the consciousness of our presence permeate your field and bring peace.  You will feel vitality and boundless energy for the tasks at hand.  Less energy wasted on tasks that were created through fear.  When you worry, you tend to manage the situation by trying desperately to create the reality you want but you do not have the perspective we have.  Call on Archangel Chamuel.  He sees through all time and space to the relationships that are within your grasp.  Ask him to guide your quest towards making these connections, so there will be less energy and effort put out for the same goal.

Can you imagine that is situation is already solved?  If you are concentrating on you current life and it’s demands, it is difficult to spend time creating and managing a new life.  We urge you to give it to Us.  We will manage it for you with the best possible outcome so that you may give yourself unencumbered to the commitments you are currently obligated to.  Give as much detail as you like, but give it to Us.  My Legion of Light is ready to assist you in every matter.  


Most of the prayers are for financial comfort, physical health or a romantic partner.  Imagine the most satisfying position and the salary you would be most happy with.  Leave the application to us.  Feel it coming with joyous anticipation.  The same is true of a romantic partner, enjoy the waiting and creating period so much so that when you meet you will miss the waiting.  Oh HO!  That is the grandest feeling.  For perfect health, it is best not to focus on the imbalance to release it.  Whenever the dis-ease becomes demanding, ask for the Violet Flame to purge you of it.  Use your imagination to the fullest.


Keep your peace in your heart and only the best will come to you.  Limit the exposure to fear based media.  You must surround yourself with the most Love possible.  Surround yourself with people who will uplift and support you with encouragement.  During this time you must maintain your vibrational integrity.  Do not invite the fear in.  When you are stronger you may reemerge and be able to withstand the onslaught of negativity without being affected energetically.  First you must insulate your daily experience and create more chances for Love and Light.  We are so excited that you have found these words and we hope it brings you more peace.