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Build Strength

There is no weakness in a “mistake.”  The event that appears to be a mishap is a great teacher.  If there is a person in your life who continually throws you off balance, this is a great teacher.  There is not one happenstance nor interaction that should move you from your center.  When this is apparent, be honest with yourself.  It is a reflection of yourself.


I can feel you tense at these words.  All is a mirror image.  You invite the events in your life wholly and completely upon the truth in your heart.  You cannot trick or adjust this by changing your outfit.  You must transform from the inside.  Your financial flow is not an exception to this rule.  The universe maintains an energetic equilibrium.  It is always moving and responding to your creative outpourings.  Each thought reverberates throughout the universe.  The words you use create your reality.  Listen to yourself without judgement.  Just listen.  You will be surprised as to how many times you are sabotaging your flow with doubt.

Make a declaration to yourself today.  You are the guardian of your thoughts and all the ones you wish to clear and erase, do so.  Do so quickly.  Bring fear and worry away from your heart by managing your prolific mind.  Such Chatter!  Find your quiet center and trust that all will develop from there.  The more discipline you have, the quicker you will allow your life to unfold.  Stand your ground in your own head.

Honor Your Emotions


The Archangels remind us to honor our emotions…. Your emotions are healing you.   Emotional response to a situation will only help you open to more Love for yourself and others in your life.  You will learn to love each situation as a gift, an opportunity to embrace life and all its lessons.  The emotional response is an opportunity to release anger and unforgiveness from your heart and mind.

All it takes is the ability to share the emotion through Love, either to the other person involved or to your angels.  Soften the grip you have on it.  You identify yourself with this hurt or injury whether it was seemingly self inflicted or not.  All experience is governed by your energy and the amount of Love you have for You.  There is Always more Love.

Jesus reminds us of the power of forgiveness.  Being resentful, jealous, holding a grudge will only keep you prisoner.  You can escape form this emotional cage.  Your capacity for Love goes beyond what you have allowed for yourself.  Allow the violet flame to alchemize the hatred you have attached yourself to.  Imagine, see, feel the violet flame all around and through your physical body.  The emotions are buried in your cells.  The violet ray is the highest available on the planet.  The transformation of this dark places hidden in your body will set you free.  Imagine my hand on your heart, releasing all patterns of guilt, blame and jealousy.  Breathe deeply and let the release come.  The energy from Source fills the space left from the clearing.  Feel, see, imagine the wholeness of your heart.  The vibration of pure Love from Source removes all the residue of past hurt.  It is gone and you are free.  It is simple if you allow it to be.  All karma is absolved in this moment. You are a glorious representation of Love and Light.

Take time today to Love yourself.  You spend so much time caring for others.  Shine the Light on yourself.  Find time to sit in nature, write, meditate, and move your body.  You will find the joy of your physical existence by attending to your needs.  Do not rely on others.  You have all you need to provide the Love that will fill your heart, so you may continue to give to others without feeling empty or drained.  There is guilt as you give yourself Love.  You must release this to your angels as well.  You deserve at least the Love you give to others.  There is so much more Love.  Bathe in the Light and witness the burdens melt away.  Today is all that counts.  Today is the only moment that you have influence over.  Do it with LOVE.