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Imagine yourself as a twig floating on the surface of a gently moving stream.  The separation of your “body” as the twig and the water begins to blend.  You are one with the flow of the universe.  There is an abundance of love and tenderness for all.  Connect yourself with this flow today.  It is as easy as closing your eyes and using your imagination.

You are holding hands with powerful beings that love and care for you.  The energy needed for a complete return to full vitality is yours for the asking.  Just like the floating twig, allow for a moment that the water is infused with the White Light of the angelic realm.  We Love you and support you everyday.  We have no inclination to punish you for your choices.  Today you may leave all thoughts of punishment behind. 

When you ask for this help, state it in a way that is has already occurred.  ”Thank you for the return of my vitality.”  Keep this in your mind.  Write it on your computer screen, post a note on the refrigerator; repeat it each time the phone rings.  Expect a miracle.  You are the force you need in your own life. We are the cheerleaders!

Ride the Wave

You have asked for Divine guidance, now you must learn to listen.  If you do all the talking, we cannot get a word in!  Take time to quiet your mind.  If you have difficulty doing this, it is only because you are out of practice.  You have been relying on your conscious mind most of your life, so it is understandable that getting that to be submissive will take some discipline.  You are hard wired to connect to the Divine guidance surrounding you now.  There is no one person more qualified to get your guidance than you.  You are in the habit of negating the messages through too much thought.  Follow and trust your heart without fear of outcome.  You are on the right path.

Messages of eternal Love await you, my Friends.   The embrace of unconditional Love is here, just breathe. Tin this breath there is freedom from worry or fear.  Let the Love fill your heart to replace the tension created by your mind.  Your awareness that it is there is all that is needed.  Allow a smile to  bless you face and share the Love with all you meet.  You are a blessing.

You heart trusts that this Love is real, now you must convenience your mind.  The more you practice, your mind will be convinced as the experience of your life unfolds and changes to match your faith.  You are a cosmic being.  This incarnation is one of many.  You have the opportunity to attain enlightenment as the energy shifts.   Use the collective boost from all those involved to help you along.

Ride the wave.