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You are the Gift

Your very presence has the potential to inspire and enlighten all who cross your path.  This is your gift.

 In gratitude for all you have been given by Mother Earth, your body; the foods you need for health; the opportunity to grow in the lessons afforded to you here; giveaway your ability to be a blessing to all who come in contact with you.

There has been a lot of  attention to the idea of Twin Souls.  The obsession is not worthy of your time and attention for all beings are souls needing the interaction with you and you them. Each relationship is a blessing and a gift.  The more intimate the relationship, the more it can teach you, if you allow.

Some of your relationships have been less than savory.  The only way through to this lesson is with acceptance.  The Archangel Realm is here for you.  We can help you find the workshops, books, mentors who can aid you so you can reclaim your strength.

Retreat and detach.  Let go so that the energy of Love can come back to fullness in your heart.  Call on me, Archangel Raphael and my army to assist you.  Breathe deep in Our Presence and let Us take care of it all.  We will recharge your body and guide you to self-care that is essential during this transformation.

You Are the Magic Mother Gaia Needs

You may push your physical body, Dear Ones, beyond what you can imagine.  It is built to grow with your experiences.  This goes for physical activity but also energetically.  You have only just begun to bring in the Light for yourselves but also for Mother Gaia.  She needs your devotion and dedication with this practice.   She relies on each and everyone of you to channel Divine Energy full of Love from Source to help align all beings in this 3D reality to resonate fully with the newer ascension energies.  There are no new energies only new ones available for this reality.  You create the possibility of heaven on Earth by this work.   Play with the boundaries you have made for your physical body and expand them.


We are here for you to help you with this endeavor.  You are a very creative being.  The creative force in you is an expression of the divine life force that defines you.  There are infinitely wondrous ways that you can devise to help your Mother.  There are colors that have not been defined yet in your reality that are for you to discover.  Everything about your perceived reality can be altered if you are ready to receive.


The Masters are waiting to help you with redefine your existence.  When you immerse yourself in Love, you can trust that the beings that come to you for assistance are trustworthy.  Once you doubt, it let’s in the fear.  This fear is your egoic mind grasping for a hold on a fear mentality and limiting you.  This fear is only in the mind.  Let it go.  Be honest with yourself during this inquiry.  When you are free to experience the Divine Love that is in your heart, you have no room for fear.  You are as free as you wish to be.


These energetic awakenings can be tiring for your physical body.  Be aware of the rest that you need to prepare your body for more Light.  Ask me, Archangel Michael and my Legion of Light for a Pillar of Divine Love to encircle you during these transitions.   You are more self-reliant than you realize.  You do not need another human guide to help you to create this reality, just your faith in yourself.



Your Heart

You are Divine.  We can see and feel your Light even if you do not.  You are the influence of Source on the planet and you can change the fate of the world by allowing the Love that is in you to come through.

When and if you make this decision to open your heart to let your Divine Love to shine, you will experience miracles.  Earth is a place filled with wonder.  You create the world in your own reflection.  Ask us to reveal this expression of your heart.  We are here just for this purpose.  Every time you feel less joy or effervescence ask us to help remind you of all you hold inside.

The life changes that you crave are within your grasp.  You need only to change your perspective.  Consider us your close companions.  We are within reach at all times.  No request to increase the Love you feel for yourself or others will be denied.  It is always your choice.  Choose wisely.

No more Excuses


WE urge you, Dear Ones, not to walk away from this message.  No matter how hard it might be to find the courage to live without this current misery, you must act.  The time is now.  The Ascension process has begun.  You must honor your convictions and stop making excuses for the short comings in your life.  These are excuses.  They do  not serve your highest good.

Your movement forward will help and heal all those involved.  It will break the pattern so the new paradigm can be created.  Think of yourself as a child.  You are the parent of this child.  you see your child is in pain.  Your response is to help remove the source of this pain from the child’s life.  Do this for you!  Call on the Legion of Light for courage and support.  We are here waiting instruction on your behalf, we will remove obstacles.

Your inner power is only limited by your imagination.  All the power of your great Mother has been woven into your body, into your energy matrix.  All the influence of the stars and the moon is within you.  Go to nature, maybe at night to enjoy the moonlight and bathe in her light.  Absorb the power from her, know that you can flow with the tides of change as easily as she does.  You must cultivate faith in  who you want to become.   We believe in you!


There is a haze of confusion when you begin to realize the support you have in the Angel Realm.  There seems to be so much to work out as you manifest the change that your heart is awakening to.  This is not for you to unravel. Your soul is like to a traveller in a boat which is your body.  The stronger the connection you maintain to the traveller inside your boat, the more the boat will steer itself.  The water your boat sits on is the energy of life itself. We are here protecting you, keeping the flow steady and even.  The course will change and the ease at which you move to the next thing will evidently prove to you that the course is the right one.

There are many in the physical plane who would present themselves as guides.  The only true guide for your path is your I Am Presence.  You must stand your ground, never giving your life over to another.  The choices that another person makes that worked for them is because they did due diligence from within.  They were disciplined in their internal quest.  Your path is your own and you are the only person who can access the energy to change its course.  Even messages from Ascended Masters are not to be followed blindly.  Free Will is the predominant rule on Mother Gaia.  Choose a greater connection with the Divine.  The facilitator that can help you towards this endeavor is true in their own heart because they do not profess to know all, only their own experience.  They have trust in the Divine and can facilitate your connection.

Heaven on Earth is already here.  Your vibration brings your experience.  There is no other way.  Trust that this work is the only work needed to find great peace and abundance.  Your family and loved ones will be protected during your period of inward reflectio

We See You Through the Eyes of Love



Dear Ones, see yourselves as we see you, through the eyes of Love.  You have been looking at yourselves with too much critism.  We do not judge what you do.  We only hold the greatest respect for you.  We know the difficulties in your life on Mother Gaia.  Being separate from Source and then having to regain the connection again while having much programming to overcome is honored as a great task.  Those of you who are awake understand the path to ascension is through finding your own voice.  You must honor and respect yourself as We do.  Ask for strength and courage as you move through the challenges in your life.  You must speak up for yourself more often.

Energy work and energy healers will be brought to you if you ask Us to help you.  There is nothing you cannot ask Us.  We will bring a trustworthy person or practice that resonants with who you are.  There is much to choose from.  It can be overwhelming to find the help you need.  The energy work will help you unlock programs and release your blocks to become more clear on the path.

You must let go of Fear NOW.  This is the time to shed lifetimes of pain, unworthiness, disrespect, voicelessness.  You are done suffering NOW, if you wish it.  All karmic bonds are able to be absolved.  You need not trudge through your life any longer.  Be free NOW. Ask us to help you find your way, to be courageous, to have more faith.

Ego Management



Healthy life changes start with releasing fear based thoughts.  These thoughts limit your ability to transcend the illusion around you into the Nirvana you wish to experience.  The ego is a guardian that has originally been given the occupation of your mental function to help you care for your physical form, but that is all.  Without an ego, you would forget to brush your teeth, eat or clean yourself.  None of these things would seem important without your ego present.  Appreciate your ego for its presence but remind it of its job parameters.

The ego, as you can see in life all around you, becomes inflated with importance.  It makes the acquisition of success on this physical plane most important.  It has then created a false sense of security in the separation from Source.  The ego likes to be separate from Source because then it is the controller.  Unfortunately, without Source as your guide, you are driven to satisfy the ego’s version of success which includes acquiring as many accessories as possible!

Oh, Dear Ones, it is both sad and funny how you bury yourselves in the quest for the unquenchable desire of the ego’s insecurity.  it is time to become aware of the difference between the two thought patterns.

We ask you to do this work out of respect for you.  Many Beings are watching, guiding and helping in any way possible to bring Gaia and her inhabitants to the next dimension with as many of you as will come.

It is time to admit the truth to yourself.  How are you a victim of your own ego’s control mechanisms?  Be gentle and loving as you perceive the conscious change you are asking for.  You will be amazed at the number of times a day you may have to tell your ego to quiet down.  When your mind is in a spin about a particular situation, trying to manage every detail, creating stress throughout your system, you MUST practice, at that very moment, to give your ego a task to keep it busy so you may resonant with peace.  It is through your own self-respect that will generate the focus needed for this task.  Be truthful and take action.

Direct your ego to count to 100 in Mandarin.  Yes!  This brings a smile to your face.  The ego is that simply distracted and will leave you to do as it is told.  It is very task oriented, but it is the smaller tasks of daily maintenance that it is made for.  It is NOT the overseer of your life choices or your path.  Your connection to your Higher Self, I Am Presence is the place to find your inspiration.

Archangel Michael speaks

Admit the Truth and Act Accordingly:

Honesty with yourself and your feelings is the first step to becoming the Truth Warrior that you already are.   There is fear of your own greatness.  Dear One, your voice is necessary during this time on Earth.  You have spent many lifetimes being punished for sharing your heart with the world, know this is not necessary to carry any more.  Ask Me, Archangel Michael,  to come and alleviate any fear of persecution.  When addressed in a disrespectful manner, it is your duty to reveal this treatment as unacceptable for yourself and for the other person.  We learn most quickly in relationship to one and other.  Bless these interactions, as they can only bring you closer to your truth.  Each time you utter your truth you help the other person as well. When we all become conscious, the clarity and movement towards ascension will move faster. Mother Earth does not want to leave anyone behind.  Each person is precious to the Mother.



Innocence brings peace, love and acceptance for yourself and one and other.  Look in awe at the perfection of the world, even the darker aspects.  Free Will dictates that we may all act in anyway we choose.  There is always a choice.  Today find your innocence through your inner child and LOVE.  There is more power in love than you might imagine.  Judgement makes separation.  With separation we perceive a hierarchy of people who are better and deserve more blessings.  The vibration of love in your heart is the ruling factor in your experience here on Mother Gaia.  Hold with intention that your love expand today.  Be surprised at the capacity for you to uplift the darkness with your light.  Remove pity from your response and replace with compassion.  Send Light and Angels to change the vibration of discourse around you.  You are the change you wish to see.  Each person who is awake enough to want peace for themselves eventually awakens to a more worldly perspective.  Let that start today with your neighbor.


I, Archangel Michael, have a Legion of Light ready to assist each and everyone of you to find more Love in your life.  We remove the fear.  Where there is fear, love cannot reside.  Worry and anxiety lowers your vibration.  Ask for my Legion of Light to surround you and your loved ones.  Our blessing will be felt like a shield.  Know that all you needs are met as you allow faith to fill you heart.  You are not alone.  You are a child of God.  You are held in His hands and  cherished.  You must remember to feel worthy of our Love and assistance.  You are God/Goddess in physical form.  The abandonment you feel from Source is the illusion.  There is no separation.  With your intension, you may reinstate your connection to All That Is.  We are at your disposal.  There is no request too small.  Peace is created on person at a time.