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Be You


Your individual experience makes you the expert in your life.  Seeking approval from others, including institutions, reveals self doubt. You may decide the best way towards a certain goal is through training or education but do not loose the individual you are.  These institutions are designed to make cookie cutter people.  Understand the limitation inherent in the social design and use the experience to help you create a unique expression.

There is no other like you.  You are a unique version of Source in a physical reality.  To live in your power, you need not defend yourself and your actions to anyone.

Most importantly, Dear Ones, you must forgive yourself.  We have given you this knowledge before and will continue to share it.    There are those who need it repeated.  There is no such thing as getting lost in your life.  If you feel lost, ask for our guidance.  Expect to receive in the most powerful and best way.  Your imagination is holding you back.  Do not doubt anymore.  Miracles happen everyday.  

All the choices you make are giving you experiences that only you can have in the very unique essence of who you are.  Source has created this opportunity to experience this physical reality in all the forms that you are.  Be You.



Dear Ones, you hold all the power, wisdom, courage, love, creativity of the universe intertwined into every cell of your physical body.  You have everything you need to re-create your life in a fashion that will bring you the most joy.  Your happily ever after is within your grasp.  The fantasy of a perfect life is being created in your daydream time.  Dream big.  Hold nothing back.  Enjoy, with all your heart, the visualization of this life.  Do not stay in a place of wanting, only Love creating it.

As you mull over your problems, you create a seed that grows into more of the same.  Plant a different seed and know that the problem is already solved.  Energetically, you are creating an alternate route by sowing the seed of happiness and ease in your life.

Forgiveness is one of the greatest gifts of Love.  Many of you learn to forgive others but do not remember to forgive yourself.  You have done nothing wrong.  In our eyes, you are perfect in your imperfections.  The emotions of fear and anger are toxic to your body.  It is impossible to create the joyful life that you crave from this place.  Forgiveness towards yourself is key.

There is an intricacy to the relationships that you have attracted into your life thus far.  The way people enter into your life is through the vibrational energy you hold for yourself.  When you interact with others, keep Love and compassion as the main vibration.  You will find in your practice of this that you are judging others more often than you realized.  Do not punish yourself when you come across this.  Just send the Love now and all is forgiven.

Honor Your Emotions


The Archangels remind us to honor our emotions…. Your emotions are healing you.   Emotional response to a situation will only help you open to more Love for yourself and others in your life.  You will learn to love each situation as a gift, an opportunity to embrace life and all its lessons.  The emotional response is an opportunity to release anger and unforgiveness from your heart and mind.

All it takes is the ability to share the emotion through Love, either to the other person involved or to your angels.  Soften the grip you have on it.  You identify yourself with this hurt or injury whether it was seemingly self inflicted or not.  All experience is governed by your energy and the amount of Love you have for You.  There is Always more Love.

Jesus reminds us of the power of forgiveness.  Being resentful, jealous, holding a grudge will only keep you prisoner.  You can escape form this emotional cage.  Your capacity for Love goes beyond what you have allowed for yourself.  Allow the violet flame to alchemize the hatred you have attached yourself to.  Imagine, see, feel the violet flame all around and through your physical body.  The emotions are buried in your cells.  The violet ray is the highest available on the planet.  The transformation of this dark places hidden in your body will set you free.  Imagine my hand on your heart, releasing all patterns of guilt, blame and jealousy.  Breathe deeply and let the release come.  The energy from Source fills the space left from the clearing.  Feel, see, imagine the wholeness of your heart.  The vibration of pure Love from Source removes all the residue of past hurt.  It is gone and you are free.  It is simple if you allow it to be.  All karma is absolved in this moment. You are a glorious representation of Love and Light.

Take time today to Love yourself.  You spend so much time caring for others.  Shine the Light on yourself.  Find time to sit in nature, write, meditate, and move your body.  You will find the joy of your physical existence by attending to your needs.  Do not rely on others.  You have all you need to provide the Love that will fill your heart, so you may continue to give to others without feeling empty or drained.  There is guilt as you give yourself Love.  You must release this to your angels as well.  You deserve at least the Love you give to others.  There is so much more Love.  Bathe in the Light and witness the burdens melt away.  Today is all that counts.  Today is the only moment that you have influence over.  Do it with LOVE.