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Mary asks that you choose

Know your heart, Young One.  I do not say that you are young in years but in your development.  It is a great time to be incarnated on the planet.  So much can be accomplished as you connect deeper into yourself.  You have come to experience the unique individual you are.  The adventure is you.

 The capacity for love that you have already expressed is no where near the boundaries of love that is available for you and your loved ones.  The family of human life has grown in vast numbers because of the expectation that you will all ascend.  You have come to join the effort.  There are those forces that, within the scope of their Free Will, have chosen to experience the separation from Source and attempt to manipulate huge populations with lies and deceit.  The only way to disassemble their dominion is to trust your heart.  Love creates it’s own safety net.  There is much faith in living in love.  You must be fearless.  Then the fear cannot touch you.  You will laugh at their attempts to control you through fear.  You will no longer be confused as you realize how often in the course of your day the brainwashing is being fed into your consciousness. 

Just as thoughts come to you in the course of the day and you have the choice to keep or discard any one of them, you also have the choice to keep feeding yourself the fear or live in Freedom and Love. 


Dedication to More Love

For this present lifetime and past, you have been gathering experiences to fill you with knowledge.  Many of these experiences have been painful because your connection with Source was deliberately kept from you.  Do not misinterpret this.  All is part of Divine Order, as chaotic as it may seem.  The opportunity to have this adventure on Earth, to live in Free Will has allowed many varied expressions of Source.  Know that, at your soul vibration you are always grateful for the incarnation here.  There are few places where the lessons are learned so quickly.  You are an adventurous being that has asked to be a part of this reality.

The courageous spirit that resides in your heart is still there.  The truth in your heart must be voiced.  To find that bravery, you search for ways that you can align with Source in your daily life.  You are all unique versions of Divine Inspiration!  Your way is your own.  There is not one other person who can bring the love and compassion as you can.  Each person is vitally important to the whole vibration of love in the planet.

Your dedication to this work will free you of all that holds you back, but most importantly it will free the world from fear.  There has been generations before you who were unable to connect as easily to the vibration of love that is here for you now.  There was a complete surrender to suffering.  Love will reverse all.  Have faith, Dear Ones, your work is not in vain.  

The Angelic Realm needs to extend its army into the physical aspect.  Are you ready to enlist!




When you ask for help from the angels, we are nonexclusive.  We work along side all other religions and beliefs.  We can only bring more Love to the prayer.  We are not asking that you forego your communication with Source, far from it.  We hope that with our help, you may be able to clear the way to a constant connection.

This constant connection is here to rely on when you are in the grip of fear.  Remember all the ways to clear the fear from your system.  Your body needs to let the denseness go.  Move your body anyway you feel best.  Yoga is an ancient wisdom to maintain the energy centers of the body.  It is best to do some form of it every 24 hours.

Detoxify your body by drinking lots of pure water.  Hydration keeps the balance of electrolytes  healthy so that you will have an easier time with bodily function.  The herb nettles, if taken as a tonic on a daily basis will maintain the fluid balance optimally.

Take salt baths to release fear and anger.  Feel the tension dissipate into the water.  The ions in the water will hold the negativity away from you like a magnet.  Love the opportunity you have given yourself to remove the negativity in such a conscious way  not allowing it to fester.  

Bring joy to every moment of awareness on your path.  It is only without judgment that you may release the emotional response to the situation.  Forgive others but mostly have the same compassion for yourself.

Cultivate Peace


Just as there is enough sustenace is the world to support the lives of the plants and animals, there is enough for each and every one of you.  You limit yourselves as to how much you can receive, Dear Ones.  Let it be easier.  Be done with the idea of suffering.  It has been ingrained into your very being, but it can be undone.  Your original programming is a life of Freedom and Love.  Give away all your worries for peace of mind because Source energy is really steering the ship!

Surrender to your Higher Self and its guidance.  Your angels have only the purest intent on your behalf as does Source.  You were not created to be abandoned and left to suffer and endure this life then die.  There is great joy and freedom if you let go of the control you think you need.

Ask for my help!  I can be in many places at once.  There is not request that is too small.  My Legion of Light wishes to establish peace one person at a time.  Make it the most important goal and the rest is taken care of.  Do not let the fear continue to rule your thoughts but allow it to inspire a better outcomes.  You might say, “The next time it will look like this_______.”  Create your preferred outcome.  Wrap it like a gift to yourself.  You must cultivate the faith for the energy to work.  Find peace in your heart everyday.  We Love You.



Dear Ones, you hold all the power, wisdom, courage, love, creativity of the universe intertwined into every cell of your physical body.  You have everything you need to re-create your life in a fashion that will bring you the most joy.  Your happily ever after is within your grasp.  The fantasy of a perfect life is being created in your daydream time.  Dream big.  Hold nothing back.  Enjoy, with all your heart, the visualization of this life.  Do not stay in a place of wanting, only Love creating it.

As you mull over your problems, you create a seed that grows into more of the same.  Plant a different seed and know that the problem is already solved.  Energetically, you are creating an alternate route by sowing the seed of happiness and ease in your life.

Forgiveness is one of the greatest gifts of Love.  Many of you learn to forgive others but do not remember to forgive yourself.  You have done nothing wrong.  In our eyes, you are perfect in your imperfections.  The emotions of fear and anger are toxic to your body.  It is impossible to create the joyful life that you crave from this place.  Forgiveness towards yourself is key.

There is an intricacy to the relationships that you have attracted into your life thus far.  The way people enter into your life is through the vibrational energy you hold for yourself.  When you interact with others, keep Love and compassion as the main vibration.  You will find in your practice of this that you are judging others more often than you realized.  Do not punish yourself when you come across this.  Just send the Love now and all is forgiven.

Be the Change



Know that the power is yours.  It is within each and every person to choose more Light and Love into their lives everyday.   The history of the planet has been Divine orchestrated to bring us exactly to this point in time.  Because time is an illusion, all travesties on the planet can be eradicated Right Now.

It is the responsibility of those of you who are awake to see and be aware without judgement.  Judgement towards another is actually judgement towards yourself.  Look at the ways you judge and criticize yourself.  You have the capacity to much more gentle.  Remove the pain created by the judgement.  It imprisons you.  You cannot be free to receive the Love from Source with this judgement.  It is one of the programs implanted into your energy system to create the illusion of being separate.  Being separate is also an illusion.  Separation from Source is supported by the idea that some of you deserve Love more than others.  This is never true.  

Your ego tries to maintain its hold over your mental processes by keeping you separate and reinforcing the judgment.  Along with judgment comes superiority over others.  No matter the choices you have made in your life, yo are ALL children of God and hold the same importance as everyone else.  Government and religious Intuitions have been colored by our Dark brothers and sisters, those of you who have chosen to live in fear migrate to these institutions.  You are Free to be exactly who you are.  As we have said, there has been an enormous amount of preparation to bring you into this form so might have the opportunity to bring your Light to the planet.


Your intention is everything.  Use your imagination to create a perfect experience on Earth.  Focus on the Good.  It will become your reality.  The fear and programing you have received can be removed with your intention.  Ask for guidance as to how to proceed.  If you need a method to retrain you, We will bring it to you.  Put it into your heart as a wish.  Hold it there with the most Love you can muster.  Believe you are this powerful and it will come to you, effortlessly.  We will bring you books, workshops and other events that will bring you more Light.  You must clear your systems first in order to move through this lifetime with the intention to clear the Dark Energy from taking a hold on you.

You may ask me, Archangel Michael for a Pillar of Light.  i have been given unlimited access to disperse the Pillars of Light on the planet to anyone who asks.  When you feel the fear rise, the judgement come, ask for the Pillar of Light to encircle you.  It is not possible to stay in the Light and perceive the Darkness even within your own thoughts.  Clearing your own thoughts is the beginning to clearing the Darkness that threatens your Freedom.

There is a way out of the control mechanisms that have keep you in fear and separation.  It begins today.  Ask for the Light to guide you through the Darkness of your thoughts and We can begin to loosen the grip of fear on the planet.  You have nothing to fear.  You have never been abandoned by Source, you just forgot who you really are.  Become who you really are today.

You are Safe, Protected by an Army of Angels and Elementals




Everyone wants to remember the protection and security they felt when they were a small child.  Even if the circumstances were not ideal (what is ideal anyway), we were too young to judge it and accepted it with an open heart.  With me, Archangel Michael and my Legion of Light, you can again surrender your fear.  I assure you you are safe and free to live in joy and peace.  The stressful thoughts you continue to generate with your words are not real.  If you take a moment to breathe and look around you, you would realize you are safe.  Make it a practice to notice that your needs are being met everyday and the thought will grow into the predominant one and more security will come to you.  Ask me to help if you are a victim of your own sabotage.  I will surround you with a Pillar of Light, as you request it, and you will remember you are safe.  You are Divine.  You have an army of angels ready to fight back the slavery of fear.


On the same mission of relieving fear, as that is my main mission, to increase your faith and trust you can request that I visit you during your dreamtime.  Ask that I replace fear with trust.  Ask to be filled with strength, courage, and confidence.  There is no way that the presence of Love can be in the heart of a fearful person.  One who worries incessantly has no room for Love.  Worry and fear only add to the decrease in vibrational energy available to have Divine interference.  I cannot change your dedication to living in fear.  I can only offer my hand.  Please take it, Dear Ones.  We will create peace on this beautiful planet one person at a time.


There is no difference in the chemical and elemental aspects of your physical body and that of the beings in nature.  As the life in the cities has been robbed of this connection, you must make an effort to search it out.  There is a gift of experiencing the beings of the elemental world.  They, like the angels, want to see each human return to their full power and peace in their hearts.  Become open to their healing presence as you enter into their world you will immediately breath deeper.  Your breath is key to a relaxed state of mind.  A constricted breathing pattern activates the transition from your aqueous womb before you were born and emerging, to bring air into your lungs for the first time.  Depending on the consciousness of those around you during that transition, you may have had endured trauma that your body remembers.  Breathe deep and full to relax your body and mind, reminding through the breath that you have what you need.  You are being taken care of.  Allow the help.