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Shift Happens

It is through gratitude, Dear Ones, that you move forward.  The progression towards ascension can be physically uncomfortable at times.  Embrace the shift.  Take a salt bath.  Do yoga or dance.  Celebrate the transformation that Mother has given you.  The ability to take the lessons learned on this physical plane of existence and absorb them into your Light Body is a huge gift.  You only receive as you are ready.

Take the new opportunities that surround you in this elevated vibration and ground them by walking in nature.  Ask your brothers and sisters, the Elemental Kingdom, to help you during this time.  They will “see” you as you truly are, a son or daughter of the Divine.  Allow yourself to be seen in your true state.  It is time to be still.  Quiet your mind and dive into the feelings, the emotions will teach you much.  Do not get trapped in your head.  Your thoughts are distractions to the truth in your heart.  Your intuition is linked to your emotions.

Mary and the Divine Feminine

I, Mary, implore you to find time today and today and today to become quiet.  There is a strong, quiet voice inside you.  Listening to this voice takes dedication to finding the time in your busy life to be still.  The water flows deep within you.  This voice is the Divine Feminine.   It is the creative force of the universe.  Once you connect your personal heart to the flow of the universal energy of the Divine Feminine you will find a never ending source of motivation for all your projects and passions.

This voice will give you resolution for the common everyday problems your are confronted with.  Whether or not to be active or to hold still and let the situation unfold, is also found here.  With complete faith in the messages you receive, as an innocent child, you will move through the obstacles with grace and be empowered while you do!  You are free to choose love over all else.   Love the challenge.   Smile at your adversary.  It will change the outcome.  When you stand in the power of the Divine Feminine you need not push, just be.

The Divine Feminine is the nurturer.  It is the fertile ground that holds all the potential for yourself and your family.  Plant your seed deep within her and nurture it with love.  You are protective over your children and those you care for.  Your supply for more of this love can be filled here.  You will never run dry.  Refill your cup daily.  Find the sweetness of  mother’s love within your own heart.  It is time to redefine mother energy on the planet.  She is powerful like a tidal wave or a herd of horses.  Mother’s love is rich.  The time is now.  Bring the energy of the Divine Feminine into all your tasks.  Your food will taste better and be more healthful.  The care of your daily life will become effortless with more love.