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Discover your destiny by identifying your passion. Your passion lies asleep under an inflamed emotional response.  When you are jealous of another person’s lifestyle, this tells you that you are attracted to it and you have denied this in your reality at this time. Start investigating the core of the passion.  Create focus for manifesting the reality.  Keep the joy in your heart, like an early birthday present, expect the universe to provide the steps towards making this real.

Do not restrict yourself to a particular way to get where you are going.  The way will be easily orchestrated, as you direct.  If you insist on obstacles than that is what you will experience.  The definition of yourself is about to expand.  Feel the vitality in your dream.  Let it make you weightless.  Use all your senses in creating the perfect transition through visualizing what you want.


Keep it simple.  Have no fear.


You can be reborn into a new state of perfection, everyday.  The challenges that come into your daily life are there to help you continually define yourself.  Find the deepest expression of who you are and stay there no matter the experience.  Time will unwrap its hold on you and decisions on your path will be clear and effortless.

Your passion lies dormant in the cloak of fear.  Peak under the covers.  There is nothing there that will be too much to handle.  Call on your Divine Team to guide you through.  We are here to support you in your perfection.  We surround you at all times.  Ask for reaffirmation that We are here we will bring you signs.

So much of your passion resides in your physical body.  Not only sexual passion but movement.  It is a unique experience to have a body and to express it.  Find the joy in caring for your body.  Create reverence as you feed and wash it.  Reverence when you unite with another through intimacy.  The bond you create here lasts for 7 years, even if you were intimate one time.  Energetically the bond remains.  Choose wisely.

Mary Speaks

I am Mary, just Mary.  I am the spirit that has lived the life of Mary from the time of Jesus.  I am asking that all the traditional stories of me be set aside to have the experience of my message for you today.  


The creation of a sacred heart space for yourself is a gift to you.  It a place for reflection when the lessons are many.  Retreat within to your heart to remove hurt so you may be at peace with the outside world.  This space can be cultivated by each and everyone of you.  My Children, I wish for you, always Love.  You must allow this.  I cannot push or will it into your life.  


I am the element of the Great Mother, who has suffered injury, as it is in Divine Order.  It has come to be that the vibration of feminine strength, love and beauty has returned, as have I.  I was never very far, but the vibration was shielded and not available to All.  This is not so anymore.


With the creation of a palace in your heart, you can withstand the lessons of your life with grace.  Your heart holds all the wisdom of the universe, not your mind.  Your mind is a tool to function in this physical body, nothing more.  The more time you dedicate to building your palace, the easier it will be to reach.  Your joy and laughter reside in your heart.  You have come to make changes in the world, how it works.  Your mission is important to All.  Be courageous and find my strength, filled with fluidity behind you.  Be courageous for the children and the babies that have come to your care, your own and others.


I will return through the voice of this one, as she too is a warrior with the strength of me behind her.  We are grateful to All the souls in a body who are dedicated to this work.

You are Divine

You are the totality of all that has ever been, will be and can be.  There is nothing occurring at this very moment that can hurt you.

I am here for you , Dear Ones.  You are precious.  That is why you have angelic help at your command.  We are an army of Love to alleviate any suffering.  You have had a hard time staying connected to Source.  It was meant to be that way.  We must remind you of Our Presence.  We are messengers of pure Love from Source.  There is no issue that is too much for Love to swallow whole.  Your mission is to allow the Love, then allow more.  Allow the Love to flow when you feel least inclined to do it.  Love is alchemy.

Bring Love to your relationships, no matter how estranged or even if there is distance.  Love travels through all space and time. Those are illusions built by your reality anyway.    Imagine all people or situations bathed in Love.  Love clears all negativity so the truth can be unleashed.  Truth is expression of self, for in essence you are Divine.

Archangel Raphael Speaks

As I channelled the messages from AA Michael, many others made it known to me that they would like an opportunity to do the same.  AA Raphael has been waiting….


AA Raphael reminds us to find the humor and irony in  life’s situations…

You take yourselves too seriously.  The human experience is a grand experiment.  Your bodies have been created without the clear connection to Source.  Free Will reigns supreme.  The Angelic Realm stands by and watches, supports and helps when called.  But for many of you, you have forgotten your Divine Origins and do not search for help beyond what you see.  Your brain selectively perceives only that which it is comfortable interpreting.  There is much more here if you allow and trust.

When you allow the Love of the Creator to enter into your reality, full health is regained. Divine Order is made manifest into your physical form.  You must let go of any attachment you might have on the situation you have created that perpetuates the relationship you have with yourself and others.  There is a comfortable manipulation at work because you have convinced yourself you need this dynamic to survive.  Forgive yourself immediately!  You may exchange, in this very moment, peace and health for your perceived dis-ease.



 Ask for my emerald green Light to enter into every cell.  I will infuse each particle with Divine Order.  I guarantee you,  there will be moments of doubt that it is true, but you must fight these thoughts.  I will help remind you of the presence of the Angelic Realm as you command, but command you must.  Remember your Divine Origins and demand order.

Your Heart

You are Divine.  We can see and feel your Light even if you do not.  You are the influence of Source on the planet and you can change the fate of the world by allowing the Love that is in you to come through.

When and if you make this decision to open your heart to let your Divine Love to shine, you will experience miracles.  Earth is a place filled with wonder.  You create the world in your own reflection.  Ask us to reveal this expression of your heart.  We are here just for this purpose.  Every time you feel less joy or effervescence ask us to help remind you of all you hold inside.

The life changes that you crave are within your grasp.  You need only to change your perspective.  Consider us your close companions.  We are within reach at all times.  No request to increase the Love you feel for yourself or others will be denied.  It is always your choice.  Choose wisely.


There is a haze of confusion when you begin to realize the support you have in the Angel Realm.  There seems to be so much to work out as you manifest the change that your heart is awakening to.  This is not for you to unravel. Your soul is like to a traveller in a boat which is your body.  The stronger the connection you maintain to the traveller inside your boat, the more the boat will steer itself.  The water your boat sits on is the energy of life itself. We are here protecting you, keeping the flow steady and even.  The course will change and the ease at which you move to the next thing will evidently prove to you that the course is the right one.

There are many in the physical plane who would present themselves as guides.  The only true guide for your path is your I Am Presence.  You must stand your ground, never giving your life over to another.  The choices that another person makes that worked for them is because they did due diligence from within.  They were disciplined in their internal quest.  Your path is your own and you are the only person who can access the energy to change its course.  Even messages from Ascended Masters are not to be followed blindly.  Free Will is the predominant rule on Mother Gaia.  Choose a greater connection with the Divine.  The facilitator that can help you towards this endeavor is true in their own heart because they do not profess to know all, only their own experience.  They have trust in the Divine and can facilitate your connection.

Heaven on Earth is already here.  Your vibration brings your experience.  There is no other way.  Trust that this work is the only work needed to find great peace and abundance.  Your family and loved ones will be protected during your period of inward reflectio

Hearing Clear Messages

Answers to your questions come in many forms.  The messages are repeated often throughout your life so may be able to act upon the guidance you are being given.  You must learn to quiet your mind to receive the messages more consciously but you will receive them even if you are unaware.  Intimate relationships are one of the most intense ways to receive messages.  The mirror that an intimate relationship holds up for you is intended for you to self-reflect. The saying that your children are your greatest teachers, is true.  You must be open to receive the lessons.  It is difficult to look into the mirror and see who you are with Love.  The more Love you can muster for yourself in all your expressions the more you can share this Love with others.  The Archangel Realm would like nothing more than to increase the Love quotient on the planet by assisting each and everyone of you.

There is an awakening that will happen when you allow the intimacy to reveal You to the essence of You.  Make a commitment to yourself that you will not turn away in judgment.  If you find that it is difficult for you to do this, ask Us to help.  We love you beyond any definition of earthly love.  This love is within you but you have forgotten how to tap into it.  We can help.  Before you disregard the opportunity as too hard or negate, it ask Us to step in to clarify.  We are here in service to humanity.  Find the Love that is yours from inside your own heart.  It will set you free to find a life filled with magic and wonder.



Realizing your dreams takes focus, but what do

Realizing your dreams takes focus, but what do you focus on?  The focus must make sense to your inner vision of who you really are.  This is not an egoic interpretation but one that is intertwined with your intuition.  The ego is guilty of blowing things out of proportion in your head either too good or destroying any possibility of success.   If the intention you are imagining does not really make you happy because it fulfills a deep joy then maybe you need to spend more quiet time finding out if you have chosen a goal that will really be happiest for you.  Just asking for more money is a request and it can be granted but it is short term. When you have an emotional response to witnessing someone else’s lifestyle, you are close to the truth.  Explore that option the next time you meditate or ask for clarity during your dreamtime.

Meditating is different for everybody, but one essential aspect is figuring out how to relax your body.  Your body is a finely tuned instrument for gathering energy and releasing it.  Many times the gathering happens, not by conscious choice, and you gather stressful thoughts.  These can get struck in the energy matrix of your body making it stiff and unresponsive.  Note your comfort and ease with your physical form.  The intimacy you create by spending time in movement of any sort will enhance your ability to reach the Divine.

It is difficult to be honest with yourself. You are the reason you are here.  You are the adventure you have come to experience.  You are worth the time and dedication. Your exploration of you IS ALL.  You are an extension of Divine Light and Love.


Just Love

You deserve a break.  You have worked so diligently towards clearing your mind of negativity and maintaining your peace.  Imagine an experience that will bring you even more peace.  This is not a vacation for entertainment but to give you more time in your daily experience to enjoy the peace you have cultivated.  It is a gift to yourself.  

Time enjoying nature is always an easy way you can expand the peace you feel in your heart.  The trees are here to elevate your self-love.  They will mirror you wherever you are and open you up to receive more.There is so much more to receive.  Imagine that you are never done opening to more Love.

This simple idea is your life purpose.  Each one on the planet is working towards the same goal, to feel more love for self and for others.  Once you tap into the ease of this you will be able to receive the care and abundance of the universe.  Just Love.  The Love will align you with your Divine Inspiration.  This will bring you closer to your joy which will bring more Love.