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Wonder Full

When the allowance of expansion occurs, it touches all aspects of self: emotional, physical, mental and spiritual.  The transition for the larger part of Being takes no time at all.  It is the rest of the existence that follows in a pace equal to the amount of resistance present. Harmony is created and maintained as attention is given to each aspect of Being.  It is required that not one aspect of your Being consume you more than another.  Balance actions in your daily life to facilitate clarity.

Peace of mind comes from honoring your feelings but not being overwhelmed by them.  Emotional aspect of change is a small portion of the transition.  Do not become consumed by it.  Sometimes the only escape from enduring emotional response is distraction.  Emotions are perpetuated by reoccurring thoughts, if you stop thinking these thoughts the emotion will have a chance to slip away and become attuned to the current situation rather than the one looping repeatedly in your head.

All the attention you have given yourself in these years has given you the greatest gift: yourself.  Your true self has bared witness without judgement, waiting for the vibration within your physical form to be maintained at a certain frequency long enough so that more and more of the truth of who you really are could emerge.  Revel in pure joy at the gift of life as the universe continues to give you a match to your vibration every time.  Every interaction is a result of the energy of your Beingness, so BE wonder-full.

Power of Love


When you love yourself as we do, Dear One, you will not allow relationships that are not aligned with your highest good into your life.  A strong sense of self-respect is misinterpreted as selfish.  It is time to let go of this idea.  Many institutionalized morals mandate selflessness to keep you disempowered.  When it is time to let go of a relationship that no longer serves you, you must move on.

It is truly the kindest action to take.  You need not be belligerent, just move on.  If there is a possibility of reconciliation that is decided by the individuals participating to embrace a higher and higher vibration.  This work and dedication is not just for yourselves that is why it is not selfish.  Mother Gaia wants to take all of her children with her when she ascends, so choose movement, choose growth and walk away from stagnation.

Do this once and  realize through your experience the inherent increase of power you demonstrated for yourself.  It is learned through action and faith in yourself.  Love yourself enough to be surrounded only by Love.

your universe

Each a every one of you is a completely contained universe with all the tools you need to create any experience in your life.  Every cell in your body is under your command.  You are strong and resilient beyond the boundaries you have in place.  Expand this belief in yourself.  Be a capable leader in your universe.  Put all your personal integrity into every thought so that the cells in your body do not get confused messages.  Tell yourself the truth in your heart, the truth in your daydreams because you are your thoughts.

You love and care for so many others.  Your love is bursting for more creative expression.  Give more opportunities for you to express your love for others and life.  Appreciate the beauty of Mother Gaia and her incredible abundance.  Ask that an opportunity be available to you today that will allow a deeper expression of your love.

Know that this present moment has been your creation through your diligent leadership in your universe.  Know that it is through the same leadership that you can alter it.  You are reading these words right now because you have been guided to awaken.  Continue to converse with your inner life so that it can reflect on the outside too!Image

Hearing Clear Messages

Answers to your questions come in many forms.  The messages are repeated often throughout your life so may be able to act upon the guidance you are being given.  You must learn to quiet your mind to receive the messages more consciously but you will receive them even if you are unaware.  Intimate relationships are one of the most intense ways to receive messages.  The mirror that an intimate relationship holds up for you is intended for you to self-reflect. The saying that your children are your greatest teachers, is true.  You must be open to receive the lessons.  It is difficult to look into the mirror and see who you are with Love.  The more Love you can muster for yourself in all your expressions the more you can share this Love with others.  The Archangel Realm would like nothing more than to increase the Love quotient on the planet by assisting each and everyone of you.

There is an awakening that will happen when you allow the intimacy to reveal You to the essence of You.  Make a commitment to yourself that you will not turn away in judgment.  If you find that it is difficult for you to do this, ask Us to help.  We love you beyond any definition of earthly love.  This love is within you but you have forgotten how to tap into it.  We can help.  Before you disregard the opportunity as too hard or negate, it ask Us to step in to clarify.  We are here in service to humanity.  Find the Love that is yours from inside your own heart.  It will set you free to find a life filled with magic and wonder.



Focus the Love

So, I asked Michael to share more on the ego and this is what he has to say…

As always, your intention is key to finding more clarity in any challenging situation.  NOt only is it wise to as for guidance from the etherial realm but also from other people around you.  The internet has broken down many barriers of communication, so We can facilitate helpful people, their guidance and words to move you forward on your path.

You never mistakenly meet someone either in person or on the internet by accident.  Everything is related to your energy and your intent.  Your energy is just another way that Source exists.   It is in charge, not your ability to mange things but the energy and intent you focus the love into it.

Do you intend to find more clarity about how to manage your ego?  Than set that intention and put it in a prayer…

Dear God and Archangel Michael (anyone else you’d like to include) I ask for your Divine intervention (describe situation).  I welcome your help, and I trust and follow your guidance with gratitude and grace. thank you and Amen.

Your faith in the magic that surrounds you will dictate how quickly you manifest an answer to your prayer.  The answer will come in surprising ways.  Stay like a child in anticipation of a gift.  We will never cease to amaze you.  The universe is endlessly clever.  You must not hold on to the outcome.  When a child wishes for ice cream, the child doesn’t prescribe who, what, when or how.  They just love the idea of ice cream.

Love Your Focus


Ego Management



Healthy life changes start with releasing fear based thoughts.  These thoughts limit your ability to transcend the illusion around you into the Nirvana you wish to experience.  The ego is a guardian that has originally been given the occupation of your mental function to help you care for your physical form, but that is all.  Without an ego, you would forget to brush your teeth, eat or clean yourself.  None of these things would seem important without your ego present.  Appreciate your ego for its presence but remind it of its job parameters.

The ego, as you can see in life all around you, becomes inflated with importance.  It makes the acquisition of success on this physical plane most important.  It has then created a false sense of security in the separation from Source.  The ego likes to be separate from Source because then it is the controller.  Unfortunately, without Source as your guide, you are driven to satisfy the ego’s version of success which includes acquiring as many accessories as possible!

Oh, Dear Ones, it is both sad and funny how you bury yourselves in the quest for the unquenchable desire of the ego’s insecurity.  it is time to become aware of the difference between the two thought patterns.

We ask you to do this work out of respect for you.  Many Beings are watching, guiding and helping in any way possible to bring Gaia and her inhabitants to the next dimension with as many of you as will come.

It is time to admit the truth to yourself.  How are you a victim of your own ego’s control mechanisms?  Be gentle and loving as you perceive the conscious change you are asking for.  You will be amazed at the number of times a day you may have to tell your ego to quiet down.  When your mind is in a spin about a particular situation, trying to manage every detail, creating stress throughout your system, you MUST practice, at that very moment, to give your ego a task to keep it busy so you may resonant with peace.  It is through your own self-respect that will generate the focus needed for this task.  Be truthful and take action.

Direct your ego to count to 100 in Mandarin.  Yes!  This brings a smile to your face.  The ego is that simply distracted and will leave you to do as it is told.  It is very task oriented, but it is the smaller tasks of daily maintenance that it is made for.  It is NOT the overseer of your life choices or your path.  Your connection to your Higher Self, I Am Presence is the place to find your inspiration.

Archangel Michael speaks

Admit the Truth and Act Accordingly:

Honesty with yourself and your feelings is the first step to becoming the Truth Warrior that you already are.   There is fear of your own greatness.  Dear One, your voice is necessary during this time on Earth.  You have spent many lifetimes being punished for sharing your heart with the world, know this is not necessary to carry any more.  Ask Me, Archangel Michael,  to come and alleviate any fear of persecution.  When addressed in a disrespectful manner, it is your duty to reveal this treatment as unacceptable for yourself and for the other person.  We learn most quickly in relationship to one and other.  Bless these interactions, as they can only bring you closer to your truth.  Each time you utter your truth you help the other person as well. When we all become conscious, the clarity and movement towards ascension will move faster. Mother Earth does not want to leave anyone behind.  Each person is precious to the Mother.



Innocence brings peace, love and acceptance for yourself and one and other.  Look in awe at the perfection of the world, even the darker aspects.  Free Will dictates that we may all act in anyway we choose.  There is always a choice.  Today find your innocence through your inner child and LOVE.  There is more power in love than you might imagine.  Judgement makes separation.  With separation we perceive a hierarchy of people who are better and deserve more blessings.  The vibration of love in your heart is the ruling factor in your experience here on Mother Gaia.  Hold with intention that your love expand today.  Be surprised at the capacity for you to uplift the darkness with your light.  Remove pity from your response and replace with compassion.  Send Light and Angels to change the vibration of discourse around you.  You are the change you wish to see.  Each person who is awake enough to want peace for themselves eventually awakens to a more worldly perspective.  Let that start today with your neighbor.


I, Archangel Michael, have a Legion of Light ready to assist each and everyone of you to find more Love in your life.  We remove the fear.  Where there is fear, love cannot reside.  Worry and anxiety lowers your vibration.  Ask for my Legion of Light to surround you and your loved ones.  Our blessing will be felt like a shield.  Know that all you needs are met as you allow faith to fill you heart.  You are not alone.  You are a child of God.  You are held in His hands and  cherished.  You must remember to feel worthy of our Love and assistance.  You are God/Goddess in physical form.  The abandonment you feel from Source is the illusion.  There is no separation.  With your intension, you may reinstate your connection to All That Is.  We are at your disposal.  There is no request too small.  Peace is created on person at a time.