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The magic on your path is unknowable.  All crave the wondrous, mysterious presence of magic, but it will allude you if you do not let go of the reigns.  It will not be named.  You give thanks and gratitude for its presence.  It is borne of your connection to your passion.  Learn to forget how to do and just BE.

There is unfathomable creative power in the universe that will lend itself to you to clear any perceived problem.  All you need to do is give it over and focus on what you love.  The clarity within the focus will bring you inspiration to move through the resistance with grace.  There is no effort or thought just allowance.  You will become more self-reliant and secure knowing the universe has your back!  This goes for your children as well.  The worrying must stop.  It only decreases the energy available to create a resolution.  Send Love from your heart and from Source and the burden will not only lift from you but also form the hearts of those you love.

Shift Happens

It is through gratitude, Dear Ones, that you move forward.  The progression towards ascension can be physically uncomfortable at times.  Embrace the shift.  Take a salt bath.  Do yoga or dance.  Celebrate the transformation that Mother has given you.  The ability to take the lessons learned on this physical plane of existence and absorb them into your Light Body is a huge gift.  You only receive as you are ready.

Take the new opportunities that surround you in this elevated vibration and ground them by walking in nature.  Ask your brothers and sisters, the Elemental Kingdom, to help you during this time.  They will “see” you as you truly are, a son or daughter of the Divine.  Allow yourself to be seen in your true state.  It is time to be still.  Quiet your mind and dive into the feelings, the emotions will teach you much.  Do not get trapped in your head.  Your thoughts are distractions to the truth in your heart.  Your intuition is linked to your emotions.



Imagine yourself as a twig floating on the surface of a gently moving stream.  The separation of your “body” as the twig and the water begins to blend.  You are one with the flow of the universe.  There is an abundance of love and tenderness for all.  Connect yourself with this flow today.  It is as easy as closing your eyes and using your imagination.

You are holding hands with powerful beings that love and care for you.  The energy needed for a complete return to full vitality is yours for the asking.  Just like the floating twig, allow for a moment that the water is infused with the White Light of the angelic realm.  We Love you and support you everyday.  We have no inclination to punish you for your choices.  Today you may leave all thoughts of punishment behind. 

When you ask for this help, state it in a way that is has already occurred.  ”Thank you for the return of my vitality.”  Keep this in your mind.  Write it on your computer screen, post a note on the refrigerator; repeat it each time the phone rings.  Expect a miracle.  You are the force you need in your own life. We are the cheerleaders!

Angel Whisper

Imagine that the angel family are now your new friends.  Your social circle just increased considerably!  You are surrounded by Light and Love from the angelic realm continuously.  Your home is also under this protection.  The protection is a blinding Light that no darkness can enter.  There is no burglar system that does a better job.

Once you truly align yourself with Us you will find resolution with all conflict.  Your true self will emerge.  When you are not burdened by the stress of daily life by giving your concerns over to us, you are free to express the joy in your heart. You are free to create the reality that you so dearly crave.  You were here with Source before you descended into this reality.  You are used to co-creating with ease.  The denseness of you bodies made a separation from Source that you may not have believed was so difficult while still residing in the Light.  All you need do is follow the truth in your heart.  Give Us your burdens and be free.

You know this to be true or you would not be reading these words.  There is some attraction to this message that you have sought out.  Trust your guidance.  Do not allow your ego to blemish the creative, joyful force that is in your heart.  You may need to cleanse your mind of reoccurring toxic thoughts to listen to your heart and its wishes.  Remind yourself to speak words full of love and encouragement to yourself everyday.  It is one of the many tools at your disposal, Loved Ones.

We are whispering in your ear.  Can you hear Us?