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Generate Passion


The force you generate from your passion is strengthened by your connection to spirit through your body.  If your body has given you signs of deterioration, it is imperative that you begin to listen to the messages your body is trying to give you.  an illness or dis-ease is your body screaming for attention because you have spent many years ignoring the messages.

You need not struggle anymore.  If it is guidance you wish to receive to maintain your weight, ask Me, Archangel Raphael to lead you to the best foods for you for your optimal health.  You are unique.  The foods you eat that are best for you are not the same as another.  Ask for assistance and listen to your heart. We are constantly giving you messages but you turn away, usually because you have over thought the suggestion.  Free Will is your right.  We cannot intervene beyond that.  Surrender for a day and witness for yourself the simplicity of caring for yourself.  If it is more money you need to maintain a healthier diet than we will provide that for you too.  Have faith, Dear One.  Do not let the guidance for what is best for be dictated by outside influence.  Always check with your internal monitor, your heart.

You will find more joy and vitality by accepting this help.  Your conscious mind is in your way.  Find the path inward and all will be revealed.  You are all important as an expression of Source. Your vitality will raise your vibration and clear your confusion.  Live in gratitude for what is and more will come.

Strength and Resilience

The balance of your body, mind and spirit will make shooting an arrow from your heart towards your intended goal easier to receive.  When all is in alignment, your message to the Angelic Realm is clear and we are able to deliver more quickly.  When you are without a doubt, securely and confidently moving towards your goal, your self-talk is positive and reassuring.  Keep your aim true and your goal in sight regardless of your starting point.  It may seem you need a miracle and you may!  Miracles happen everyday, many times a day.

By dedicating your time to your health and steadily improving the strength and resilience of your body, you will recover from years of neglect quickly.  You body craves balance.  It will help you reach your goal when your mind is trying to sabotage your efforts.  Your mind is programmed to limit your power by stopping any movement towards wholeness and reuniting with the Divine.  Once you have felt the truth of the power within this alignment, you will know the limiting aspect of your mind and be able to override the sabotage by asking for our assistance.

Take time to listen to your body for a message today.   



Obsession with any aspect of your health depletes the flow.  It is not possible for Divine Order to enter into your life when you are consumed by a certain ideology.  All the authority you need is within you.  Your connection to yourself is the answer to your quest.

You need not go far to find the right care for who you are.  Your body is talking to you all the time.  You have become accustomed to deciphering these messages with too much thought.  The changes you would like to make come from loving yourself.  You are worth  the investigation.  You are a Divine Being.  When you are unable to express the truth of who you really are because your body is ill, there is an aspect of your Divine Purpose that cannot be expressed until you are able to find your way to listening to your body.

Be aware of the foods you are consuming.  If you are unsure if you should eat something, take a deep breath and become quiet.  Stand and hold the item in your hands.  Ask your body to decide if this would be beneficial at this time.  You may feel your body sway forward for “yes” or lean back for “no.”  Your energetics are like a pendulum.  Try it today with everything you consume.  If you do not sway in any direction, it is your Free Will giving you the choice.

Try it today.  We are here to guide you too!  Ask that We intervene.  We can help the messages become clearer.  With practice you will come to realize what is best for you.  It is not what is best for anyone else.  You are a unique being.  We love you.


AA Raphael Speaks…


Your life is teaching you all the time.  Your body sends you messages.  It is a finely tuned instrument for your particular learning process.  When your body is crying out to you for attention, you must go within to discover why this has manifested.  By honoring the messages that come to you, you gain strength and resilience.

Begin by consciously breathing, you quiet the mind and become more receptive to receiving messages.  Imagine your breathing invigorates your heart, increasing the vibration of love and compassion.  Allow this feeling to fill your body.  Focus your attention to one body part at a time, so you do not get too many messages at once.  Ask your body what is it trying to tell you.  Allow time to receive.  The first impression is the one.  Do not second guess it.  Trust that you are your most intimate healer.

The time you dedicate to your body’s health is never a waste of time.  Your body is one of your greatest tools given to you to learn your lessons on this Earthly plane.  Ask that I, Archangel Raphael, inspire you to design an exercise program that fits your interests, needs and budget.  The more you have a daily practice of connecting to your physical form the less often you will incur illness to any debilitating degree because your communication will be so clear you will hear the messages before they have a chance to grow.

During times of stress, it is imperative that your breath remain full with long inhale and exhales.  Your breath will always reflect your level of discomfort immediately, or sometimes even before a situation occurs that attempts to knock you off center.  You always have a choice to remain balanced.  Your breath is one of the easiest ways to help control a stress response.  The beautiful simplicity of this technique is that you are always in control of your breath.  Breathe, long luxurious breaths today, throughout your day.