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You can be reborn into a new state of perfection, everyday.  The challenges that come into your daily life are there to help you continually define yourself.  Find the deepest expression of who you are and stay there no matter the experience.  Time will unwrap its hold on you and decisions on your path will be clear and effortless.

Your passion lies dormant in the cloak of fear.  Peak under the covers.  There is nothing there that will be too much to handle.  Call on your Divine Team to guide you through.  We are here to support you in your perfection.  We surround you at all times.  Ask for reaffirmation that We are here we will bring you signs.

So much of your passion resides in your physical body.  Not only sexual passion but movement.  It is a unique experience to have a body and to express it.  Find the joy in caring for your body.  Create reverence as you feed and wash it.  Reverence when you unite with another through intimacy.  The bond you create here lasts for 7 years, even if you were intimate one time.  Energetically the bond remains.  Choose wisely.

Take a moment

Take a moment to close your eyes, breathing deeply, We would like  you to perceive the limitless amount of Love supporting and nurturing you, right now…

Like the warm sunshine warming our skin, full of vitality and invigoration,  feel the penetration of the warmth deeper.

Your breath is your connection to remembering freedom in Love.  Most humans do not breath to capacity which causes a fear response throughout the body.  The birth experience is the first time this was experienced.  From the aqueous environment of the womb of your mothers through the birth canal, there is oxygen deprivation in your small body.  There is a moment of fear of not getting the connection from your mother because your cord is compressed and being cut off from survival all together.

There is much preparation in getting you to this physical plane.  The preparation matches your personal commitments and service contracts with the Divine and the connections to other humans born at the same time.  There are global, universal and personal itinerary that are put into the equation.  In the core of it all, is your Free Will.

Free Will is the reason for this particular existence on Mother Earth.  Is it possible for the Divine Light of Source to live in physical form with Free Will?  As history has shown there are occurrences of severe brutalities and tremendous beauty.  The choice is always yours.  All opportunities  are an option.  It is a plethora of choices without any judgement from Source about any of it, despite popular belief of punishment.  It is a collective energy that is held in unison….

Let us return to the sun metaphor, the sun being the Love of the universe surround and inspiring you.   It is not the same effect if you are sitting at a window and the sunlight is streaming in.  The window is a barrier.  It seems clear but all the vitality of the light from the sun cannot be felt through the glass.  Many of you have blocks in your energy systems and implants in your physical bodies that need to be removed to perceive the Eternal Love that surrounds you.  This is not to cause you any panic.  Humanity has been a victim of manipulation its history on planet Earth.

to be continued….archangel_michael_by_zischke-d4ilk5j