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Blossom to Fullness

As the Earth awakens this spring, find your way outdoors.  Feel the mirrored representation of nature in your own being.  Witness the energy from Father Sky  stimulate Our Mother to create life.  It is patient and methodical.  You are in sync with this vibration of renewed creation.  Your mindset is the center of this manifestation.  Your thoughts inspire emotions.  When the thoughts are in alignment with your higher self the creation is effortless.  All you need to do is continue to have faith in the manifestation of your dreams.  The universe is hard wired to give you what you believe.  You are THAT magical, Dear One.  You have forgotten your roots.  We are here to remind you of what you already know.  Nothing we ever declare is new.  It just sparks a deep memory of who you really are in the core of your being.

Facing your emotions without judgement takes courage.  You have the help you need to stay clear during these times of intense transformation.  You have a team of spiritual guides and mastered already assembled on your behalf.  They do not bring you anything from outside yourself, just constantly remind you of your true essence.  At this point,  you are gathering the information you need to make clear choices.  Remove any doubt and the way will be paved for you.

The way you are in the world perfectly reflects your relationship to yourself.  Honor your truth.  Allow yourself to shine in all that you do and  the next career choice will present itself to you.  There is no planning needed.  It will occur and blossom to fullness before you.  Take care of your body, love the activities you engage in and let the universal energies provide for you.  It is effortless.  Live in Joy.   Be Free.


Discover your destiny by identifying your passion. Your passion lies asleep under an inflamed emotional response.  When you are jealous of another person’s lifestyle, this tells you that you are attracted to it and you have denied this in your reality at this time. Start investigating the core of the passion.  Create focus for manifesting the reality.  Keep the joy in your heart, like an early birthday present, expect the universe to provide the steps towards making this real.

Do not restrict yourself to a particular way to get where you are going.  The way will be easily orchestrated, as you direct.  If you insist on obstacles than that is what you will experience.  The definition of yourself is about to expand.  Feel the vitality in your dream.  Let it make you weightless.  Use all your senses in creating the perfect transition through visualizing what you want.


Keep it simple.  Have no fear.

doubt kills intuition

Doubt kills intuition.  Intuition stems from  a strong body-mind connection.  It is a knowing that is crystal clear.  It is a form of feminine knowledge.  The human body contains both masculine and feminine aspects.  To remain in balance, the body-mind connection must be diligently maintained.  There are many of you who believe in one extreme or another.  This is an imbalance.  To ignore your physical body because you have spend many hours developing your spiritual connection or the opposite, developing your body and expect a healthy balance.  Any extreme will not bring you the peace that is eluding you.

Trust the instinctual response of your body with your relationships as well.  If your stomach becomes ill just before meeting someone, you must look closely into this.  It is not a mistake or accident.  Even if you ate something that is causing the ill feeling, there is a reason you ate it in the first place.  Take a moment to really understand these words.  We are here for you.  We can help you move through these awakenings to your personal truth.  Call on the Angelic Realm, especially when you are feel these instances arise.  We can clear the messages so you can move through them with grace.

Your Garden



Plant a Seed first, then allow the universal energy to infuse it with the love it needs to grow.  Your deepest wishes only need your faith and Love to manifest.  When you plant an actual seed, you do not remove it from its nurturing environment to get a progress update.  The act of planting is a faith filled activity.

Trust your Seed has its own vitality.  Your Seed has a will to grow all on its own.  The growth cannot not be managed by the mind or by tasks.  You may revisit your Seed to give it more Love, like the water you give a sprouting plant.  Any other manipulation may hinder its growth.

All is in the Love.



You are Loved That Much


You have at your disposal all the knowledge in the Universe.  There is an energetic band that will supply you with all that you need to move forward to the next inspiration.  As you move through this lifetime, your experiences help you gather information.  This information is processed by your conscious mind but more importantly you are preparing for the next beginning on an energetic level.  This is not a conscious undertaking.  To reach the deeper part of your knowing, you must be still.  

We have talked to you of your body and how important it is to help you process the experiences you have attracted.  It is the way towards your ascension.  You become more aware how the energy of your interactions affects your form.  Become aware of how it affects the creation process.

Move through with Faith that you are never alone.  Call on Us, the Angelic Realm, to stand by you.  We have only Love for you and compassion for your struggles.  Find your way to peaceful transitions, using your body to help you process transitions faster and with more grace.

Nurturing physical contact with others is crucial to your happiness and equilibrium.  We will be able to help you find this closeness if you allow us to guide you.  We will never demand or order.  You will know it is Divine when it fills you with joy.  In the first moments of the message you will be pleased.  Many of you tend to negate the possibility of such a gift within seconds of the original thought.  Allow the joy to linger and open to the possibility that you are Loved that much!

Be You


Your individual experience makes you the expert in your life.  Seeking approval from others, including institutions, reveals self doubt. You may decide the best way towards a certain goal is through training or education but do not loose the individual you are.  These institutions are designed to make cookie cutter people.  Understand the limitation inherent in the social design and use the experience to help you create a unique expression.

There is no other like you.  You are a unique version of Source in a physical reality.  To live in your power, you need not defend yourself and your actions to anyone.

Most importantly, Dear Ones, you must forgive yourself.  We have given you this knowledge before and will continue to share it.    There are those who need it repeated.  There is no such thing as getting lost in your life.  If you feel lost, ask for our guidance.  Expect to receive in the most powerful and best way.  Your imagination is holding you back.  Do not doubt anymore.  Miracles happen everyday.  

All the choices you make are giving you experiences that only you can have in the very unique essence of who you are.  Source has created this opportunity to experience this physical reality in all the forms that you are.  Be You.

Sacred Witness


You are timeless.  Observe you life as the sacred witness.  There is not another person on the planet that can answer the questions during your life path as well as you can.  Become your own expert.

If you feel you would like to have the input of another professional to assess you current situation, than you can ask Us to guide you.  Remember this gathering of information is just that.  You are the only one who knows what resonates with the truth in your heart.

Find time to quiet your mind to discover the musings of your sacred witness.  Spending time in nature will always bring you into a more receptive state.  The messages, at first, may need tuning.  If they are unclear, you can ask Us to intervene and repeat the messages as often as possible until you are clear as to the next move.

YOu create stress in your body when you are unclear as to how to proceed.  We can give you messages through books and other printed media.  If there has been many people in your life that have suggested a certain topic to look into then do so.  It can only increase your knowledge base so you become the expert.  Ask for a second and third opinion but always spend time to reflect on the suggestions from a quiet space.  Create a time of solitude where you can do this.  We are here for you always.  You are never alone.

choose faith

When you cultivate faith above all else, you give an opportunity for your truth to emerge, bright and shiny like a new penny.  Faith is equivalent to surrender.  It is not the surrender of self, mind you.  It is the surrender of the worries and anxiety.  When you perpetuate the anxiety by repeating the situation over and over in your mind,  you perpetuate and accentuate the stress in your body.  There is no way for you to be free to express your joy when you drown and saturate every cell in your body with panic.

Life is like a cyclone, you can choose to be the eye.  Be aware of the movement around you, but do not be a victim of its thrashing.  The opportunity to engage is always there, but you get to choose how and what.  When you live with faith in the Divine you are the eye of the storm.  

You may ask that I and my helpers assist you in finding your faith when the situation seems most dark.  We will effortlessly lift it away.  Ask often and for every moment that you are not at ease.  This is how faith is built.  You will become aware of our presence.  It takes practice.   You have spent your lifetime learning to be without support.  It is time to retrain your brain!

The children in your life have all asked to be here.  They have asked for their family relationships and situations.  It is of no use to them to have pity on them.  It is best to bring your love and your heart to every interaction.  As before, you must bring the situation to the Light.  Ask for our presence to create a pillow of protection around each child.  If it is within the Divine Will of the individual, than we can intervene.  If the lessons needed to be learned do not allow our intervention, our presence will be a step in the right direction, rather than bringing the vibration of the the life of the child lower by pitying them.  


You choose how to proceed with every moment.  Choose faith….





Obsession with any aspect of your health depletes the flow.  It is not possible for Divine Order to enter into your life when you are consumed by a certain ideology.  All the authority you need is within you.  Your connection to yourself is the answer to your quest.

You need not go far to find the right care for who you are.  Your body is talking to you all the time.  You have become accustomed to deciphering these messages with too much thought.  The changes you would like to make come from loving yourself.  You are worth  the investigation.  You are a Divine Being.  When you are unable to express the truth of who you really are because your body is ill, there is an aspect of your Divine Purpose that cannot be expressed until you are able to find your way to listening to your body.

Be aware of the foods you are consuming.  If you are unsure if you should eat something, take a deep breath and become quiet.  Stand and hold the item in your hands.  Ask your body to decide if this would be beneficial at this time.  You may feel your body sway forward for “yes” or lean back for “no.”  Your energetics are like a pendulum.  Try it today with everything you consume.  If you do not sway in any direction, it is your Free Will giving you the choice.

Try it today.  We are here to guide you too!  Ask that We intervene.  We can help the messages become clearer.  With practice you will come to realize what is best for you.  It is not what is best for anyone else.  You are a unique being.  We love you.

Archangel Raphael Speaks

As I channelled the messages from AA Michael, many others made it known to me that they would like an opportunity to do the same.  AA Raphael has been waiting….


AA Raphael reminds us to find the humor and irony in  life’s situations…

You take yourselves too seriously.  The human experience is a grand experiment.  Your bodies have been created without the clear connection to Source.  Free Will reigns supreme.  The Angelic Realm stands by and watches, supports and helps when called.  But for many of you, you have forgotten your Divine Origins and do not search for help beyond what you see.  Your brain selectively perceives only that which it is comfortable interpreting.  There is much more here if you allow and trust.

When you allow the Love of the Creator to enter into your reality, full health is regained. Divine Order is made manifest into your physical form.  You must let go of any attachment you might have on the situation you have created that perpetuates the relationship you have with yourself and others.  There is a comfortable manipulation at work because you have convinced yourself you need this dynamic to survive.  Forgive yourself immediately!  You may exchange, in this very moment, peace and health for your perceived dis-ease.



 Ask for my emerald green Light to enter into every cell.  I will infuse each particle with Divine Order.  I guarantee you,  there will be moments of doubt that it is true, but you must fight these thoughts.  I will help remind you of the presence of the Angelic Realm as you command, but command you must.  Remember your Divine Origins and demand order.