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Humans tend to create separation between themselves by identifying with groups.  These identities have been put into the way you live so you have a harder time uniting again with Source.  Acknowledge the way you give up your individual identity to be a part of the group.  Each moment that you have given over your power to another, whether it is a huge organization or cultural group or to a person, you have less chance of finding your personal truth.

Without your personal truth, the Divine spark that is unique to you will not have opportunity for its full expression.  This takes courage and trust.  You must cultivate the belief that your voice is as important as all others.

Addictions also take away our power.  Addictions can be to substances, yes, but also to sex, gaming, shopping. Whenever you cannot overcome the desire for an activity, it has power over you.  There are many programs available to help with identifying addictions and working out a way to live in control of them.  Ask for me, Archangel Raphael, and my team of angels to help find the right program for you so you can find your power again.

We are in service with all the Love of the Universe to lift you up and dust you off when you trip.  We believe in you!

Proceed Gently

There is a way for you to proceed with positive changes in your life wisely but gently.  There is a strength in watching and listening to your messages form your body first.  Make changes one at a time.  So that you may savor the body’s response.  It will become more of a lifestyle change when you can afford yourself the awareness during the adjustment.


By honoring that all the food you are exchanging for vitality in your body.  Some foods are easier to work with for different people.  You must be your own expert.  If you are aware that there are some substances that are not received well in your body and you cannot seem to control your intake, you may ask that I, Archangel Raphael, help guide you in your choices everyday.

Let’s say you may start with a caffeine awareness.  Notice if you have some in your diet. When, what time of day do you indulge?  Just take note of your habits.  That is all it is, habitual training.  You can habitually train yourself to do anything.  If reducing your intake of caffeine is relevant to you, than ask for the desire for the caffeine to be lifted from you and we will remove the craving.  You may also ask that there be no evident detox from the caffeine so that it is pain-free and your energy remains even throughout the day.  Ask before you go to sleep, so that tomorrow you will start anew, not only easily reducing your caffeine intake but releasing the help that we are to you in every way.  Make an intention and command our help.  You may replace any substance into this request: sugar, nicotine, illicit drugs and so on.

You are made of the same composition as Mother Earth.  She needs the Sunlight to create life.  It is the same for you.  The sunlight gives a full spectrum of vibrational energy to your systems.  If you were a different life form than you could survive underground, not needing the sun’s rays, but you are not. 

It is always with gentle inquisition We ask that you inquire within as to the most appropriate path to take.  We are not demanding any particular diet.  We never would.  It is your Free Will we honor most.  What are the changes that have been whispered in your ear by your body that you have not had the courage to face?