Millie Knox


Millie Knox was born into a military family and she was exposed to many different cultures growing up. The summers that she spent with her grandmother, Nana she called her, on a farm in rural Tennessee were the main source of permanence in her life. Here Millie learned from Nana and her friends the basics of the Craft and the ways of the Old Religion, and was initiated at the tender age of eight into these ancient mysteries. Many of her Nana’s gifts were handed down to her over these summers, not the least of which was the ability to heal those who came to her in need. Throughout her life Millie has been an avid student of the ancient philosophers and their teachings are woven into the fabric of her life and into her teachings as well. She also spends her time teaching workshops on healing, the Kaballa, and Tantra. Millie is known to the Pagan community on the east coast of the United States through teaching at the many festivals in which she has participated. When she can pull herself away from her students, Millie enjoys visiting ancient holy sites and rekindling the relationships with Gods and Goddesses long forgotten; Millie stays busy with teaching, counseling, and guiding those who come to her.



Esme Seraifiel interviews light workers around the globe to inspire listeners on their path. Workshops and individual sessions are on going in Brooklyn and around the New York City area.

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