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Faun Fenderson grew up in Nebraska (with 5 sisters). She’s lived in New
Orleans for more than 30 years where she practices law, concentrating on
what Louisiana  calls successions (probate or estates elsewhere), and
related areas – which she finds requires a lot of intuitive counseling
skills.  She’s also an animal communicator/teacher, an FES-certified
flower essence practitioner, and a New Paradigm MDT energy therapy
practitioner and workshop facilitator (she’s certified to teach Basic
Master, Master Teacher, and 13D classes).  She reads the Akashic Records
and is a Master Gardener.  Faun has been a pastry chef, a wardrobe stylist
for film and TV, a clothing designer and others.  She says her “focus in
life” is heart-centered experience and inspiring others to do the same.




www.faunfenderson.com (law)



Esme Seraifiel interviews light workers around the globe to inspire listeners on their path. Workshops and individual sessions are on going in Brooklyn and around the New York City area.



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