Anna Brooke


Anna Brooke is a dancer, teacher, producer and healing arts practitioner. She blends her love of spirit and life through her work as a Wu Tao Dance instructor, burlesque performer and rebirthing breath worker. She is currently the only Wu Tao Dance teacher in America and was voted most likely to become a life coach by her burlesque peers. She believes strongly in the innocence and inherent blessing of the body no matter its age, size, gender or color and looks forward to the day when everyone fully accepts themselves deeply so as to fully accept those around them.

Wu Tao NYC – The Dancing Way in the Heart of the Big Apple

Tel. 828-54-WUTAO
Esme Seraifiel interviews light workers around the globe to inspire listeners on their path. Workshops and individual sessions are on going in Brooklyn and around the New York City area.

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