Nell Tomassen Reboh


Ascension/Transformation Coach

New Paradigm MDT Ambassador of Love

Born in the Netherlands, Europe, growing up as the middle child in a conventional family, Nell learned lessons of unconditional love in unconventional ways. Feeling separated from family, friends and all that was familiar when she moved to Curaçao, Netherlands Antilles in 1988, she came into her own by rediscovering her intuitive gifts and things that made her tick. Among those things: enjoying nutritious and delicious foods, nature, animals, people of all ages and from many walks of life, music and dance, travel, hands-on healing, pushing her limits, and spiritual development. The name of the island Curaçao means *heart*, and as soon as she set foot on the island she embarked on a lifelong journey of learning to listen to and follow the heart. It became clear to her that she enjoys creating heaven on earth, and helping others do the same.

Follow the heart she did when she met her soulmate in 1991, left her beloved island, and moved to the NY metro area to join him in a place tucked away and surrounded by nature. It turned out an ideal setting for Nell to further develop her skills in communing with Nature, spirit guides, and discovering the nature of being on multiple levels. She spent years practicing Shamanic journeying without any external teachings. In a partnership with Uriel, Nell discovered intuitively how to create gem elixirs, and founded E-l’xr (Eternal Love eXemplified Resonance) in 2008.

Nell and her husband today live Upstate NY in the Upper Catskill Mountains, with their three sons and two cats.

Nell is a certified workshop facilitator for the School of Esoteric Sciences. Courses she offers are Basic Master of New Paradigm Multi-Dimensional Transformation, and New Paradigm MDT Master Teacher.



Esme Seraifiel interviews light workers around the globe to inspire listeners on their path. Workshops and individual sessions are on going in Brooklyn and around the New York City area.


Liz Rojas




Liz has been searching for meaning and freedom in her life since living in Mexico City, surviving through two divorces, illness, religious persecution she perseveres. One of her most prized possessions is a Stargate which is open for visits in her audio West 51 Street, Chicago.

Liz Rojas, located in Chicago, teaches classes in New Paradigm MDT, Reiki, crystals. Her site lists her classes. She is available to travel to your city, follow her on Facebook and stay in touch.





Esme Seraifiel interviews light workers around the globe to inspire listeners on their path. Workshops and individual sessions are on going in Brooklyn and around the New York City area.

Anna Brooke


Anna Brooke is a dancer, teacher, producer and healing arts practitioner. She blends her love of spirit and life through her work as a Wu Tao Dance instructor, burlesque performer and rebirthing breath worker. She is currently the only Wu Tao Dance teacher in America and was voted most likely to become a life coach by her burlesque peers. She believes strongly in the innocence and inherent blessing of the body no matter its age, size, gender or color and looks forward to the day when everyone fully accepts themselves deeply so as to fully accept those around them.

Wu Tao NYC – The Dancing Way in the Heart of the Big Apple

Tel. 828-54-WUTAO
Esme Seraifiel interviews light workers around the globe to inspire listeners on their path. Workshops and individual sessions are on going in Brooklyn and around the New York City area.

Lisa Ahkeahbo

Profile Pic_NPMDT

Born in Indonesia, Lisa became accustom to the Eastern medicine since her early age. She obtained her Business Marketing degree from Swinburne University in Melbourne, Australia and became quite a globetrotter since her early 20s.
She was first introduced to the  wonderful world of energy healing in 2004 when she lived in San Francisco Bay Area and decided to take the first step of her path as a lightworker by taking an energy healing class in 2008.  Since then, she has become certified as a Reiki Master Teacher, New Paradigm MDT Teacher, Access Consciousness Facilitator, Akashic Record Practitioner, and Crystal Healing Therapist.  Lisa has also trained in Sound Healing with tuning forks, crystal bowls and Tibetan bowls. 
She leads monthly meditation classes at Equilibrium Energy+Education in Chicago, IL.  Schedule of classes can be access through Equilibrium’s website at or this link.
As both a therapist and teacher Lisa is passionate in sharing her knowledge with her students and giving them the support they need along the way.  


Esme Seraifiel interviews light workers around the globe to inspire listeners on their path. Workshops and individual sessions are on going in Brooklyn and around the New York City area.

Joe Weaver: The Cosmic Cowboy

joe_pic_woods_250In his early 30′s Joe began researching how the vibration of food effects the health of the physical body. He was a raw food vegetarian for a period of time which assisted him in detoxing his body and losing unhealthy weight. Joe then focused his studies on the power of the mind and the effect that our thoughts have on our overall health. He researched and attended seminars focused on energy therapy, self empowerment and healthy living. It was also during this time that he started practicing yoga. In 2008 Joe attended a 4-day New Paradigm MDT seminar course that assisted greatly with his own personal transformation, awakening and remembrance. Joe further trained in France and became a teacher of the New Paradigm MDT seminar courses. Currently he facilitates these courses for people around the world.

Joe is a Meditation and Personal Transformation Coach. He offers a wealth of free information on healthy living, meditation, personal transformation, ascension and the metamorphosis we are currently experiencing on Earth through his YouTube channel and web site, Joe is devoted to his work of offering tools and resources that assist with humanity’s transition into the New Paradigm of Earth. As founder of the Energy Therapy Alliance project, he hopes to bridge the healing modalities of the world under one name in order to provide stronger public awareness of alternative therapies. In addition to his classes and seminar courses, Joe also offers private sessions.



Esme Seraifiel interviews light workers around the globe to inspire listeners on their path. Workshops and individual sessions are on going in Brooklyn and around the New York City area.

Terri Peterson


Terri Peterson, SBF, TBF, RPh, has been a healthcare professional for over 35 years and has worked in the holistic realm for the last fifteen with a focus in breathwork and energy medicine. Terri has studied with many masterful teachers and holds certifications in Transformational Breath® (Dr. Judith Kravitz); Soul Breathing™ (Robert Winn); she is an associate certified Pranic Healer® (Master Stephen Co and Grand Master Choa Kok Sui) and a Reiki Master Practitioner. In 2009, Terri officially started her private holistic practice, The Connecting Spirit Corp. (CSC) ( to assist others through the power of their breath and to help change people’s lives. Terri lives in Minnesota and travels extensively offering workshops and seminars throughout the United States and abroad.

Terri has found breath to be an important tool for health and well-being and one of the most powerful catalysts for transformation on the planet. Soul Breathing is at the cutting edge of breathwork. Breath is Spirit in and through the body. Through breath, Terri empowers people to trust their in their unique abilities as a co-creator and to take their next step. Terri meets people where they are at and is able to work on many levels. She works with individual clients, small groups and has been invited to speak at large conferences and events where she has facilitated the breath of many. Breath is the ultimate healer/teacher and allows each person to experience and embody their individualized expression of the divine.

Terri is a life-long learner and brings a wide range of knowledge and wisdom into her teachings. She has studied Light Body, New Paradigm Multi Dimensional Healing, Arhatic Yoga, Mastering Alchemy and Human Design. She is currently studying kundalini and ancient breath practices with Bill Torvund as part of a 4 year program. Terri still works as a Registered Pharmacist and enjoys helping people take charge of their health to find a more holistic approach. Terri is a mother of 4 grown children and has 3 grand-children. In her spare time she enjoys gardening, traveling to sacred sites and exploring the mystical.



Esme Seraifiel interviews light workers around the globe to inspire listeners on their path. Workshops and individual sessions are on going in Brooklyn and around the New York City area.

Strong Boundaries

All aspects of femininity, within both male and female, young and old, and across generations begin to understand love through boundaries.  It is not the surrender of self that is the true expression of love for another.  Never through this sacrifice is it possible to  develop and support each individual in their highest form.  Trust that as each person awakens to self-love, only then can they love another.  Generations have given over there power to an ideal.  The ideal is not real.  It has been presented to you to distract you from focusing on the only matter, yourself.

To break free of these false bonds, you start with Love. Through expressing your love for yourself and others you will transform your relationships. Choosing to attend to dreams and aspirations, fills you and makes it possible for you to support others to fulfill their dreams. Be creative and find your laughter. You can do this so gracefully.  There are those who will grow with you handsome who won’t, most importantly, you find your happiness.

Strong boundaries are necessary for a happy life.  Do not over extend yourself.  You must care for you. Take time for yourself like you have not allowed in the past. Without guilt, as you deserve you own love first and foremost.


The joy in heart is released by your inner child.  That term has been over used and the impact is diluted, but the message is clear. All that is a burden in your life can be healed by your willingness to bring the freedom of your inner child to the forefront.  The attitude of a child, the self-centeredness and clarity, brings a brevity to the seemingly serious concerns of your adult life.

The mind trap is relieved completely once aligned with this care-free, fun loving aspect.  It really is about resonating with your true feelings and honoring them. Play with situations, put your creativity to work and change your perspective to shed Light on the situation in your life that is most perplexing. In the joy of discovering this fresh outlook, you might wonder where this solution was this whole time during your deliberation. When you allow the grip to loosen, there is an opportunity for your Divinity to speak through you.  You know all you need.  It is in the space that you create when you let go that the solutions reside.  Your play time is key to a happy life.  You are, officially being given the permission to play more, right now.

Great things are here for you! Discover them with the insatiable curiosity of a child and more will unfold. Be great! You have a huge support team assembled on the other side cheering you on.  GO! BE! DO!

Peggy Woodcock

PeggyWoodcockPeggy Woodcock, RN began her spiritual seeking journey after the amazing transition of her husband in 1992. She saw in his death a profound truth that there was so much more then we see and acknowledge in the 3D world, and that the scientific/ medical approach was only one modality of healing.  After 35 years as an RN in traditional medicine she opened an Energy Healing Practice with her daughter in 2001. They combined Reiki hands -on-healing with Hypnotherapy sessions and techniques (a first in the field). They held a meditation group, a healing circle, and drumming group. Together they taught many classes in Reiki, Intuition, Angel healing, Crystal classes and Shamanic studies and practices, and in 2006 Peggy added New paradigm MDT (previously Shamballa).

Peggy has closed her office space but continues to teach NPMDT, Hypnotherapy Certification Courses, HypnoBirthing to expectant parents and HypnoBirthing Certification classes to practitioners.  Peggy’s daughter Lisa crossed over in 2008, and continues to be a partner and helper from the other side.

Peggy credits all of this wonderful spiritual work and her connection to Angels and the Earth for her acceptance and continued connection to her crossed over loved ones. With the outlook that “life is for  the experience – for soul growth – the body is the vehicle for the experience and ends with death; BUT the soul connections continue forever.

Peggy often partners with Stephanie Hewitt teaching classes and running Meditation and Healing Circle groups in Kennebunk, Maine. see:


Esme Seraifiel interviews light workers around the globe to inspire listeners on their path. Workshops and individual sessions are on going in Brooklyn and around the New York City area.

There is always more…

Following your dreams will reveal your true self and the mission you intended before your current incarnation. When you get caught up in the maintenance of daily care that is necessary in this 3D reality, you can reconnect to your Divinity by napping or meditating. Resting your mind from the “to-do” list will give the opportunity for visions and messages on how to proceed will be given.  Make the intention before the rest time to your Higher Self to receive.

“I am ready to receive a full download of the Cosmic Love.”  Repeat as needed until the fullness permeates through your physical form and allow, allow, allow.

In the abundant Love that is already here for you, that you consciously call to you, you will find a freedom and fullness that has within it the resources to get you through any transition.  This form of surrender is faith-filled and fearless.  Embrace it as you need.  There is always more…