Dream time

In your dreams, daydreaming included, there is great promise of a world completely changed by the open heart you bring to the planet. Feel safe in wishing for this change, dare to be grand in the fantasy. Bring your problems and your fears to be resolved in the fantasy world and re-create your world from the space of your heart. Sore beyond the current manifestation and move through the challenges gracefully knowing the universe supports the evolution of your life because it changes the possibilities for all.


You are that important. You all have the power within you to change your focus. Dwelling on what is apparent only keeps that the only option available to you. It is within you because magic is in your heart. You work so hard to dampened your heart but negating the hope that lives there. Spend more time on your dreams and the dreams become reality.


We have been seeking outside ourselves for completion. The energies are available now to go beyond this limitation and create a union with your Higher Self that supersedes the singular attachment to one other person. Your connection with your Higher Self brings you the capacity to love more completely the experiences and all the interactions you encounter with such passion that you are fulfilled regardless of expectations.  The expectations fall away and disintegrate in this Love.

All humanity awaits this time to expand into the love but do not be fooled into thinking this has anything to do with your union with another. Unions have a purpose, a purpose to bring you a mirror to show you more love.  This love is a reflection of you. You take it with you always. There will never be a vacant or lonely place in this expansion.

You are everything you ever will need to feel whole and complete.

Self Love

In those dark places where you are soft and permeable you may abhor yourself. Let the judgement be released into love. Love the place where you are not strong and capable so that you may create a version of yourself that has the tolerance for this part of your human nature. The pit that envelopes you in distain and depression has a purpose. It gives you an opportunity like no other to ask for more love.

We have been taught that being anything less than capable and independent is unacceptable. Know that at this juncture, your willingness to be vulnerable gives you the capacity to hold more love. Incrementally and very painfully the way out is revealed. The energy of Mother grants you permission to be soft during this time so that the love can enter but if you resist the vulnerability you block the love that can heal your wounds.

It is part of the human experience to crumble so that you may rebuild, never to return to the former version of yourself. You will become more whole and complete as you climb out because the only way is through self love.

True Romance

True romance begins with your relationship to yourself. You have heard this before but it just does not sound like fun. It depends on where you are, in your relationship to yourself. Learn to love being alone. This is not lonely. Cultivate your own interests and joy in the things you do. Your joie de vivre will catch like wildfire and it will not ever matter who is there to share it with. Mother Gaia feels the love in your life and she appreciates the lightness in your step.

Your relationship with your physical body must be elevated to enhance the vibration of joy you are able to exude. That is why love making is so much fun. All physical activity brings the hormones into balance so that the perspective changes from chores to tasks; accidents to events; from tragedy to lessons. Change your perspective today and DANCE!


Your connection to Mother Gaia is reflected in every aspect of your being. Every part of your body, form and function, mirrors her. It is from her that you gain this form. It is in gratitude for the opportunity to create life in the physical that we offer our lives in service. We co-create a new Earth, full of love and acceptance for the flow of life and all it’s challenges.

Appreciation brings your vibration higher still. As you raise the standards for yourself, as you care for your body, you learn to create a flow and leave victimhood behind you. The Mother that created you in perfection also created this world. Start believing in the perfection of your form and from inside, the perfection will be reflected in the world around you. It begins with your relationship with you.


Magical Heart

There is a fantastic force of love within your own breast that changes the world. You were born with magic and miracles within your very being and you expect magic and miracles all around you. The key to unlock the magic is your actual heart. Within your heart lays a million dreams and aspirations. Sprinkle the Light and Love of the universe into your heart everyday like the showers of springtime and allow the visions to grow.

Seeds lay dormant in the earth, waiting for the showers and the light of the sun to begin their growth. IF given the opportunity, they begin their growth but the flow of nurturing must be consistent. Your connection to the Love available to you is an allowance that comes from discipline.

You may begin with your dreamtime. This an easy place to start because their is less resistance. Practice growing in your dreams. Make the declaration before you sleep to your angels and spirit guides to remind you of your own magic. You will begin to remember the magic that is within your heart!

Faun Fenderson












Faun Fenderson grew up in Nebraska (with 5 sisters). She’s lived in New
Orleans for more than 30 years where she practices law, concentrating on
what Louisiana  calls successions (probate or estates elsewhere), and
related areas – which she finds requires a lot of intuitive counseling
skills.  She’s also an animal communicator/teacher, an FES-certified
flower essence practitioner, and a New Paradigm MDT energy therapy
practitioner and workshop facilitator (she’s certified to teach Basic
Master, Master Teacher, and 13D classes).  She reads the Akashic Records
and is a Master Gardener.  Faun has been a pastry chef, a wardrobe stylist
for film and TV, a clothing designer and others.  She says her “focus in
life” is heart-centered experience and inspiring others to do the same.




www.faunfenderson.com (law)



Esme Seraifiel interviews light workers around the globe to inspire listeners on their path. Workshops and individual sessions are on going in Brooklyn and around the New York City area.



Millie Knox


Millie Knox was born into a military family and she was exposed to many different cultures growing up. The summers that she spent with her grandmother, Nana she called her, on a farm in rural Tennessee were the main source of permanence in her life. Here Millie learned from Nana and her friends the basics of the Craft and the ways of the Old Religion, and was initiated at the tender age of eight into these ancient mysteries. Many of her Nana’s gifts were handed down to her over these summers, not the least of which was the ability to heal those who came to her in need. Throughout her life Millie has been an avid student of the ancient philosophers and their teachings are woven into the fabric of her life and into her teachings as well. She also spends her time teaching workshops on healing, the Kaballa, and Tantra. Millie is known to the Pagan community on the east coast of the United States through teaching at the many festivals in which she has participated. When she can pull herself away from her students, Millie enjoys visiting ancient holy sites and rekindling the relationships with Gods and Goddesses long forgotten; Millie stays busy with teaching, counseling, and guiding those who come to her.



Esme Seraifiel interviews light workers around the globe to inspire listeners on their path. Workshops and individual sessions are on going in Brooklyn and around the New York City area.

Inspiration for the Year 2015



Listen to the guidance from the Angelic Family. Each card represents the focus for the month during the year 2015. Come back often to review and renew your dedication to yourself.

This reading was done by Esme Seraifiel.  A card reader since her early teens and taught by her mother, she has a strong intuitive connection. Her messages are always full of love and encouragement for you to grow into the best version of who you are right now.

Nell Part 2

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