Dear Ones, you hold all the power, wisdom, courage, love, creativity of the universe intertwined into every cell of your physical body.  You have everything you need to re-create your life in a fashion that will bring you the most joy.  Your happily ever after is within your grasp.  The fantasy of a perfect life is being created in your daydream time.  Dream big.  Hold nothing back.  Enjoy, with all your heart, the visualization of this life.  Do not stay in a place of wanting, only Love creating it.

As you mull over your problems, you create a seed that grows into more of the same.  Plant a different seed and know that the problem is already solved.  Energetically, you are creating an alternate route by sowing the seed of happiness and ease in your life.

Forgiveness is one of the greatest gifts of Love.  Many of you learn to forgive others but do not remember to forgive yourself.  You have done nothing wrong.  In our eyes, you are perfect in your imperfections.  The emotions of fear and anger are toxic to your body.  It is impossible to create the joyful life that you crave from this place.  Forgiveness towards yourself is key.

There is an intricacy to the relationships that you have attracted into your life thus far.  The way people enter into your life is through the vibrational energy you hold for yourself.  When you interact with others, keep Love and compassion as the main vibration.  You will find in your practice of this that you are judging others more often than you realized.  Do not punish yourself when you come across this.  Just send the Love now and all is forgiven.

The Angels Hear You

We hear you, Dear Ones.  You are asking Us to step in and offer our guidance.  You must allow the messages to become clearer transmissions.  You ask and then your ego sabotages your clear intent.  The ego tries to give you all the reasons why your goal is not attainable.  It is only limiting you.  We cannot stress this too much.  You have opened communication for the benefit of yourselves and all those lives you touch.  Your work on this is not just for you.  Your ability to shoot the arrow of your intention with unfailing faith is a gift to all who witness it.  Your inner guidance will not fail you.  Your ego will do everything in its power to keep you from realizing your connection to Source, because while you remain in fear and disempowered the ego is in charge.  Make a choice.  Who are you going to listen to your Higher Self, I AM Presence or the ego?  This choice is offered to you many times a day.  Begin by acknowledging these opportunities.

Your ego will use what is dearest to you as leverage.  Maybe you make decisions in your life because you are afraid your family will not approve, or they might suffer in some way.  Know that when you have opened your heart to realizing your personal truth, it is difficult to turn back to a time to when you did not know.   It will be a place of suffering when you turn away from your own truth.  We are always there to guard and protect your loved ones.  Ask for our intervention so the transition to a new life that is full of miracles, will endure.

You must learn to step out of the way when you hand the situation over to us for the Divine miracles to shine.  Wait with open arms with the innocence of a child that does not yet know the meaning of the word, “no.”


Your Work is Important

There are those around you who need you to find your innate powers as a healer.  It is a talent that you can become more aware of by asking your angels for guidance.  We will help you receive the healing energy to improve your own health a vitality.  Besides the health and vitality of others whom you request it for.  You are all capable of healing each other.

The quality of the energy you maintain for yourself affects all you do.  Find quiet time to meditate or just call on Us to bring the violet flame to you.  All you need do is use your imagination and use your senses to feel the violet energy wrap around your physical body.  Give away all that does not serve you to this LIght.  This Light is a great purifier.  Ask that We stay with you and your Loved Ones day and night.  Or ask Us to intervene in a particular situation.  Once you call onto the Violet Flame, leave it in place as a shield.

Your daily practice brings you new spiritual experiences that change the way you see the world and yourself.  Allow your practice to expand with study, meditation and prayer.  We are already helping you find intimate relationships in the work that you do to expand this new vision of Love in the world.  When many unite under the same intention, that intention becomes reality sooner than if you were to work alone.

Create the Abundance You Crave

The energy and faith you hold in your heart generate your thoughts.  You can clear any doubt that you have the support you need to create the abundance in your life your crave.  Give over your heart wish to be in a career that speaks to your life purpose to the angels. With that peace and acceptance that you are being heard you must have patience and faith that is here now.  

Like any parent, Source looks upon each of you with the belief that you deserve the best possible outcome in your life.  If you did not have parents that supported you emotionally, know that in the core of their existence they have only Love and encouragement for you.  Look beyond all the obstacles that have come in this lifetime.  Put them behind you.  Give them to your angels.  

Close your eyes and become aware of your breath.  Imagine two angels with a big basket in front of you and place these obstacles and worries in the basket.  Take your time. Once your have placed all in the basket.  The angels will purify the contents of the basket through Love.  Watch them fly away with it and disperse ALL in the Light.  Feel the peace you have created for yourself.

Through the eyes of your inner child, you can conjure new ideas for the rebirth of your life.  Through the innocence and faith of a Young One that has not been tainted by disappointment you can find the creativity for new ideas.  Take the ride in your imagination and form a grand vision to aspire to.

Ask that I, Archangel Michael, lend you courage and fortitude.  There is no separation between you, your thoughts, dreams and aspirations and the Divine.  Once your realize this with confidence, take that energy and charge forward.  Do Not take No for an answer.  Expect miracles to appear.

We See You Through the Eyes of Love



Dear Ones, see yourselves as we see you, through the eyes of Love.  You have been looking at yourselves with too much critism.  We do not judge what you do.  We only hold the greatest respect for you.  We know the difficulties in your life on Mother Gaia.  Being separate from Source and then having to regain the connection again while having much programming to overcome is honored as a great task.  Those of you who are awake understand the path to ascension is through finding your own voice.  You must honor and respect yourself as We do.  Ask for strength and courage as you move through the challenges in your life.  You must speak up for yourself more often.

Energy work and energy healers will be brought to you if you ask Us to help you.  There is nothing you cannot ask Us.  We will bring a trustworthy person or practice that resonants with who you are.  There is much to choose from.  It can be overwhelming to find the help you need.  The energy work will help you unlock programs and release your blocks to become more clear on the path.

You must let go of Fear NOW.  This is the time to shed lifetimes of pain, unworthiness, disrespect, voicelessness.  You are done suffering NOW, if you wish it.  All karmic bonds are able to be absolved.  You need not trudge through your life any longer.  Be free NOW. Ask us to help you find your way, to be courageous, to have more faith.

Ideologies Separate Humanity


Dear Ones, We Love You!  Many of you are strict with your daily regimen.  Your dedication to your physical bodies has become an obsession.  There is a way to find peace a direction with this as well.  There is a gentle, more compassionate embrace of caring for yourself that We wish you to discover.  The ideologies that are attached to a severe lifestyle even if it is “healthy” is not a peaceful place.  This concept is different than many you have heard about.  This is a reminder that your compassion towards yourself is equally important as what you put into your mouth for nutrients.  We want to encourage more play!

Food Fight?! If it will bring you joy!  We ask that you loosen your grip on your regimen so you may find more freedom and peace.  Know that you have the ability to bless every morsel of food that enters your body and it will change the vibration to suit your needs.  Ask for Us to help you experiment with this.  Take a glass of water from the tap.  Taste the water.  Notice the quality of it.  Taking deep, cleansing breaths, surround yourself with Our Presence.  Ask for Love and Light to purify the water.  Ask to increase the vibration of the water to match your needs.  Drink the water when the energy stops channeling through your fingers or when you just get a knowing that it is complete.  Taste the water again.

You are Magical!

Do this with all your food.  Be sure to try the food first and note the difference.  This practice will change how your body interacts with the food and you will find you do not need a strict, inflexible lifestyle, JUST MORE LOVE!  This part of the transition you have asked for.  We are here to guide you.

In the release and relaxation of these guidelines that you have imposed onto your life, you will find you are more gentle with others.  There are those in your past whom you judge severely for not adhering to your chosen ideology.  Some of these individuals have passed on through the veil. Become more compassionate to those who are not following your ideology.  Ideologies separate humanity in groups and form false hierarchies.   They create dissension.  You are ALL ONE.  

Honor Your Emotions


The Archangels remind us to honor our emotions…. Your emotions are healing you.   Emotional response to a situation will only help you open to more Love for yourself and others in your life.  You will learn to love each situation as a gift, an opportunity to embrace life and all its lessons.  The emotional response is an opportunity to release anger and unforgiveness from your heart and mind.

All it takes is the ability to share the emotion through Love, either to the other person involved or to your angels.  Soften the grip you have on it.  You identify yourself with this hurt or injury whether it was seemingly self inflicted or not.  All experience is governed by your energy and the amount of Love you have for You.  There is Always more Love.

Jesus reminds us of the power of forgiveness.  Being resentful, jealous, holding a grudge will only keep you prisoner.  You can escape form this emotional cage.  Your capacity for Love goes beyond what you have allowed for yourself.  Allow the violet flame to alchemize the hatred you have attached yourself to.  Imagine, see, feel the violet flame all around and through your physical body.  The emotions are buried in your cells.  The violet ray is the highest available on the planet.  The transformation of this dark places hidden in your body will set you free.  Imagine my hand on your heart, releasing all patterns of guilt, blame and jealousy.  Breathe deeply and let the release come.  The energy from Source fills the space left from the clearing.  Feel, see, imagine the wholeness of your heart.  The vibration of pure Love from Source removes all the residue of past hurt.  It is gone and you are free.  It is simple if you allow it to be.  All karma is absolved in this moment. You are a glorious representation of Love and Light.

Take time today to Love yourself.  You spend so much time caring for others.  Shine the Light on yourself.  Find time to sit in nature, write, meditate, and move your body.  You will find the joy of your physical existence by attending to your needs.  Do not rely on others.  You have all you need to provide the Love that will fill your heart, so you may continue to give to others without feeling empty or drained.  There is guilt as you give yourself Love.  You must release this to your angels as well.  You deserve at least the Love you give to others.  There is so much more Love.  Bathe in the Light and witness the burdens melt away.  Today is all that counts.  Today is the only moment that you have influence over.  Do it with LOVE.

Like an archer, take aim at your target

Like an archer, take aim at your target for your intention to change the current situation.  At this moment you are the archer in the direction of your life.  The more focus and clarity you maintain, the closer you will hit your target.  Become clear about your desires, visualize your new life and then write it down with all the vivid, descriptive words you can muster.

Many times we put aside our own dreams because of our obligation to our family.  We think that the manifestation of the dream life will be too hard of a transition.  The contrary is true.  When you follow your heart’s desires, your children learn to do the same.  It is a powerful and inspired life that sustains clarity to create the change necessary for the dream to realize. This discipline is a strong characteristic that our family will learn great faith and trust.  They will learn that they are not alone as you are not.  Ask for the angels to care for your children and family during the transition and follow your heart.

Expressing the truth is usually the first step to realizing that the change must occur.  Asking the angels to assist you in expressing your truth in Love and it will be received.  Lovingly assert yourself, you deserve it.

BE Happy Now

Innocence is is key to opening your heart to see the miracles that are surrounding you everyday.  Remember the miracle of a bubble.  When you were a young child, a bubble was fantastic.  It was clear and shiny.  It could fly and float, free in the wind.  It reflected rainbows.  A miracle.  There are still miracles everyday but it takes your inner child to be awake to the possibility of seeing them.  Your inner child does not doubt magic but your adult mind has been trained to refuse and analyze the magic of this place.

The beauty, intricacy and perfection of a tree can inspire this kind of wonder and awe that We speak of.  In examining the simplicity of the existence of a tree, you may know that you too need only exist to be cared for.  From this standpoint, We would like you to examine your life.  There are places in your life that you are not satisfied.  While you are in the presence of the perfection of nature, find the inspiration to leave the situation.  Ask for our guidance and help.  Allow Us to take your situation to the Light to clear it.  We can then bring you the messages you seek.  It is only in the release of this situation that We may enter into your life to help.  You must let it go and free yourself of this burden.

Once you can kind release from a toxic situation, you can decide to be happy now.  Stagnation occurs when the release happens and FEAR comes in its place because you have known nothing other than the current situation.  You cease to believe that you deserve happiness and simplicity in your life.  Let that go too.  Give it to me.  I will bring my Sword of Light to remove all darkness from your field so that the miracles have a chance to be realized.


You are the change you wish to see in the world

You are surrounded by the presence of the Light everyday.  There is a field of energy available for you to access even now.  Your conscious awareness of this field and what you pull from it will alter your state of peace.  The field contains ALL.  The choice is yours what you pull from it.  This conscious effort will give you a form of protection from receiving thought forms that are not truly your vibration.  To strengthen this effect, you have the power within you to refine the input available.

Today walk in the world with the intent to share the Love within the field.  Let it shine from your eyes at all you see.  The experience will change your day and brighten the lives of all those around you.

As you look with those eyes full of Love, notice the gentleness and compassion that ensues.  You deserve the same compassion.  For a moment, turn your loving gaze towards yourself.  Believe you are worthy of this honor and acceptance as a perfect image of Source.  When you admire a rose for its beauty, its delicate petals, its color, its perfume, do you take away any of these attributes because it has thorns?  It is all part of its perfection.  Just as you have your “thorns,” it does not diminish the glorious image of Light and Love that you are. Love all of you, We do.

This Love that resides within each and every one of you holds a quality of pure innocence that is needing more expression on the planet.  You are all Mother Gaia’s children, she would see you play in the wonderland she has provided for you.  She is bountiful.  She has enough for All.  She continuously provides all that you need for your Earth Walk.  Be the child and gaze in amazement of all you have.  Hold this gratitude in your heart and you will feel peaceful once more.