There are so many ways to experience your connection with the Divine.




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ENERGY SESSIONS allow individuals to return to the here and now, opening one up to enjoy and enhance your experience of life.

GUIDED MEDITATIONS help everyone reach a new depth of understanding for themselves. It is a tool that aids the novice and expert meditator.

CARD READINGS are an easy, reliable way to receive guidance from the Archangels for clarity on career, relationships, health or your life path.

RITUALS mark significant and meaningful life passages, bringing the element of the Divine to honor the transformation.

DEPROGRAMMING EXERCISES offer the opportunity to develop a relationship with spirit guides for your own clear connection to Source.

About energy…

There are many energies from other dimensions that share this planet with us. In the homes and buildings of this old city, the presence of these energies are abundant. They have an effect on the general productivity and joyfulness.

Positive energies can be very beneficial and supportive. They can help the relationships of the people inhabiting the space. We are vessels of energy ourselves; we are very affected by the energy in our lives. The higher vibration instilled during the clearing creates a more peaceful life. Every soul craves peace.

Negative energies can lower our vibration and even create disease. All disease states are caused by emotional blocks, negative thought patterns and the resulting poor life choices block your Divine Life Force from expressing it’s true self. These blocks settle around your light body or aura, in energy centers, or chakras, or in body organs. By lowering our vibration, we inhibit our spiritual growth. That is why, once on a spiritual path, it becomes more important to clear the energy in your body and your space regularly.