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Interviews with Light Workers


Chakra Meditation to listen to everyday because you are worth it.


Aki Baker talks about her passion for alternative modalities and creating community right here in Brooklyn! Minka, a center for Wellness and Holistic Living partners with Maple Street Preschool to support parents as they develop the adventure within. Listen, as history is being made!

Adam Riva  gives us an incredibly enlightening interview with a very inspired young man, Adam Riva. He shares his release from bondage from the church and divine masculine and feminine alignment. He has great clarity about his incarnation. We will all do well to listen in. FYI the ending got cut off. We are planning a part 2! Stay tuned.

Faun Fenderson is a holistic lawyer based in New Orleans. Ws discuss her experience as an animal communicator, Akashic Record reader and her introduction with John Ermitage and the MDT workshops. We demystify channelling.

Millie Knox shares stories and adventures from her courageous life. She has published three books artistically depicting the life of a light worker. Currently, she is writing a new adventure series, soon to be movie,  in her home in Mississippi with her kitty, Boom Boom.

Inspiration for 2015 Esme Seraifiel reveals wisdom from the angelic realm to help you regain your focus for the year! Come back often to reflect.

Nell Tomassen Reboh shares her heart’s journey and reveals to us what trust and faith can bring. Feeling separated from family, friends and all that was familiar when she moved to Curaçao, Netherlands Antilles in 1988, she came into her own by rediscovering her intuitive gifts and things that made her tick.

Part 2 of her interview also available. Listen today!

Liz Rojas: Liz Rojas has dedicated her life to bringing many expansive opportunities to the Hispanic communities in Chicago. She talks candidly about her quest for freedom through this work and the frustrations of working through the fear this community struggles with. Listen in and hear her story…

Anna Brooke: Anna Brooke is a dancer, teacher, producer and healing arts practitioner. She blends her love of spirit and life through her work as a Wu Tao Dance instructor, burlesque performer and rebirthing breath worker.

Lisa Ahkeahbo: Born in Indonesia, Lisa became accustom to the Eastern medicine since her early age. She obtained her Business Marketing degree from Swinburne University in Melbourne, Australia and became quite a globetrotter since her early 20s.

Joe Weaver: The Cosmic Cowboy: In his early 30′s Joe began researching how the vibration of food effects the health of the physical body. He was a raw food vegetarian for a period of time which assisted him in detoxing his body and losing unhealthy weight.

Terri Peterson: SBF, TBF, RPh, has been a healthcare professional for over 35 years and has worked in the  holistic realm for the last fifteen with a focus in breathwork and energy medicine. Terri has studied with many masterful teachers…

Peggy Woodcock: Peggy Woodcock, RN began her spiritual seeking journey after the amazing transition of her husband in 1992. She saw in his death a profound truth that there was so much more then we see and acknowledge in the 3D world…

Liz Battocletti: Liz began training in a wide variety of modalities in 2008, following the death of her beloved canine companion, Amber.  She has studied Animal Communication, Shamanic Animal Healing, the Free Soul Method, Reiki, and most recently, New Paradigm Multi-Dimensional Transformation…