Deprogramming Workshops

Facilitate your connection to your guides!

Basic Master ($205) course includes:

  • The History of New Paradigm MDT formerly known as Shamballa
  • Ascended Masters, Archangels and others
  • Applying the method for self and others
  • The 12 Chakra system
  • The Four Bodies
  • Implant and entity removal
  • Giving away your power
  • Mastery

No previous experience in energy work necessary. Two 8-hour days (16 hours total).

Basic Master Teacher ($305) course includes:

  • The Violet Tribe
  • Working with Ascended Masters and forming teams
  • 12 Strand DNA Activation Meditation
  • Diamond Light Frequency
  • Creating Vortexes
  • Facilitating New Paradigm MDT activations

Three 8-hour days (16 hours total).

13 Dimensional ($405) course includes:

  • DNA clearings, including energy blocks from cellular structure and multidimensional bodies
  • What are the 12 Dimensions?
  • Sacred Geometry
  • Light Body Activations
  • Reprogram Crystalline Bodies
  • 13 original Activations, plus 13 more
  • Facilitation of the energy for yourself and others
  • Energy housekeeping
  • Ascension, what is it and why do you want it?
  • Meditations on Antahkarana, Merkaba, Releasing Symbols
  • Merlin & the Grail within
  • And much more….

Must have some previous experience in energy work. Four 8-hour days (Total 32 hours).