Esme seems to know the meaning of life.–Angel (NY)


I felt a renewed sense of awareness after two sessions of this MDT class. It lifted my spiritual senses feeling cleansed from old programming. The instructor was clear and concise in her words and beliefs in the workshop. I left feeling all nice and shiny again. – G.C. (CT)

Esme is an inspiring teacher and healer who has helped me make countless breakthroughs in my life. I have had many sessions/activations with Esme and each one has helped me further advance my journey of health and spiritual well-being. I would strongly recommend anyone to take a class with Esme or even just have a conversation with her. Esme is a true healer dedicated to bringing more light and love to this world through her amazing practice. – Aidan F. (NY)

Esme is a wonderful and powerful teacher. I always amazed at her ability to facilitate on many levels. – Millie K. (DC)

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you again for such a wonderful experience at your workshop. The energy you open and hold for your events is truly extraordinarily amazing and beautiful. Giving one a sense of peace and tranquility upon entering. I had had a particularly difficult and heavy week emotionally, prior to coming to your workshop. I was amazed at how light and detached from all the previous turmoil I was at the end. I literally floated out of the building and onto my plane, unencumbered by anything. I am so looking forward to working with you again and becoming a practitioner myself for this amazing transformational work! – Keilani (OR)


Esme Seraifiel was the biggest support I could have received during my pregnancy. She was there for me during the entire pregnancy, and helped me a lot when I was alone and felt hopeless. I hope she continues supporting hundreds of pregnant women in the same position as I was. Her job is remarkable. – Stephanie F. (NY)

Esme was our doula for our first pregnancy.  When we met her, we were immediately taken by her warm nature, lack of judgment and openness. Esme is so cool and down to earth she makes the experience much more comforting. I was an uncertain, nervous mother to be with many questions and a need for both comfort and information.  Esme provided both.  Throughout my pregnancy, she helped give us the confidence and reassurance we needed.  She was able to answer all our questions, and help me think about the decisions I needed to make with solid information as well as experience.  She was always open, and helped us to make choices that were right for me.  I know my husband also felt a great sense of relief knowing he had Esme to help him understand what I was and would be going through.  Esme was always checking to see that I was ok, and I knew I could call her anytime and she would be there.  During labor and delivery, she was at my side the entire time and I honestly could not have done it without her.  She gave me comfort and support, massages, exercises and made me feel calm and safe.  After the birth of our beautiful baby boy Esme came to help with breastfeeding and came for a home visit post partum. Esme truly is a wonderful, kind person and an exceptional doula. – Chastity D. (NY)


At times I may question the magic of clearing a space, however what could I loose in giving it a go? I know intention can motivate and create. Esme cleared our yoga studio and for mouths afterwards I kept hearing people say ‘This space feels so good’. I can only attribute this good fortune to Esme’s intention, sensitivity and heart felt generosity in putting her heart and soul into clearing and bringing peace to a sacred space. – Jessica S. (NY)

Back in 2002, I purchased a very old house in Bedford Stuyvesant that had been used as an SRO for decades. There were many people living in the house who were really down on their luck and I didn’t want their negative energies hanging about my new home. Esme Seraifiel came to the house to clear the space. She went from the attic to the basement and into every room in between, lit sage and blessed each and every area. As a result, I felt much more at peace in my home. The energy felt cleansed. I would highly recommend Esme Seraifiel to anyone in need clearing negative energies from their home. — Laura S. (NY)


Esme Seraifiel has read cards for me for over ten years.  Her approach is practical, humorous, and straightforward with an emphasis on self-awareness and self-mastery.  I have always gained insight each time we read together, and have learned how to be confident with my own intuition and creative play to make decisions and move forward in my life.  – Ellen F. (NY)

Esme’s readings for me over the years have always offered an insightful and inviting way to examine my life. She unveils themes and challenges relevant to my history, journey and beyond. Esme’s most recent reading found me on a particularly difficult period. Her reading gave voice to hidden fears and space to free my attachment to them. The experience was so powerful and her gentle presence profound and full of love.  – Anonymous (NY)

Thank you, Esme, for the perfect Angel Reading. I found it a great source of comfort on my path. I needed the reminder to consciously connect with my angels and my Higher Self more often. Already I see a shift and wonderful change in my daily life. More connected with my purpose and more in alignment. Realigning is a wonderful practice. Thank you for reminding me and I often hear “shoot high… no shoot higher” in my mind when I am in situations that warrant that direction. Thank you so much! The reading is spot on! – Deb A. (MN)

Esme Seraifiel is a gifted psychic and intuitive from whom I had a reading about two years ago.  I still remember the kindness with which Esme offered to do the reading, and the gentle and supportive communication with the Angels.  Esme’s support has helped me on so many levels and I would recommend that people get in touch with her today if they are seeking guidance and support. – Jeanice (NY)

Esme provided a loving angel card reading guided by Archangel Michael, allowing me to release  emotions in a safe and gentle environment. The messages were honest, accurate, and sincere. – Brenda T. (NY)

I was looking for information about some of the “stuff” going on in my life…  Esme and her cards focused in on the heart of the issue and described to me, lovingly and with clarity, what it was, where it came from and how I could move it where I wanted it to go. Her reading gave me insight into the knowledge that I already had in ways that surprised me!… the messages she conveyed through her readings were clearly meant for me and me alone!  Esme truly has a gift for connecting with spirit through the cards! – Faun