Faith Filled Life


Intimate relationship or soulmate relationships come in many forms.  Your work here involves a community of like minded people and we are working on your behalf to further your cause. With an open heart,  an anticipation of the perfect alignment with the souls of those you encounter, will make this work easier.  It seems completely unlikely at this time that new people will become magically present in your life but you must not keep that as your personal truth.  You have asked for a manifestation of this community and so it shall be.  Manifestation comes from a clear intention.  Keep the feeling of a gift coming to you like it is your birthday.  Like a child at Christmas, feel the great tingly feeling of anticipation while we bring you your gift.



This messages is intrinsically linked to the last,as we reiterate your faith during this time that these changes are already in motion.  We remind you to step back out of our way, out of your own way and keep your faith strong.  An ego response to a new task will tend to micromanage the work, creating tension and worry that something else needs to be done.  The reality is the opposite.  When guided by intuition, your time will be managed more efficiently.  Always make time to find your peace during your day.  We will speak with you and lead you to the next task, work diligently then.



In appreciation of our support, we ask that you accept this with grace.  There is a sweet acquiescence to the life full of faith.  There is a flow in the trust. You may be in the mist of a barren land but there is always Light and Love in your heart that will illuminate the darkest corners of the Earth.  The city you live in is wrought with misery and fear.  Each day when you leave the sanctuary of your home bring your open heart to those you encounter.  The truth of this daily existence of grace is invaluable.  We cannot remind you enough how the other humans on your planet need examples of a faith-fulled life to witness.  We will give you the strength and courage to do this, remember to ask for your Pillar of Light to help expand the vibrant energy you work so hard to maintain for others to get the wave.  It will be contagious even if you do not see the effect, it is there.  


You are a valuable piece of the puzzle, never underestimate this.Image

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