Self Love

In those dark places where you are soft and permeable you may abhor yourself. Let the judgement be released into love. Love the place where you are not strong and capable so that you may create a version of yourself that has the tolerance for this part of your human nature. The pit that envelopes you in distain and depression has a purpose. It gives you an opportunity like no other to ask for more love.

We have been taught that being anything less than capable and independent is unacceptable. Know that at this juncture, your willingness to be vulnerable gives you the capacity to hold more love. Incrementally and very painfully the way out is revealed. The energy of Mother grants you permission to be soft during this time so that the love can enter but if you resist the vulnerability you block the love that can heal your wounds.

It is part of the human experience to crumble so that you may rebuild, never to return to the former version of yourself. You will become more whole and complete as you climb out because the only way is through self love.

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