Magical Heart

There is a fantastic force of love within your own breast that changes the world. You were born with magic and miracles within your very being and you expect magic and miracles all around you. The key to unlock the magic is your actual heart. Within your heart lays a million dreams and aspirations. Sprinkle the Light and Love of the universe into your heart everyday like the showers of springtime and allow the visions to grow.

Seeds lay dormant in the earth, waiting for the showers and the light of the sun to begin their growth. IF given the opportunity, they begin their growth but the flow of nurturing must be consistent. Your connection to the Love available to you is an allowance that comes from discipline.

You may begin with your dreamtime. This an easy place to start because their is less resistance. Practice growing in your dreams. Make the declaration before you sleep to your angels and spirit guides to remind you of your own magic. You will begin to remember the magic that is within your heart!

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