Strong Boundaries

All aspects of femininity, within both male and female, young and old, and across generations begin to understand love through boundaries.  It is not the surrender of self that is the true expression of love for another.  Never through this sacrifice is it possible to  develop and support each individual in their highest form.  Trust that as each person awakens to self-love, only then can they love another.  Generations have given over there power to an ideal.  The ideal is not real.  It has been presented to you to distract you from focusing on the only matter, yourself.

To break free of these false bonds, you start with Love. Through expressing your love for yourself and others you will transform your relationships. Choosing to attend to dreams and aspirations, fills you and makes it possible for you to support others to fulfill their dreams. Be creative and find your laughter. You can do this so gracefully.  There are those who will grow with you handsome who won’t, most importantly, you find your happiness.

Strong boundaries are necessary for a happy life.  Do not over extend yourself.  You must care for you. Take time for yourself like you have not allowed in the past. Without guilt, as you deserve you own love first and foremost.

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