The joy in heart is released by your inner child.  That term has been over used and the impact is diluted, but the message is clear. All that is a burden in your life can be healed by your willingness to bring the freedom of your inner child to the forefront.  The attitude of a child, the self-centeredness and clarity, brings a brevity to the seemingly serious concerns of your adult life.

The mind trap is relieved completely once aligned with this care-free, fun loving aspect.  It really is about resonating with your true feelings and honoring them. Play with situations, put your creativity to work and change your perspective to shed Light on the situation in your life that is most perplexing. In the joy of discovering this fresh outlook, you might wonder where this solution was this whole time during your deliberation. When you allow the grip to loosen, there is an opportunity for your Divinity to speak through you.  You know all you need.  It is in the space that you create when you let go that the solutions reside.  Your play time is key to a happy life.  You are, officially being given the permission to play more, right now.

Great things are here for you! Discover them with the insatiable curiosity of a child and more will unfold. Be great! You have a huge support team assembled on the other side cheering you on.  GO! BE! DO!

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