Beauty is all around you.  You need to make the declaration to perceive it.  Your own beauty has everything to do with self-care.  You are all Divine children, full of beauty.  Glow in the knowing and exploration of the Light you shine particular to you.  You have been encarnated at this time to bring the gift of your beauty.  The simplicity of the word beauty holds volumes of meaning.  Each One has defined their version of beauty in through their own experiences. Do not discard it.  Mother Earth needs all interpretations of beauty to be represented.

There is beauty in suffering, in courageousness, and contrast… see it, note it, voice it.  Allow your brothers and sisters to open to the experience of your perception.  Each One is part of the puzzle.

Notice how it all fits.  Nothing is out of place.  The synchronicity can be heart-wrenchingly beautiful.  Celebrate humanity.  Celebrate the freedom to choose to see beauty.

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