Fly Away with Me

As a small child, I knew how to fly. No really, all you have to do is fill your heart with joy. Kind of like Peter Pan. There were always hordes of people running after me to share the joy and freedom. I wondered why they could not fill up with joy and fly too. I would be jumping from street lamp to street lamp, loving the weightlessness of my body, barely touching down at the next lamp with just enough touch to fly again. If I stood still on top of the lamppost, the people would begin climbing the poll to reach me. I did not want to stop feeling so free, so I willed myself to fill even more and fly. Concentration is essential. I would begin descending if I let them distract me. The people would cheer as I lost altitude. I soared all night, gently lighting down just before waking.

My mother would not interpret the dreams for me, maybe because she couldn’t bring herself to explain the complexity of the world to a five year old. She avoided complexity for herself too. I get it now.

I come with a full heart and fill your heart with my consciousness.  Know and believe I am here expressing myself in your love.  Embrace others with this love and all barriers fall away, including your own self-limiting ones.  Ha-haa, Little One, there is nothing beyond your reach, just remember to reach one step farther than your dream.  Feel the pulse and warmth of your God-self.  Invite this feeling often to overcome self-limiting doubt.  Your fellow humans look for an example of this consciousness to know it is possible.  Even if there is but a glimpse, a glimpse of the Light is enough to inspire the hopeless.  Be the Light, Hold the Light, Shine Bright! Channelled message from Jesus, 8/2011

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