Your sense of humor ties the strings of your life together.  Where you find self-importance you have stretched the string far from center.  The illusion gives you the opportunity to make choices on a daily basis about the reality you participate in.  Your ego would want you to believe in yourself beyond all others.  It creates strife through comparison.  This is wholly ludicrous.  As you are All so incredibly perfect, as it is just your presence on the face of the planet that has been the calling.  Everything else is for your entertainment as you stay here, bringing your heart energy to share.

As you enjoy the show, feel the flow of life move you forward, effortlessly.  Relish the movement.  Place awe in your heart as the universe shares its love for you.  You are cherished beyond your understanding.  All Love is here for you.  Allow the expression that is always here for you to become apparent.  The more you appreciate the effortlessness of your life, the less it requires of you.

The clarity of this knowing brings you closer to you, inspiring your creativity.  The reason for your physical incarnation is to inform all who are ready to listen of your passion.  The passionate idea floods your body, verifying you of its validity.  Emotions are the gift of this physical form.  They keep you connected to the truth.  Follow them without question.  A lack of emotional response is a death.  Search for situations that stir it up.

You are reborn!

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