Sense It

In the periphery of your mind there is illumination of your work.  It peaks out like rays of  light from the darkness.  The mundane events clutter your daily care but there is more.  You are more than you allow yourself to be.  Allow the creativity to bring the bits and pieces of the picture into focus.  Tend to the dream.

Take pleasure in the care of your body, inside and out.  Search out the sensuality of the wind in your hair and the sun on your back.  There is great joy here.  Celebrate these simple pleasures, become creative in the care of you.  Sensual awareness is the first step towards realizing the fullness available to you.  Love and care towards self  allows more love to flow effortlessly through you to others.  You inspire with your presence.  The joy is palatable.  You become very attractive.  Spontaneous unions will appear to mirror you in appreciation.

Shine On

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