Personal integrity create a sacred space around you that makes it possible for you to enter into genuinely heart felt interactions with others.  Your ability to honor your own truth affords the opportunity for relationships, even the most transient, to enter into a depth of integrity that fosters expansion.  The daily dedication to your dreams creates hope and inspires others to reach beyond the illusion.  If you can daydream, than you can rise above the current reflection with ease.

Upon waking, set your intension to a place of ease.  Appreciation for the gifts of today: a simple meal, the warmth of the sun, a child’s laughter, will bring peace.  Reside in that place.  Do not allow thoughts that do not support your peace.  Financial flow has the same energy as health and happiness.  It does not require a different focus or effort.  Allow the universe to provide your needs through generating peace today, in this moment.

This work is the way towards effortless life.  The only way to contentment is through appreciation.  A genuine love of the current ease in your life will bring more ease.  This is the goal of every life.  This is the miracle healing we can foster for ourselves and for everyone we meet.

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